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Jews Banished 47 Times
In 1000 Years - Why?
Why so often? Why across such a variety
of nations and cultures??? Why does no other people on earth
come near to this record of eliciting averse responses?

From Dick Eastman
In his book, L'antisémitisme son histoire et ses causes, published in 1894, noted Jewish author, Bernard Lazare, stated the following with regard to these expulsions of Jews,
"If this hostility, even aversion, had only been shown towards the Jews at one period and in one country, it would be easy to unravel the limited causes of this anger, but this race has been on the contrary an object of hatred to all the peoples among whom it has established itself. It must be therefore, since the enemies of the Jews belonged to the most diverse races, since they lived in countries very distant from each other; since they were ruled by very different laws, governed by opposite principles, since they had neither the same morals, nor the same customs, since they were animated by unlike dispositions which did not permit them to judge of anything in the same way, it must be therefore that the general cause of anti-Semitism has always resided in Israel itself and not in those who have fought against Israel."
Professor Jesse H. Holmes, writing in, "The American Hebrew," expressed the following similar sentiments,
"It can hardly be an accident that antagonism directed against the Jews is to be found pretty much everywhere in the world where Jews and non-Jews are associated. And as the Jews are the common element of the situation it would seem probable, on the face of it, that the cause will be found in them rather than in the widely varying groups which feel this antagonism."
Just in Europe and Russia alone, the Jews have been banished 47 times in the last 1,000 years:
Mainz, 1012
France, 1182
Upper Bavaria, 1276
England, 1290
France, 1306
France, 1322
Saxony, 1349
Hungary, 1360
Belgium, 1370
Slovakia, 1380
France, 1394
Austria, 1420
Lyons, 1420
Cologne, 1424
Mainz, 1438
Augsburg, 1438
Upper Bavaria, 1442
Netherlands, 1444
Brandenburg, 1446
Mainz, 1462
Lithuania, 1495
Portugal, 1496
Naples, 1496
Navarre, 1498
Nuremberg, 1498
Brandenburg, 1510
Prussia, 1510
Genoa, 1515
Naples, 1533
Italy, 1540
Naples, 1541
Prague, 1541
Genoa, 1550
Bavaria, 1551
Prague, 1557
Papal States, 1569
Hungary, 1582
Hamburg, 1649
Vienna, 1669
Slovakia, 1744
Mainz, 1483
Warsaw, 1483
Spain, 1492
Italy, 1492
Moravia, 1744
Bohemia, 1744
Moscow, 1891
The above is excerpted from The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.
Did Legendary Automaker Industrialist Henry Ford Have Part Of The Answer Of Jewish Persecution?
"The genius of the Jews is to live off people, not off the land, nor off the production of commodities from raw materials, but off people.  Let other people till the soil; the Jew, if he can, will live off the tiller. Let other people toil at trades and manufacture; the Jew will exploit the fruits of their work. That is his particular genius. If this genius be described as parasitic, the term would seem to be justified."
"The Jewish nation is the only nation that possesses the secrets of all the rest...there is no government in the world so completely at their service as America. 'The British did this...the Germans did that' when it was the International Jew who actually did it." 
"The Americans are (now known as) a sordid, greedy, cruel people. Why? Because Jewish money-power is centered here." --Henry Ford, Sr
Author - 'The International Jew'
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