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Conquering The Abyss
Jim Kirwan
There has always been this millennial battle between humanity's Quest for a better life and the temptations that Conquest seems to offer those that seek secret powers, in the mailed fist of Empire.
We are not even ten years into the Twenty-first Century, and already what remains of the world is racing back to barbarism at light speed: This is the price we shall continue to pay, if we allow puppets to dictate our values and our way of life, for just 'A Few Dollars More.'
What we are faced with now is the naked hook of unchecked Capitalism, without the "bait" that was supposed to delude us into thinking that all these giveaways are actually going to help with anything besides more inflated commissions and more criminal- enterprises bought with stolen public money along with mega-bonuses and platinum-parachutes for the planners and executioner's of our lives.
"Money" is actually not a reality in this environment, instead it has become a fluid tool that cannot be thought of as 'money' in any conventional way. For those that are part of the financial priesthood, money is very much a fantastically agile but ever- changing-super-shape that shifts to fit whatever might be needed in a given moment. This mythic-form of money can move from place to place in nano-seconds. When we try to analyze its movements or investigate the criminals that control its split-second-shifts - we might as well be trying to isolate a single grain of sand from an entire beach at high tide: That is why there are no easy answers to the obvious questions about 'everything to do with this kind of money.'
'Money' can be hidden in plain sight, and seemingly disappear from the entire universe in the following second, at least that's how it might appear to the public that might actually care about what has happened to "their money." Major amounts of liquid money lives only in cyber-space, because as a nearly invisible fluid, money can be used and redirected without most people being able to track either its course, or its real destinations. In this country most 'money' has to be "laundered" because our main income-streams flow through criminal activity of all kinds.
Consequently we have appointed puppets to oversee the hijacking of the national and personal wealth of this nation, to insure that all real wealth becomes the sole property of the owners of this society. The fraudulent underwriters of these criminal-enterprises insure that money moves through the thousands of hidden-cyber-hands of those that designed this archaic system of bribes, of payoffs and of massive fraud at every level. This is necessary to those that run this empire, in order to guarantee that the flow of profits from drugs, weapons, and trafficking in everything from sexual slavery to black-market luxuries continues unabated. Meanwhile you and I are left to starve or just to die of sheer neglect.
Yesterday for instance: Main-stream media pointed out that there had not been enough time for the public to read the latest Bailout- Bill on the web, 'Before it was to be voted on', something that Obama had promised his friends in cyber-space, but obviously that did not happen. There was no time to post the 1100 plus pages - or even time enough for those who voted for it to even read it once! So the "document" was shown on the mindless-morning-fog of television and it appeared to be at least sixteen inches high, and complicated enough to occupy legions of researchers for at least the next six months.
Once again, as in the Patriot Act, and virtually all the other massively pivotal legislation throughout the Cheney-Bush Era: This time there was NO TIME for anyone to actually read what has now also become law. So neither the public nor the congress had even the promised forty-eight hours to study what this piece of trash contains-because the need to act was so urgent-that legal-action had to supplant common sense and rational thought.
The 'Catch-22' here was that the legislation passed on Friday, the 13th, but it was not "signed" by the puppet-leader until the afternoon of the 17th. That left 96 hours that could have been used to allow the public and the congress some needed time to at least glance at what was finalized on Trillion-dollar Tuesday, but that was not to be.
For some obscure reason Barack wanted to fly out to Denver International Airport to "sign" this totally compromised band- aid that was Dead-On-Arrival, even before the markets opened on the 17th.
Maybe Obama has decided to take up permanent residence on Air Force One; thereby staying ahead of the demonstrations and appealing to every backwater he can find, without the burden of being "stuck in DC." Of course this costs taxpayer's a small fortune every time that cavalcade takes to the air. Remember the hearings, when the CEO's of Ford, GM & Chrysler came to Washington in private jets to ask for handouts? Multiply that figure for their private jets by a factor of at least 50 times as much or more, every time our current "leader" shows up in Air Force One. Apparently no one has told Barack that the campaign is over, and that now he is supposed to govern this nation (Not Israel): and that he is supposed to do that from Washington-it's why Washington DC exists.
There is no point in wasting the billions of dollars of our money, that it takes to fly him all over this vast land, because he is not running for anything anymore: He got the job that no one else wanted and so far he cannot escape the political facts of life just because he's airborne too much of the time-but what a metaphor. This latest piece of unread-trash will do nothing except to massively continue the redistribution of wealth into the private vaults of the upper levels that serve the very special interests of the Billionaires & Trillionaires on this day that MSM is calling: Trillion-Dollar Tuesday!
All in all the Seventeenth of February will mark another very dark portal through which this nation was pushed and kicked, bullied and threatened in order to hasten the end of the Republic and beginning of the Abyss.
There Are Answers: The Abyss is out there waiting for us-but so are the answers to our self-created problems. There are some people that are not entirely consumed with the pursuit of money. Those people tend to study the book of life, as they see it in its ever- changing pages, that can sometimes literally come to life.
With this knowledge that can come from SEEKING wisdom, and the intuition that can become awareness, real growth is sometimes possible. When that journey is continued, by living what is found, then the FINDING of one's character usually consists in closing the books and taking off the robes of artificial power-in order to follow one's own star-toward purposes that money alone can never offer.
After Reagan's introduction of the scheme by which we are all now living; a film called Wall Street was released in 1987. The film provides some clues as to how we can survive the Abyss that waits for us today.
Namely we need to find our way out of this deadly quagmire: 'Creating and building our lives, instead of 'living off the buying and selling of others.'
"Remember something! A man looks into the Abyss and there's nothing staring back at him. At that moment man finds his character, and that is what keeps him out of the Abyss." Wall Street, 1987.
It really is up to us to dump the dictatorship and to change the subject, because if we do not choose to do this, then only Oblivion awaits.
A New Era of People Power in the Streets?
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