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Blood & Shadows
Jim Kirwan
Another hundred days spent in the continuing global occupation by the forces of Shadow Governments worldwide: If anything has been changed here by Obama, those decisions served only to increase our problems.
Nothing is new anymore: The body counts around the planet continue to rise as individual 'security' goes up in smoke, while the shadows deepen around whatever anyone had set-aside, to protect themselves in what we used to think of as 'our time of need.'
On this anniversary of the 'First-Hundred-Days of Obama' we can clearly see that there is no progress on closing Guantanamo; on getting to the bottom of the torture policies & procedures; or on investigating any of the global War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity that was so blatantly created by the previous administration: Only more 'Talk-of-Change' but no action to back up anything. Obama has said he has closed Gitmo, but the prisoners are still there. He has 'said' that "We do not torture." Yet the outsourcing of torture has actually increased. He has said that the policies of Cheney-Bush have been changed; yet there is no policy in place that refutes any previous polices, either in fact or in law.
In the case of Guantanamo, the goal posts keep moving. There are 243 prisoners that will apparently require another year before their cases will be decided. This is not closure, nor does this represent a decision that changes anything. This should have been done within the first thirty days of these first hundred days of the Obama Empire. Obama apparently is incapable of making decisions, large or small, which is why the ship of state continues to accelerate at warp speed toward the waiting rocks of national self-destruction.
Barack has only two choices: Free the prisoners that he calls detainees, or charge them in US criminal courts, under the laws of the Constitution. If they remain in Guantanamo, without changing their status, then he must order the US Flag over that prison, to be removed. Bush maintained that Guantanamo was a place-apart from active US jurisdiction-yet the base follows the chain of command for the US military-so that base is US soil for all that happens on that base, particularly when it comes to observing all the laws of the United States of America. Since the US Supreme court has overruled the Cheney-Bush administration, three times, on the status of the 'detainees' in Guantanamo: It is way past time that this administration begins to comply with the rulings of the US Supreme Court and either charges those people or sets them free-immediately! (1)
In the case of torture and those that crafted all the unconstitutional documents for the false-flag War-on-Terror, as well as those that carried out these criminal acts against the social fabric of the world: yet there is still no progress. Torture has always been outlawed, because it has always been against the law; so there can be no excuse not to prosecute everyone that went along with the illegal orders from both Justice & the White House.
The crimes surrounding Abu Ghraib have escaped any discussion, so it appears that Abu-G shall remain US-SOP for how to flaunt the Geneva Conventions and then rub our noses in the aftermath of that.
We have a huge number of prisons in Iraq and we have rounded-up hundreds upon hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of Iraqi's, of which only about three percent were guilty of any crimes at all. That other 97% of those we subjected to brutality, to torture and to murder had no business even being in custody at all. Rummy said that we did not keep records of how many people we 'captured' nor did we keep track of how many people died in our custody: Still no one higher than a sergeant has ever been charged for what went on in any of the hundreds of prisons we continue to maintain all over the planet.
No one has anyone taken a serious look at the black-ops cottage industry that has sprung up surrounding the capture and transportation of people everywhere that are then inducted into this medieval system of torture and death, as symbolized by Abu Ghraib, where Saddam just happened to have hung over 30,000 of his own prisoners. The reactivation of Abu Ghraib was a PR 'plus' to deepen the spin on the requirements of "The War-on-Terra."
There is also massive-waste and criminal-fraud that has run rampant among the 214,000 private contractors in Iraq, over twice the number of GI's we have there. Do these people come under our jurisdiction at any point: It seems doubtful, as they have never been part of the US chain of command? If the mercenaries had been under US military control; then they could not do much of what they routinely do, for the money that is ten times what the GI's are paid. Neither is there any mention of this as a major part of the vast black-hole that it is, inside the costs of the wars, whenever Obamanation's cabinet of incompetents meets-Why not?
Perhaps this 'new' global-panic over the purported pandemic that the administration is trying so desperately to induce, is nothing but yet another smoke-screen for all that they have not done to this point on any of the serious problems which this nation and the world are now trying to confront.
While all this political posturing is being carefully tended to by the same criminals that brought us to the edge of this precipice, on all fronts: Nothing has changed for the better anywhere within this new-and-improved version of the Cheney-Bush administration-despite Obummer's claims to the contrary. What is different is that the blood in the shadows is beginning to seep into the light that has kept the eyes of the world averted for the last sixty years-see the list of Invaded nations above-and that list only includes the last 60 years; we have invaded other countries over 200 times since we became 'the beacon of hope for the world.'
These are serious charges because they involve treachery and deceit at the highest levels of this government which could easily become treason.
The world might be a lot better off if USA Inc. would drop its pretentions and pull all its belligerently deadly forces back inside the continental US.
We are out of time; Obama must act within seven days to end the insanity around Gitmo, and get this nation back on a legal footing; or own up to the fact that we are nothing but a Rogue nation that has no law which can touch either him or his gang of criminals, anymore than we were able to interrupt any of the career-criminals that ran the last administration!
NOTE: This article was written on the 29th of April, and upon the attempt to publish it: the computer-connection to the web was destroyed. This will be published, but only AFTER the national conversation on torture dies. Missing images are in the attachment above.
1) Take Down That Flag
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