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Again & Again & Again!
Jim Kirwan

Last September Henry Paulson put a gun to this nation's leaders and told them that they must pass a secret piece of legislation, without reading it, in order to avoid the certain collapse of the United States and possibly the entire global economy. When the House of Representatives voted "NO" Bush broke the law and had the US Senate originate legislation that would do what the House would not do. That illegally crafted piece of unconstitutional junk was then rerouted back through the House and when everybody finished selling out the public: The Coup against the American Public had overwhelmingly been passed.That was the first time they put a gun to our heads.
Today it was announced that there is about to be "another giant deal." Here's a flashback to part of what happened at the beginning: because we did not demand that the troubled institutions be monitored as a precondition for the needed money, nor did we allow them to FAIL, as true Capitalism would require.
". . .as the decades have passed we [can] see now where the congress used to be, as just a privileged compound apart from the public's real concerns, where a bunch of toothless mongrels prowl in luxury among themselves and bark incessantly at the shadows in the world, well beneath their lavish perks.
Now we come to a crisis the like of which the world has never seen before: Because this global event has dwarfed all other previous financial and political events, since those dark days when public records first began to be kept. The stand-in theorhetorically responsible for the Treasury who appeared this morning to be in the middle of a series of heart-attacks, keeps trying to tell the public that "We MUST do this quickly," despite the fact that he has no real numbers as to cost or duration! He has also assured the nation that there should be nothing in this for the taxpayers, those individuals who are expected to pay for these failures.
Paulson freely admits that there are many components to this massive failure brought on by several privately-held corporate and offshore interests that have FAILED, yet he sees his measure as the only way out of this global mess.
People might have forgotten that the entire premise for private- enterprise rests upon the risks that the so-called privatized- interests take, which include the right to fail, in order to remain free to profit hugely!
The right to FAIL is part of their sacred circle of rights that no one else can have-that is until they fail-bigtime-because then as now those same private companies then demand a bailout by none other than the public they so vastly screwed in the first place! To cap this all off, now the government is telling the public that we have no choice but to capitulate to these obscene demands-this is governance at the point of a gun, and this demands that we change the government according to the ideas laid out in the Declaration of Independence, which says in part:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. . ."
If the congress cannot put monetary and legal limits on this legislation, and if the congress and the White House are allowed to pass something that does not insure the survival of the general public which they shall have so freely and unconditionally taxed beyond all bounds of sanity: then we must have a revolution in the streets!
The government needs to come again, to fear the public, because they have proven beyond all doubt that they are unfit to lead anyone anywhere, ever again! Their list of on-the-record failures is staggering, and to any sentient being it is "unbelievable" even before they have added this final insult to the pending total collapse! "Capitalism must be checked, and leashed forever, so that these crimes can never-again be repeated in the public's name." (1)
Between September 21, 08 and now the government has gone 'back-to- the well' too many more times; both in public and by way of secret withdrawals made by the FED, but not disclosed to the public. In every case the purpose was always the same, to free up the frozen credit system. In every case so far nothing has worked, after the money was poured down each new rat-hole, and always in vain.
There was never any oversight, no accounting for how the taxpayer's money was spent, and no consistent controls were kept over where the money went-the public has become more and more resistant to these constantly increasing hoards of the public's money being dumped into the same broken institutions that caused all this the panic in the first place.
Between the end of last year and inauguration day we learned that some of that money had been used by the hugely insolvent banks to buy up smaller solvent banks and credit-unions; to improve their own problems of credit worthiness. Yet to this day the major banks and insurance companies have not unfrozen the credit system in the USA; and neither have they given the public a reason for why this continues to be the case-despite the trillions of dollars that they have forcibly taken, supposedly to fix the problems which have continued to grow larger with every passing day.
This time it's Obama, again, promising the same things that both he and Bush promised us so many times before, with no difference between this latest addition to the Coup, to be announced early next week, and everything that has already happened since September of 2008. These schemes haven't worked because of the key players that Obama appointed to do that job. These were the same individuals that created the problems, and made everything so convoluted that they cannot be fixed. We need to do a major overhaul of everything to do with monetary policy, beginning with firing Geithner and everyone else that has been part of this total scam.
How much is enough people? What do they have to do to you, to get you to demand that this all comes to a screeching halt! This is highway-robbery in broad daylight, and we're expected to pretend that this is being done to help "us" solve "our problems?" This became our problem because they were allowed to break all the rules and to trash every law or regulation that would have prevented this nightmare-and we let them get away with that. Then when they failed again and again; they demanded that we bail out their completely criminal actions, which led to this colossal failure and again the public did not object, so where does all this outright fraud end?
The real kicker was and still is: That it is we who "must" repay them for their recent criminal behavior and cover their obscene failings with our hard earned dollars in multiple trillions of dollars that we don't have. And-there is still no guarantee that this will work any better than have all the other previous failures in which the public was 'assured' that "this will work, and credit will be unfrozen so that our economy can rebound."
The economy is in ruins, it will not rebounding any time soon, and to try to sell that lie to the public, on top of the theft of more debt-capital that will only end up in the pockets of those that have been gaming us for decades, ought to guarantee them prison sentences, instead of yet more cash.
Enough is enough; they need to give back not only all the bonus money, but they and the members of their boards of directors need to be arrested and charged with this massive fraud against the public and the government. Under the current RICO statutes that govern criminal conspiracies, all their assets should be seized, and they should be jailed, without bail, pending formal charges while they await trial. If we cannot bring ourselves to force this to happen, then we shall deserve the fleecing that we are about to receive without even a thought for our troubles. In this case we finally have the chance to deal with these criminals one-on-one and end this nightmare once and for all.
We need deadlines this time; deadlines and public oversight for every phase of whatever is about to be proposed-and there must be penalties written into whatever is agreed to-Penalties that shall apply the minute that the terms or conditions of the 'new contract' are violated. This and only this will show the world that we are serious about changing what passes for American domestic policy and by extension, possibly US foreign policy as well.
1) Who Will Speak for Us
Our Surrender has been Negotiated
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