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Extortion By Privatization
Jim Kirwan
"Insurance, n. An ingenious modern game of chance, in which the player [payer] is permitted to enjoy the comfortable conviction that he is beating the man who keeps [and owns] the table." The Devils' Dictionary ­ Ambrose Bierce
Medical Insurance is armed and dangerous and is a major killer of millions of Americans, while masquerading as a public necessity, when the truth is that the entire industry must be terminated.
Americans pay heavy taxes and get almost nothing for that money, by way of a return on their investment in this government. For decades we have subscribed to the socialization of things like our fire departments and until Cheney-Bush, the civilian police forces in the land. Every other supposedly developed nation in the world has recognized the overwhelming need of its citizens for affordable health-care that is not a threat to their jobs or to the viability of their way of life: yet America has failed to realize this burning-fact of everyday reality. (1)
Medical Insurance in the US is clearly criminal-extortion; practiced by private corporations to maximize their own profits at the expense of the lives of their subscribers. In effect, since Richard Millhouse Nixon, we have created this bloated middle-ground of quasi-legal medical-insurance that stands between the health of our citizens and a silent-government that values the profits of privatization over human life at every juncture. If we are serious about having a nation that can function-then we need to outlaw private medical insurance-and replace it with free choice of doctors and hospitals, while socializing the costs for all of it, by requiring government to pick up the entire bill for every American.
This real change alone could be the one real change that would alter the jobs markets across the board, and would definitely improve the quality of life for every member of this society without reference to race or class. It has not happened yet, because the criminally-corrupt throughout the government have been waging a medical-care-war against the public, in which the profits of privatization have always trumped the public's welfare. The end result has skewed America's ability to compete commercially with those nations in which medical care costs are not a factor; while at the same time savaging the future of everyone that might, at some point, have to finally face major health problems: and that would be all of us.
Obamanation just offered $600 plus billion in his new budget for this nations' health care with the qualifier of: "over ten years." Ducking the true heart of yet another problem, once again, by kicking this long overdue problem down the road for "the future" to solve, instead of actually dealing with it now!
If these Outlaws were serious about fixing the permanent disaster of medical health in America then they should have agreed to put a trillion dollars into rebuilding the hospitals, and providing the doctors now, while they regulate the "business of medicine" and outlaw the entire private medical-insurance industry ­ seize their assets and close them down ­ put their people on extended- unemployment, (paid for from the seized assets) then watch this alter the spirit and the vigor of the entire nation which this activist move would generate.
All of this could be easily be accomplished using the RICO statutes that were designed to end organized crime. This would be 'real change.'
If the privatized health-insurance industry wants to fight this change; then everything they've done since Nixon ought to be thoroughly investigated and everyone involved ought to be held in custody; until they are cleared or formally charged with any crimes they have committed. Any illegal monies earned in this continuing public-deception would of course need to be paid back with penalties and interest: And the same formula for restitution ought to be applied to those they bribed to create this criminal conspiracy in the first place.
The one thing we cannot do is to allow those that consciously did this to millions of people; and who killed millions upon millions of Americans unnecessarily in that process; is to allow the guilty to walk away without paying for the damage done.
Of course this won't happen-because privatizing health-care, through total control over the health-insurance of the nation, was and still is one of the major cornerstones of the invisible prison in which we have all been both constrained and confined.
Don't bother writing to your idiot congressperson-call them on their toll free lines and demand that they get behind something like the above outline: Remind them of the penalty phase of this suggestion that will apply to each and every one of them as well! This is how politics ought to work in this country, and this has nothing to do with political parties, but is rather a matter of civil and political justice for everyone NOT on the inside of this criminal-conspiracy against the public.
Government takes your taxes by fiat, before you even see the money that you earned, while they refuse to account for how that money; your money-is spent. This is one thing that you can "DO" to begin to "change" this obscenity of imbalance that has been routinely skewed since taxes were imposed upon us all. Let's begin to end the double-standard imposed by this supposed government- custodianship over our lives; by forcing this government to protect the public, from these conspiracies, wherever they have joined with privatized-corporate-interests, to steal from us all of that which is rightfully ours. (2)
This system could also be applied to the secret no-bid government contracts between the private-contractors and the fiat-government that were the real reason for Cheney's Wars-unending that has bankrupted this nation on a scale that is unimaginable in all of human history. The "money" that is used, abused and stolen in all of these criminal-misadventures, ultimately comes out of the pockets of the next ten generations-your children's, children's children would in theory be paying for all these crimes-assuming that there is a future.
You could begin to stop our pre-planned collapse by simply demanding a real health-care system that is entirely paid for by the US government, including everything that is needed to keep American life free of this medical curse that has for too long ruled over too many-million lives!
1) Can US Achieve Meaningful Healthcare Reform Within the For- Profit System?
http://www.democracynow.org/2009/2/27/ can_us_achieve_meaningful_health_care
2) Fiat Government
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