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The American Mindset
And The Path Of 'Change'

Jim Kirwan

""You can trace Equality in letters of sliver on tablets of burnished gold, but without engineering a perpetual miracle, you cannot make it true..."Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!" shrieketh the raging rhetoricians of the marketplace and editorial mill. "Yes we can! Yes we can!" bellows the herd, as it stupidly pours through the slip-rails to the pithing pen...Yes! O, yes! With a certainty we can," hisseth the plastic politician, the rattlesnake! The hungry basilisk!...America! Where the politicians rage and the people imagine vain things! And the dogs in the alleys - are baying at the moon!"" -- Ragnar Redbeard from Might is Right
Since the end of the Second World War Americans have been "played" like several hundred million cheap guitars. At first many were reluctant to accept the Siren's call from the extremes of both the Left and the Right. But gradually the neutrality of higher education, along with the legitimacy of the new leaders of the corporate giants, and then lower education, were captured and turned against those they were charged with educating or enriching. It was here that this mindset began to take shape.
We've gone from becoming sheep to becoming nothing but two-legged appetites that have learned to feed on fear, on greed, and on the self-created lies that have kept everyone away from the truths we need; to understand it all, if we are ever to escape this semi- conscious prison of the mind.
The American public has been at war with this particular mindset, that our master's tailor-made for us, for a thousand years. It was "they" who planted the idea of the need for "CHANGE" in so many: Knowing as they did this, that what we get would not only NOT be change, but it would be that final lock that lets the victims know for certain, that they have definitely been captured.
It was these same owners that appointed the invisible Obama, the man with three names and two points of origin to rein as Dictator, over this final round-up of the two-legged herds of useless eaters, so that we might be sorted and assigned until we are no longer useful: To them.
Barack ran on a handful of promises, and already he's broken nearly every one. What he did was promise action: But those actions proved to be nothing but extensions for the status quo to actually intensify what we objected to (in the case of not-closing Gitmo for at least a year-he gave himself more time to ratchet up the torture). This will not only NOT change anything: but in most cases, this course of action will eliminate the ability to actually ever change any of the things he said he would change "for us." Look at his policies as compared to his promises; and look deeply into those he has appointed to "help" him exterminate us. Obama represents the flim-flam artists in this dying country-nothing more-because he is "the con" and not "the answer" to anything!
Take Health Care as one example: Not even two months into his 'rule' Obama has already murdered single-payer health care, in direct contravention of his campaign promises. Instead of even looking at full medical care for all Americans, paid for by the government, at no additional cost to the taxpayers: Obamanation has invited the heads of the criminally-fraudulent medical insurance companies, along with all the other medical-health-parasites into his summit meetings-because he wants to keep health-care for all- imprisoned in the black hole of privatized corporate profits first, and separate from, any real access for people to be able to live healthy lives.
"JUAN GONZALEZ: Initially, no supporters of single payer were invited to the summit. After protests were called, the White House invited Democratic Congressman John Conyers and the president of the Physicians for a National Health Program.
AMY GOODMAN: Single-payer advocates have also been largely silenced in the media. A new study being released today by FAIR, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, found the views of advocates of single payer have only been aired five times in the hundreds of major newspaper, broadcasts and cable stories about healthcare reform over the past week. No single-payer advocate has appeared on a major TV broadcast or cable network to talk about the policy during that period."
"AMY GOODMAN: So, why isn't single payer being considered? Why has it been rejected out of hand? Why do you think it's the only answer?
LUKE MITCHELL: I think there are a couple of reasons why they're so explicitly rejecting it. One of them is that it's a threat to a great deal of people who are making a lot of money right now, which is to say the insurance companies. A single-payer system would take a lot of money out of the insurance system, the private insurance system. And it's also something that a lot of people in Washington understand as ideologically threatening, that is to say, they equate a single-payer system with what they call, quote, "socialized medicine," unquote."
So I think what Obama is trying to do is neutralize that threat and get, as he said, the imperfect rather than nothing. And maybe he's right. There's clearly a massive resistance to single payer on the Hill."(1)
What must happen is that every American must be entitled to the exact same care as every member of the government receives-which is absolutely free for life! "Health" is not a matter for private-business to regulate or administer, it is something that the tax-paying American public has already paid for, fifty-times over: Yet we only have the most diabolical medical services in the developed world. Yet as bad as this has been-Under Obamanation- it is about to get a whole lot worse, because the money that health- care needs is what is being used to continue to fund the illegal wars that he plans to expand on, instead of ending!
Let's not forget about the still-imploding financial disaster. Close your eyes that are lying to you, and look carefully into the center of the vortex and you will see Obama's hooded flunkies inside a tornado of Monopoly Money that is going everywhere except where it is needed most ­ into the pockets of those that will be charged for printing every single dollar, in this the greatest single monetary heist in human history, that continues to claim millions more victims each and every day. Have you seen the unemployment figures lately? And that's only the ones that are recently unemployed ­ the actual number of the jobless is at least double whatever the owners of this nightmare may "say" it is today.
America is stuck in a mindset that refuses to question anything that is unfolding right in front of our eyes. We are so far past being brainwashed that we're not even on the same planet as our ancestors were when this all first began. Our 'minds' are slush, our bodies are awash in chemicals and additives and lies, to the point where we are practically helpless; even if they stopped bombarding us right now, we'd still be nothing: because we sold everything that might have mattered to us-just to get into this petty game of greed and avarice. This game has turned our lives into nothing more than somebody else's footnotes, in their twisted stories that we can't even read-because we're too busy staying hooked on every facet of the corruptions and the lies that shall kill us all in the end.
T?here are ways to end this; but it may be too late. It is possible that when enough people share a common ideal, then that idea can be brought into this fight with very positive results.
The idea is called a thought-form: The loose definition of which is 'a very basic idea which has multiple points of origin, in an ever- shifting physical form, so that it can be received my millions of people simultaneously,' to each according to their own understanding of the idea. Some call this the 100th Monkey syndrome.
However it is also a fallacy to believe that this or any other thought-form will produce "change" or much of anything else by itself. THOUGHTS that are valid require ACTION; otherwise the idea is just more 'background noise' that dies with the dawn of yet another day, in the hell-hole that we've made of this world. Part of this was begun in 'Confirmation of Reality & Responsibility,' and we need to begin to think about connecting our individual thoughts to direct action, if anything is ever going to change. (2)
1) Obama Hosts Summit on Healthcare http://www.democracynow.org/ 2009/3/6/as_obama_hosts_summit_on_health
2) Confirmation of Reality & Responsibility http:// www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2009/art31.htm??
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