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Heroic US GIs Slaughter
Afghan Family Members
Why I Live in the Middle of the Desert?
A Victim Of US Butchery Appeals

Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD
"It was the middle of the night this past winter when the door of my house exploded out of its foundation. My family and I were awakened by the sheer noise of the explosion. My pregnant wife, my two daughters, my son and I stepped out of the house into our yard. As we approached the destroyed door of our yard, the intruding US soldiers had already entered the compound and they started firing at us. The bullets hit everyone in my family including my wife and our unborn child, two daughters, my son and I; everyone was killed except one of my daughters and I. After the shooting, the US forces ordered vicious attack dogs to drag the bodies of my family members out of the yard into the ally outside. I was also bitten by the dogs after I shielded my surviving daughter, who was also badly injured by an incoming US round. So, when I covered my daughter with my body from the attacks of these vicious dogs, the US troops ordered these vicious beasts to attack me as well.
While my daughter and I were in great deal of pain from the injuries, the bodies of my pregnant wife, my daughter and my son were disfigured by the attack dogs of the US forces. The terror exercised by the US forces had created such a disastrous situation that my daughter and I were not in a state of consciousness and could not fully comprehend until the US troops left our village and our neighbors came to get us medical care.
The painful molestation and disfigurement of the members of my family by the attack dogs and their bullet ridden bodies will always haunt me and my surviving daughter until the day we die.
After my daughter and I recovered from our wounds, we took some of our belongings and a tent and moved to the middle of the desert in Laghmen Province since I could not live in the same house whose yard is stained with the blood of my wife and children." (My Interview with the Victims in Laghman Province , 2009)
Ladies and gentlemen, I am leaving for Afghanistan on Thursday April 23, 2009. I wish to appeal on behalf of this father and daughter and raise money to build them a modest house away from where he used to live since his painful memories could not allow him to even visit his own village. I know those kind people who have always showed concerns for the victims in Afghanistan would be able to extend a helping hand to these victims. Kindly donate at
www.afghanistanafterdemocracy.com or contact me via email at
Mohammed Daud Miraki, PhD
5347 North Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago , IL 60640
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