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H5N1 - Something Wicked
This Way Comes

By A. True Ott, PhD

Yesterday, March 19, 2009, a most amazing article appeared in the Seguin, Texas Gazette-Enterprise newspaper. (http://www.seguingazette.com/story.lasso?ewcd=7067c6003405a409)
This is an amazingly chilling article for a number of reasons.
1. For the first time, an American county is organizing a mock response drill to prepare health care workers, police, and "volunteers" for the coming, "inevitable" pandemic.
2. The article completely ignores historical facts, and subscribes to the extremely flawed notion mindlessly parroted by the United Nations that killer "pandemics" are "acts of nature" that occur regularly in 100-year cycles. FACT: The 1918 Killer Pandemic had its origins in pathogenic-virus-contaminated typhus fever VACCINES that were injected into the veins of naive service personnel deployed during WW I. FACT: Any "modern" pandemic will be started in exactly the same manner --- (i.e. contaminated VACCINES) in one way or another. FACT: There was no "killer pandemic" that killed millions back in 1818, no "killer pandemic" in 1718, etc. These lies and falsehoods MUST be corrected in order to understand the REAL AGENDA.
3. The article utilizes three tried and tested tools of propaganda - FEAR-MONGERING, FALSE PRIDE, and CALLS FOR CITIZENSHIP. It begins by creating a scenario that most people deeply fear --- billions of dead around the world, with a full one-third of the United States people in grave peril. It then portrays the chaos that would likely paralyze the MASS VACCINATION CREWS -- with vehicle "lines" extending for hundreds, if not thousands of miles! Furthermore, this article follows the Illuminati Master's play book to the letter by skillfully utilizing PRS (Problem- Reaction-Solution) programming --- i.e. they create the Problem, manipulate the public's Reaction, thereby forcing individuals into their prescribed Solution (which is clearly MASS GENOCIDE just as Henry Kissinger, Zbignew Breszinski, et. al. prescribed in their Tri-lateralist publication titled "Project 2000"). How very convenient that our benevolent federal government has already prepared a "Strategic National Stockpile" of untested, untried, potentially lethal human-kidney-cell-based "Vaccines" manufactured in China (in 2005, China's defense minister, Chi Haotian declared China would "clean-up America all at once" by using a potent, new "biological weapon") which have been "hidden in up to 2 dozen 'secret' locations" since 2008. The article then calls for patriotic, civic-minded volunteers to sign up and help promulgate this insidious agenda, promising them that they would be repaid by being "the first in line" to receive the saving vaccines.
4. Certain parts of the article contain clear Illuminati/Masonic symbolism. For instance, the article talks about "Five Points of Dispensing" or PODs. In satanically-inspired secret-society rituals (Grand Dragon Albert Pike wrote in "Morals and Dogma" that the "light-bearer" of the Masons and Mormons evoked by the "Five Points" was none other than "Lucifer, Son of the Morning") practiced by Mormons, Masons, and others, initiates utilize something called "The Five Points of Fellowship" whereby they receive direct communication from certain, mystical inter- dimensional entities by means of touching five parts of the body to form the inverted five-pointed star, aka the PENTAGRAM. Seehttp:// www.exmormon.org/boards/honestboard/messages/3224.html as well as the official Masonic "Grand Lodge of Texas" explanation athttp:// www.themasonictrowel.com/Articles/degrees/degree_3rd_files/ the_five_points_of_fellowship_gltx.htm.
5. I submit the specific DAY (May 2) of the planned Texas "response drill" is also significant. In witchcraft and other pagan/satanic cult circles, May 1, aka Beltane, is a very sacred day, parallelling Samhain (Halloween) as a day where "the spirits of the dead" can be readily summoned and accessed according to organized witchcraft covens. Beltane is the Black Sabbat where the male Phallus organ is worshipped, as well as incorporating a purifying process whereby human bodies are "cleansed" by means of repeatedly "going through the fire". FIRE is the Satanist/ Illuminist/WICCAN cleansing tool. Lucifer, (according to his disciples such as Pike and Aleistar Crowley), seeks to "cleanse the earth" by fire. See http://www.highvalley.org/beltane- ritual.html I submit that FEMA and the CDC plan to use crematoriums to dispose of the millions of Pandemic Flu casualties fulfills this infernal agenda. In the past few years, KBR, a subsidiary of Dick Cheney's Halliburton, have been building and expanding mass concentration camps with crematorium facilities attached. http://www.apfn.org/apfn/camps.htm What is their purpose? What massive national catastrophe would cause government agencies such fear and loathing to make them declare martial law and imprison civilians in "forced quarantine" camps? An international "pandemic" makes perfect sense --- and would CLEANSE INFERIOR "Goyim" or Kissinger's "Useless Eaters" by means of millions of burned corpses that have "passed through the cleansing fires". Moreover, the nation's police chiefs and law enforcement officers are preparing for just such a "quarantine" event. See article in Police Chief Magazine: http://policechiefmagazine.org/ magazine/index.cfm? fuseaction=display_arch&article_id=807&issue_id=22006#Top
Something VERY WICKED INDEED, is surely coming this way.
Combine these five points, and what do you see??
A Truly Bloody Mess!
By Ron Maloney
The Gazette-Enterprise
Published March 19, 2009
SEGUIN - Around the world, up to two billion people have died - depending upon whose count one uses - and in the United States alone deaths could total one third of the population.
Somewhere in the federal government, the decision is made and secret medical stockpiles stored at secret locations are loaded into aircraft and, within 12 hours, moved to wherever they are most likely to be able to stop a pandemic that threatens mankind.
Local officials have 36 hours to treat their entire population - in Guadalupe County that would be 115,000 people.
A massive call-up of volunteers that, in this county alone would take 1,000 medical professionals and lay people is required to prepare and operate five Points of Dispensing (PODs) at which the life-saving medications can be distributed.
It may sound like the plot of a sci-fi thriller - but it's what would happen if the 1918 Spanish Flu that decimated the world happened today.
Guadalupe County emergency management and their counterparts around the country are preparing for just such a scenario because in the history of humankind it happens once every 100 years or so - and the time is coming for the next one.
Were it to happen tomorrow, though, local officials would fail in the effort because they lack the local volunteers needed to try to stop the outbreak.
Guadalupe County Emergency Management Coordinator Dan Kinsey and his volunteer coordinator, Kay Hays, are speaking to local large employers and service clubs, seeking to compile a list of volunteers who can help. Wednesday they made presentations to a pair of organizations, including the Seguin Kiwanis Club.
Kinsey, who is responsible for coordinating the county's response in times of natural or man-made disasters, made a presentation on the "Strategic National Stockpile" - those medical supplies the government has hidden in up to two dozen locations - and what the scenario would be like if part of it was distributed in Guadalupe County.
Kinsey and Hays are preparing for a May 2 dress rehearsal of a pandemic disaster at the Navarro ISD. Volunteers will set up and operate a "drive through" POD in which they will take a practice run at registering, screening and pretending to inoculate 100 volunteers so they can identify whatever problems might come up and prepare to meet them.
The same procedures with minor changes would apply to any similar emergency, such as an outbreak of smallpox or an anthrax or ricin attack, Kinsey said.
The challenges are daunting ones when one considers the kind of response that would be required in Guadalupe County alone.
Kinsey's done the math based on the size of the average family, average vehicle occupancy and average vehicle length including space between vehicles of.
Were Guadalupe County to attempt to handle such traffic in one lane in five locations, each line would be 41 miles long, Kinsey said. For San Antonio, the lines would be more than 2,000 miles long - the distance from Calgary, Alberta to San Antonio.
And scenarios using license plate numbers to sort the lines are not viewed as likely to succeed, Kinsey said.
"If I tell you this half of this room is going to get your medication today and that half will get it tomorrow if there's any left, are you going to wait?" Kinsey asked.
What Kinsey envisions is five "drive-through" PODs operating 24 hours a day until done on 12-hour shifts that will require 100 volunteers for duties as varied as administering medications, filling out paperwork, distributing food or water, providing security or watching the children of other volunteers.
The five PODs would have to be able to accommodate 3,200 people each per hour, and to do that, they would have to be located in areas where the traffic can be controlled without resulting in gridlock - meaning relatively familiar rural areas where traffic might be "contra-flowed" to provide the most efficient access.
NISD is one such location, and at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 2, Kinsey wants to run his drill.
"We're looking for 1,000 volunteers in all, but we need at least 100 for the May 2 exercise," Kinsey said. "This is not a big commitment - maybe three or four hours once a year - but it's definitely a way you can help your community, your county and your country."
There is another benefit to volunteering in case of a disaster, Kinsey said.
"Volunteers and their families will receive whatever countermeasures are required first," Kinsey said. "They'll be needed because our goal is to do the most good we can and we need your help to do it. I'd love to see the Kiwanis or any service club or employer become involved."
The Guadalupe County Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster, or VOAD, needs 100 volunteers for a May 2 emergency disaster drill at Navarro ISD. In the long term, 1,000 volunteers are needed. For information, contact volunteer coordinator Kay Hays at (830) 303-9702 or by e-mail at kay.hays(at)co.guadalupe.tx.us
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