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The Silence Is Deafening...
The Calm Before The Storm

From Anon
There is near total silence out there now.
All the traps have been set.
The perps and madmen are waiting for their orders.
All the politicians and traitors are in position.
Even Cheney is back up there...circulating at the top.
All the un-Constitutional 'necessary laws' and executive orders are there. 
The military has received its 'just in case' (un-constitutional) civilian intervention (suppression) orders.
Many of our police departments are under FBI/Federal control and many have been trained by Israeli killers.
We are all waiting.
We knew it would happen this year.
We are all waiting for their 'excuse'.
We again watch Cheney every day on tv...telling us the 'truth' again
We all know that "Obama will be tested within 6 months of taking office."
We can almost hear the shackles rattling in the trains.
We all wait for 'their' next surprise.
We gaze at the trap's door, perplexed it is still open.
We are wondering what this Pelosi-CIA bullshit is all about ...since they are both puppets of the Elders?
We are looking in all directions wondering from where the 'big surprise' will come.
Another FBI attack on America?
Will Netanyahu nuke Iran?
Another Pentagon Special Weapons created virus?
Another Israeli Mossad - Ness Ziona created virus?
We know the NSA did 911, MI5 did 7/7.  The same in Madrid & Bombay and so many others.
Zionist-related mass slaughters and killings permeate our history.
What will they do next?
Will the Israelis suitcase nuke America?
Will A-H1N1 marry H5N1 and have a honeymoon the world will never forget?
Where are the top remote viewers?  We know they been looking ahead.
And all these damned ETs...where are they when we need them?
Flying in daylight formation over Mexico City is not enough.
Giant flying triangles 300 feet above the ground are not enough.
Our species is nearing the end of its latest incarnation...
Jeff, I noticed you are unfamiliar with the small city of Ness Ziona.
I am surprised that 'they' are spelling it in this way.
In Hebrew it is pronounced NESS TSIYONA Tsiyona is a common name for women.
I assume for propaganda purposes they changed it in English from Tsiyona to Ziona.
NESS - means in Hebrew: miracle
ZIONA - aeem to be the female version of Zion
Analysis -
Everyday on the internet we, Israelis and Jews, are confronted again and again with the fact that our Zionist leadership have been lying to us and we have been deceived and manipulated.
In this light, I never suspected a name like MIRACLE FROM ZION to have any unusual meaning, but after your program today, I am now wondering.
Most of our 'holidays' are based around the issue of a 'miracle' in which God helped us to kill others. It's always about killing.
Could it be that whoever coined the name 'NESS ZIONA' actually meant: NESS FROM ZIONA WILL EXTERMINATE THE REST OF THE WORLD?
Actually, it would be better if this article helps the world to become more acquainted with this city.  I suspect it could be the most talked about city in the world in the near future.
So, next time the subject of Israeli biological death weapons comes up, it would be a good idea to include the name NESS ZIONA in the title
Thank you, again.

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