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Between The Cracks
Jim Kirwan
We talk a lot about Freedom & Democracy as if these were the cornerstones of our existence; yet we have been living in a Depression, for the last two years, that has refused to take into account any responsibility for the course of our actions that have translated our efforts to build or create, into nothing but massive destruction and a total denial of the mindset that has led us to what is no longer meant by "Freedom & Democracy."
Essentially we have been living these lies with every press conference that we endured without resistance. This is how it came to be that we are now trying to live in the largest police-state on this earth while denying that reality.
What we have done is to construct three separate worlds that can never fit inside the same fiction that is displayed to the world, as a single nation. These separate worlds are continually 'at each other's throats' in privatized efforts to dominate, while at the same time as each of the various occupants are trying to 'live' lives that are "safe," from the other two groups trying to live in the same spaces.
We attempted to create Sanctuary's apart from "the huddled masses yearning to breathe free," but we did not consider what is needed to sustain these places that cannot exist apart, from the pandemonium and competition of our inner-cities or the suburbs, that are necessary connectors to these two very different kinds of places: Because instead of uniting the populations these three very different worlds seem to be in constant conflict, not only with each other, but with the very idea of community as a unified core for this or any other society. Having chosen instead to pursue privatization over the public good and private ownership over public necessity in every case where there is a conflict.
I tried to show this disconnect through roads and stairways that do not connect this hypothetical Sanctuary with the Crossroads of that jumble of construction and security that too many cities have become: largely due to the expanding glut in the rise of the suburbs that seem to keep them both apart.
The third world I refer to is composed of those that have been forced to live 'between the cracks' and largely remain in the shadows of the wastes and fabled failures of these two very overrated public worlds. Our freeways do not connect us, and our stairways to progress, while visually impressive, too often, do not serve any useful function.
All this posturing; whether it's about the language or the facts, of any given area in life, has continued to isolate and categorize us as its occupants in ways that separate us from ourselves; as well as from those in the other two groups.
This man-made labyrinth however has its own very severe boundaries, and cannot continue indefinitely. Some chose to see this as 'the future' others see it as part of the natural limitations that are inherently placed on everything that lives. Most refer to this limitation as 'Death.' Yet there are many more kinds of death than the simple form that most people think about, whenever that unmentionable word is spoken. Another American taboo is to even speak of death, in any form, because for all too many "that's a negative, and we must live only in a joyous and positive world." That's garbage of course, because life actually gets many of its meanings from the inevitability of death.
Here is one version of Death & Transition, as two ends of one contingent that remains a constant in all of life-no matter which of the three worlds you might find yourself trying to live in.
Death is ruled by the 28 day cycle of woman, and is a transforming experience, whether this refers to the death of a misplaced passion or to the death of childhood, so that the next phase of life can be born: Or whether death has come to move us to another realm. Death has always been a major factor in the ways we choose to live the lives we have, regardless of the many choices that we chose to make. It will come to every one that is alive today, because ultimately, everybody dies.
?The other-figure is the Transition that is born from the opulence of the Lotus that opens the way to new insight that in turn gives birth to a chrysalis, which in its turn becomes the wonder of the butterfly that lives again after the seventeen years that was spent in hibernation. The bottom line is that Life can be reborn in completely new configurations, and often a new life cycle can be discovered wherein the possibilities have yet again been changed, thus enabling an entirely new perspective. All in all there are far more wonders associated with this pivotal image than we ever tend to think about, especially when we're young.
With this in mind perhaps 'the future' that we choose to think about might well take on a very different look? There are reasons why we cannot see the future. If we could know what's coming, perhaps the whole point of attaining or of failing to achieve; might well be very different. The terms under which 'life' survives are these: The future is not knowable, and shall always remain within the ever-distant tomorrows' of our lives. The past is gone, and while it can be studied for whatever lessons it might lend us, we can never change it. So all we really have is this moment in which each of us is living now: And as each one of us is responsible for what happens in the 'NOW.' Maybe all we can do is 'try' but we must at least give it a shot" ­ on the chance that together we will make a difference?
Anyone can write or draw or find some way to express what they are feeling about anything, given the global reach of the internet and all its varied applications. When I got involved in these last eight years of unspeakable acts and war unending, the world was conflicted about what happened on 911-but as the world became aware of the totally flawed official story, along with exactly who directly profited from all the plunder and the lies: the entire argument began to reverse itself, until now there are very few left that give any credibility to that tattered rag that was the official story of the hours that consumed the world on September eleventh, 2001, and beyond.
In the beginning this was all 'about the facts.' Now there is a glut of information about every facet of the truth, every conceivable part of this whole obscene nightmare has been explored and questioned: The only thing still 'missing in action' is the active participation of the largest single group involved-the American general public.
Until now the American public has done virtually nothing about the war-torn history of these years that was written in the blood of millions of innocent people early on; and is not just continuing, but is expanding now under the obscenities being created in the name of our own Obamanation, that has now claimed his right-to- dictatorship, in this screwed up world. Unless we do something there will be nothing left to argue about, because we'll all either be dead or imprisoned if we refused to leave the comfort of our silence for the open conflict of resistance and debate.
There are some real things that can be done BIGTIME, to alter the impending fall of the Sword of Damocles,' but nothing will change until everyday people discover their own outrage over just how completely "we've all been had!" Listen to the interviews with Amy Goodman and Nomi Prins, former investment banker turned journalist. She used to run the European analytics group at Bear Stearns and is now a senior fellow at Demos. She is the author of two books: Other People's Money: The Corporate Mugging of America and Jacked: How Conservatives Are Picking Your Pocket. Her upcoming book is called It Takes a Pillage. And with Robert Johnson, former chief economist of the Senate Banking Committee and a former managing director at Soros Fund Management. His latest article is Nationalize Failing Banks? Think Twice. (1)
If this is indeed "Our World" then we need to make that clear to the whole planet, once and for all: because only the truth of what has happened globally-can ever set any of us free-again!
1) Altering Bailout Rules
http://www.democracynow.org/2009/2/24/ altering_bailout_rules_us_moves_closer????
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