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Mandatory Media
Rules Of Engagement
For Gaza And Other Wars

(translated from original Spanish source)
The Twelve Golden And Infallible Truths That The Media Are Obligated To Adopt -
1. In the Middle East, the Arabs always attack first and Israel always defends itself. This defense is called 'retaliation'.
2. Neither Arabs, Palestinians nor Lebanese have the right to kill civilians. This is 'terrorism'.
3. Israel has the right to kill civilians. This is called 'legitimate defense'.
4. When Israel massively kills civilians, the Western Powers ask to her do it with courtesy or politeness. This is called 'reaction of the international community'.
5. Neither Palestinians neither Lebanese have the right to capture Israeli soldiers inside military installations with sentry and combat positions. This has to be called 'kidnapping of defenceless civilians'.
6. Israel has the right to kidnap as many Palestinians or Lebanese as they wish and at any time or place. Their present figures are about 10,000 imprisoned, 300 of whom are children and one thousand women. They do not need any evidence about their culpability. Israel has the right to detain such kidnapped prisoners indefinitely, even if they are people democratically elected by Palestinians. This is called 'imprisonment of terrorists'.
7. Whenever the word 'Hizbollah' is mentioned, it is compulsory to add in the same phrase 'supported and financed by Syria and Iran'.
8. When 'Israel' is mentioned it is absolutely forbidden to add 'supported and financed by the United States' This could give the impression that the conflict is uneven and that Israel's existence of is not after all at risk.
9. In any statement about Israel, any mention of the following phrases is to be avoided: 'occupied territories', 'UN resolutions', 'Human Rights violations' or 'Geneva Convention'.
10. Palestinians, as well as Lebanese, always are 'cowards' hiding behind a civil population that dislike them. If they sleep in military accommodation with their families, this has a name: 'cowardice'. Israel is entitled to annihilate with bombs and missiles such barracks where they sleep. This is to be called a 'surgical, high-precision action'.
11. Israelis speak English, French, Spanish or Portuguese better than the Arabs. That is why they deserve to be interviewed more frequently and have better opportunities to explain to the audience at large the above rules, from 1 to 10. This is called 'media neutrality'.
12. Any person in disagreement with the above rules is to be branded a "highly dangerous anti-Semitic terrorist.
http://www.fpp.co.uk/online/09/01/media_rules.htmlneff g
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