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Colorful UFOs
Photographed In UK

We received the photograph above of a color-changing UFO from a friend of the eyewitness/photographer, and upon further inquiry an excellent response in answer to many specific questions regarding the sighting...
From the eyewitness/photographer:
These are the details of the sighting which I took the photographs. This was actually the 3rd sighting I have had in the area.
1st Sighting ­ Monday 26th January (2-3am) Viewed for an hour
2nd Sighting ­ Wednesday 4th February (5am) Viewed for 10minutes
These two sightings were viewed on the opposite side of the village of Marshfield, further in the distance. After investigating myself they appear to be in the vicinity of RAF Lyneham.
(RAF Lyneham has been the home of United Kingdom military air transport operations since March 1943. The purchase of the Hercules fleet in the late '60s has lead to this station becoming the centre of excellence for tactical air transport. - Interestingly enough, the website for RAF Lyneham has the following in its FAQ - ed )

Enlargement Of UFO In Photo
Map Of Area & Location Of RAF Lyneham
1. Date of Photo: Friday 6th February 2009
2. Location: Marshfield, Nr Chippenham, Wiltshire
3. Time (approx): 9.30pm
4. Describe movement: A hovering movement which appeared to be rotating. Sequences of lights which seemed to have no pattern. UFO just disappeared, did not fly away.
5. Was any sound heard?: No
6. Length of time UFO was visible/watched: 25 minutes
7. Were there any repeating, flashing lights on craft? If yes, what color? Yes, white, green, blue and red
8. What type of camera was used?: Kodak SLR Digital
9. Was zoom used? No
10. How many witnesses if any? One
On the day prior, February 5, 2009, a multi-colored UFO was videotaped by a couple in the far north of England in Kildare Crescent, Allerton Bradford.
View the video here...
Just prior to February 6, 2009 (exact date unknown), Mark Wild inadvertently photographed a stunning, classic "saucer" shaped UFO over Bournemouth on the Dorset Coast while photographing various attractive sites and buildings (See map, below). This craft was equally colorful, though shot in broad daylight.

Contrast Enhanced. See Original Large Photos
Photo 1
Photo 2

Event Map
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