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Connecting The H5N1 Dots
From A. True Ott PhD 

Ok Kiddies, let's play my favorite game again --- connect the dots.


Dot #1: As reported so courageously and well by our new friend, Alexander Jones, Price Waterhouse/Cooper in conjunction with their Chicago client, Baxter Intl., have conspired to keep a lid on what is perhaps THE BIGGEST STORY of the decade --- the PANDEMIC FLU H5N1 mutation bio-engineered by Dr. Taubenberger et. al. at Ft. Detrick was intentionally blended with the HUMAN-SPECIFIC H3N2 virus and sent to 18 European labs as a basis for their VACCINE PRODUCTION -- proving once again that any "pandemic" killing millions of innocents is bio-engineered and will be started via VACCINATIONS.


Dot #2. One of Price Waterhouse/Cooper's single biggest clients? Wall Street giant, Goldman Sachs - a partner with PW in the Satyam scandal in India - similar in many ways to America's Enron "creative accounting" scandal. See http://in.biz.yahoo.com/090305/203/6zjs5.html   


Dot #3. Bush's Treasure Secretary Paulson, the "engineering architect" of the original TARP bailout (and continued "strategic advisor" to current Treasury Secretary Geithner) as well as Obama's "Stimulus Plan" was CEO of Goldman Sachs until assuming the Treasury post.   


Dot #4. Goldman Sachs was the primary investment firm that brokered the "shorted" stock purchases in corporations negatively affected by the events of 9-11. The windfall profits were left unclaimed following reports in the Wall Street Journal. No SEC or Congressional investigation by the 9-11 Commission into this "smoking gun" was ever conducted, however. 


Dot #5. Paulson's 2006 "salary" from Goldman Sachs?  $160 million dollars. This makes the A.I.G. executive bonuses mere chump change. Why would he take over a $159 million dollar "pay cut" to become U.S. Treasury secretary?????  


Dot #6. Paulson used the IRS as his weapon of revenge against an equally corrupt Governor Eliot Spitzer. Why? As New York AG, Spitzer had dared to indict Goldman Sachs for insider trading practices. V indeed stands for Vendetta -- and Khazarian Jews never forget!!


Dot #7. According to Scotland's "Sunday Herald" newpaper, the Rothschild "City of London"-controlled Royal Bank of Scotland is poised to receive BILLIONS from Obama's "Stimulus Package".   Further BILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars go to the CIty of London via A.I.G. re-insuring of derivatives hedged by Barclay Bank of England, Goldman Sachs, and Lloyds of London, Obama keeps the media distracted by venting over mere millions being paid out to A.I.G. executives. All of the ACCOUNTING RECORDS concerning these fraudulent transactions are being kept by --- you guessed it ---- Price Waterhouse/Cooper.



Dot #8.   Tuesday, March 10, 2009 -- the Dow surged 379 points thanks to a U.S. Treasury "stress test" audit of the TRILLIONS in phony derivatives held by zombie bank - CITIBANK.  According to CNBC reporters, GOLDMAN SACHS was given an "insider tip" to this audit, and as a result, grabbed millions of dollars in day-trading profits from the stock surge. The derivatives are then removed from CITIBANK into a MORMON-CHURCH-OWNED account in Key Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah. For the full story, see



Dot #9. Arabian multi-billionaire, Uncle of Al-Quaida-founder Osama bin Laden, and ARMS DEALER to the rich and powerful ZIONISTS worldwide, Adnan Khashoggi built and finances Key Bank in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) Basel, Switzerland --- as well as the TRIAD Center that houses the Mormon-Church-owned KSL TV and Radio conglomerates. See http://www.superiorpics.com/adnan_khashoggi/  


Dot #10.  In Adam Lebor's Hitler's Secret Bankers (see also Charles Higham's Trading With the Enemy), we learn how the Basel-based Bank for International

Settlements (BIS) and its American president, Thomas McKittrick, continued trading and money laundering on behalf of the Nazis throughout the Second

World War -- then financed the removal of key Nazi scientists involved in the Nazi EUGENICS movement from Germany into UTAH and South America via the OSS/CIA's "Operation Paper Clip".  

Dot #11. BIS is an international organization of central banks established under the globalist Bretton-Woods International Financial scheme. BIS is closely
associated with the Bilderberg Group, the elitist organization established by the Nazi collaborator Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (see Alden Hatch 's H. R. H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands for more on Bernhard's SS connections).
Dot #12. It should be noted that Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, Obama's point man on the economy and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, also sits on the board of directors of BIS (Fed mob boss Ben Bernanke also sits on the board of this one-time Nazi front group that currently controls the IMF and World Bank). These are the men that President Barack O-Bama has chosen to bring America "Change you can Believe In"???
Dot #13. It is no mistake Bilderberg and Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger came out very early in favor of Obama, as did Rockefeller minion and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Obama's appointees are overwhelmingly of the globalist and bankster persuasion - a preponderant number are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission. Financial support for the Obama campaign flowed in from Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and others -- ALL POISED TO RECEIVE THE LION'S SHARE OF "BAILOUT" DOLLARS. 
The bottom line is this. There is no doubt that these MOBSTERS are poised to first strip all remaining wealth out of the British Colony called the United States, then proceed with GENOCIDE followed by CHINESE COMMUNIST possession of the land and real wealth that is AMERICA.   
From Ken Steen
To: ATRUEOTT@msn.com
Sent: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 7:34 PM
Subject: Your recent article posted on Rense
I read your recent article posted on Rense ("connecting the H5N1 dots") and I would like to ask you some questions.
1: Where can I find the documentary evidence that "Dr. Taubenberger et. al. at Ft. Detrick" blended the H5N2 human variant virus with H5N1 and sent it to European labs to be used in human vaccinations? That seems to be the sort of thing that should be headline news around the world.
2: I have read other stories of American taxpayer "bailout" dollars going to foreign companies ( you mentioned RBS). What other foreign companies do you know of right off hand that are receiving American money?
3: Why do you persist in referring to the government (NWO) crowd as "Nazi?" Clearly these people are anything but Nazi, at least from the standpoint of Nazi ideology. The NWO crowd is the biggest enemy of the European people there are. Your intimation that they are attempting to cause a mutated H5N1 pandemic in Europe is further evidence of this, though it is hardly needed. These are the same people that are pushing and have pushed the massive 3 world immigration into Europe and other white counties. They have instigated affirmative action programs here in the US (and similar programs in other white countries) and they have pushed mental torture on white children all over the world by attempting to instill guilt and shame at an early age in children over historical events, just to name a few things.
And no, I'm not a Nazi. It just seems strange to me that you describe as "Nazi" people who are the very antithesis of Nazi beliefs.
From: A. True Ott PhD
To: Ken Steen
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: Your recent article posted on Rense
Hello Ken:
Thanks for your questions. Let me clarify some of the issues for you.
1. Dr. Jeffrey Taubenberger's team at Ft. Detrick spent 6 years mapping the genome structure of the 1918 pandemic virus beginning in 1997. His team completed the task, and basically "weaponized" the virus in 2004. (Sources for this story: PBS TV special, "Secrets of the Dead: Killer Flu", as well as literally hundreds of related articles such as this one by the Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2005/11/21/DI2005112100469.html) In 2005, Taubenberger announces that there are "many close similarities" between the H5N1 "bird flu" and the deadly 1918 virus. Surprise, surprise!! Suddenly, the United Nations is announcing an "inevitable" pandemic involving the H5N1 "bird flu". What is actually happening, is NWO elites now have the ultimate biological weapon at their disposal --- 300 times more lethal than weaponized smallpox. THE TRUTH IS THAT H5N1 "BIRD FLU" DOES NOT NATURALLY MAKE THE GENETIC JUMP TO HUMAN CELLS, UNLESS BLENDED WITH H5N3 HUMAN INFLUENZA IN A LABORATORY. Taubenberger didn't do that. This was done by Baxter International Labs -- headquartered in, of all places, Chicago's 10th Congressional District -- President Obama's political power base. You are right, this story should indeed be headline news around the world -- but it's not. The story was reported by The Canadian Press, then I and my colleague Dr. Rebecca Carley dissected it on the air.  BUT IT HAS NOT APPEARED IN ANY MAINSTREAM MEDIA.   
Just as startling is the fact that Baxter used the kidney cells of AFRICAN GREEN MONKEYS to culture the "contaminated vaccines" that were sent overseas. http://www.in-pharmatechnologist.com/Materials-Formulation/Baxter-uses-cell-culture-for-H5N1-vaccine. Originally, HIV and AIDS was called "African Green Monkey Disease" because the virus was traced to infected African Green Monkeys.  
2. The Royal Bank of Scotland, (RBS), Barclay Bank of England, and Lloyds of London are just the tip of the iceberg. The A.I.G. Insurance is a true multi-national giant -- by giving it bail-out funds, you can rest assured that American taxpayer dollars will find its way into the following countries: Australia, (AIG Life Australia), Pakistan, CHINA (Don't forget that A.I.G. was originally a CHINESE corporation founded in 1919 and chartered in Shanghai, China. --- today, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the PLA have a major financial stake in A.I.G.-- which insures most Chinese manufacturing facilities (owned by the CCP and PLA), as well as the Bejing PanAm International Aviation Academy (BPIAA) -- the largest private flight-training academy in all of China.) Other foreign countries tied to A.I.G. holdings are Hong Kong, India, Phillipines, Singapore, United Kingdom, and Indonesia.  
Following the successful conclusion of the Summer Olympics in Bejing, the CCP and PLA began flexing their enormous financial muscles. They quit spending billions in oil and gas futures, causing the price of oil to plummet. They also immediately quit investing their billions into U.S. Treasury bonds and mortgage companies. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac suddenly had a liquidity crisis, and needed taxpayer bailout. This domino then hit A.I.G. -- who likewise had no available liquidity to cover its massive DERIVATIVE INSURANCE OBLIGATIONS.   With the news that A.I.G. could no longer meet its obligations, brokerage houses like Lehman Brothers were not able to pay its deravitive-based calls, and had to immediately seek bankruptcy protection and the dominos continued to fall.
An excellent synopsis of this entire, sordid mess called A.I.G. can be read at:
3. Nazi stands for the "National Socialist Party". Their goals have always been world dictatorship via the fascist state. Fascism is simply mega-corporations dominating all aspects of government, from the judicial, to the congressional, to the military.  Do your homework, and read the history books. Prescot Bush, father of George H.W. Bush was a card-carrying member of the National Socialist Party. This makes him a Nazi --- and his son and grandsons are following the exact Nazi play book Grandpa Bush taught them from.  Look at the Wall Street barons who funded Hitler into power, and you will find they wrote the eugenics manual that Hitler followed. Take a few hours and read Anthony Suttons book, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler http://www.reformation.org/wall-st-hitler.html. You will see Standard Oil, (Rockefeller) and I.T.T. executives deeply involved. Follow the money trail, Mr. Steen, and you see the same NWO philosophy of the National Socialists (Nazis) alive and well in A.I.G., Goldman Sachs, and the Federal Reserve.  You will also see that I.G. Farben, the massive conglomerate controlled by Himmler, Hitler and all other NAZI and S.S. thugs broke apart after WW II into the major pharmaceutical giants (such as Baxter) that are hell-bent on releasing a massive pandemic on the world. WHY?  Simply because they have come to realize that invasive viruses can be more effective for social engineering tasks than invasive armies.   
I call them NAZI's because a rose by any other name, simply wouldn't smell as sweet. 
A. True Ott, PhD, ND

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