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Divided...America Falls
By Frosty Wooldridge

One look across the American landscape finds our country in trouble. Every crisis facing us in 2009 found its origins within our United States Congress and presidents that led us into wars.

Those men and women, with their hands on the power levers, jacked this country into horrendous debt, endless war and denigration of our culture, language and national cohesiveness.

They bulldozed us into Vietnam, orchestrated Desert Storm and manipulated the Iraq War by deceit, deception and treachery.

Led by Senator Teddy Kennedy, they added 100 million people to our country in the last 40 years with prospects for adding another 100 million in the next 30 years. Human and environmental consequences accelerate by the day!

When historians tabulate the final toll-our politicians perpetrating the war in Iraq can be analogous to poking your hand into a pot of boiling soup. While you keep it in the soup, it scalds your hand, and, when you finally withdraw it, nothing has changed as the soup continues boiling, but your hand ultimately falls off from destructive damage to its ability to function.

Pretending or hoping that we brought 'democracy' to an ancient civilization in Iraq by our armed forces will prove as arrogant as Achilles with an arrow in his heel and finally his ultimate death.

While we find ourselves boiling in debt, our Congress injects our nation with an untenable future. My friend Doug Dorsey of Colorado offered his perspective on what the United States of America faces in the 21st century:

"Aesop, the Greek slave and fable author coined the phrase, "United we stand, Divided we fall," Dorsey said. "The Three Musketeers had it right when they said, "All for One, and One for All". The inverted wording of this phrase is also the national motto of Switzerland, and written in the cupola of the Federal Palace of Switzerland. These wonderful phrases were all used in one way or another to foster unity in the face of crisis, whether it was to unite a country under one King, bring a country together after years of civil war, or instill hope after disastrous storms. Military and political leaders throughout history have inspired their countrymen to achieve greatness and overcome monumental disasters. One of the most stirring was from President John F. Kennedy in his inauguration speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country".

"So here we are today, a country divided ideologically, politically, spiritually and in some cases, militarily. We have fallen into the quicksand of division to the point that we have lost our focus on who we are, what we stand for and where we are going in the future. Our core values and vision have been fogged over by greed, false promises and blind belief in pied pipers who have turned out to not be the leaders we hoped for, but those who had no interests save for their own gratification and wealth. Does any of this sound familiar? We have been here before.

"Our present economic crisis has been the result of many mistakes, not the least of which is blind trust in the belief that persons in leadership positions always had our best interests at heart, lending agencies and federal officials were persons of unquestioned honor, and that our personal and national safety was never in peril. We dispatched our representatives to the white castle in Washington, D.C. with the cloak of trustworthiness and the jaded belief that we could sit back and enjoy life, uninhibited by worry for our futures. It has not turned out that way at all.

"In the face of major deficits in the upcoming Colorado State budget, and a higher education system, increasingly unaffordable for many in-state United State Citizens, we have Chris (Son of Roy) Romer introducing Senate Bill 09-170 that would extend in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants. Illegal Immigration has already had in some cases a crippling affect on our economy. Governor Ritter has indicated to the powers that be in Washington, D.C. that Colorado would entertain taking on Guantanamo terrorist detainees, without even a hint of possible input from the citizens of the State. Jobless rates are increasing on a daily basis and will continue to do so for some time yet.

"Three, and maybe more of President Obama's nominations for cabinet positions have been caught in the press limelight for failure to pay taxes over extended periods of time. The proposed stimulus package has enough pork in it to choke any intrinsic value for its proposed success. The student loan scam has corrupted many bankers and politicians, and China, along with Japan, has a strangle hold on the financial future of the United States, along with plans to bankrupt our seaports, and our longshoremen by sending all of their goods from America. Manufacturers are revamping ports in Mexico and up through the proposed Canamex highways to be sold for pennies on the dollar back to us and make the U.S.A. more indebted to a communist nation. I got a headache thinking about this and an even bigger one writing about it.

""Where does it stop?" This is just a small look into the maze of issues facing us today. Looked at as singular issues, they don't seem to be that bad. Viewed together they form a very grim picture of the future of this country. The result of these and many other serious cracks in our resolve for a better America, is to further divide this country and its citizens to the point of making a North American Union more palatable and appealing to its citizens. Possibly our only survival, if that possibility still exists.

"Our trusted and misguided leaders have set the stage for the collapse of the United States as a sovereign nation right under our noses, and in many cases without congressional review, citizen awareness or input. Several meetings, some secret and behind closed doors between President Bush, President Vicente Fox, now President Calderon, and Canadian officials and assorted committees have taken place about open borders and a North American Union. Billions of dollars have been at least verbally committed to projects that millions of citizens of all three countries have very little knowledge of. Some projects have already been started. TOGETHER We Stand, Divided We Fall."

How will Obama undermine the American way of life with his push for open borders, unlimited immigration and loss of our culture? With the next added 100 million Americans, expect over 100 languages to displace English as our national language. Expect incompatible cultures to create Balkanized sections separating from the American way of life. Expect accelerating environmental problems from sheer 'overshoot' and overload via hyper-population growth.

Read: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond

 To take action: First and foremost, join <http://www.numbersusa.com/>www.numbersusa.com and become one of nearly a million Americans making impact with pre-written faxes and phone calls to change immigration policies toward a stable future. Bi-partisan and highly effective!

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