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Keep Saying

By Karl Schwarz
If you missed the show Jeff Rense and I did on Tuesday, December 9 (second hour) it is available in the archives. We addressed the classic Zionist Jewish scam named 'Global Crossing' and what that communications network was really built for and how it has been abused leaving many victims in its wake. In a way, Global Crossing was a Ponzi Scheme just like this Bernard Madoff scam with $50 billion gone.
The MSM is touting the Madoff scandal as the biggest fraud ever, but that is not accurate. It might qualify as 'most Jews conned in a single scam by another Jew' but biggest in terms of dollars is not the case. Unfortunately, I do not have my Guinness Book of World Records to see if Madoff should be congratulated.
Frankly, if SIPC bails out the Jews he screwed over and does not lift a finger for any of the investors of the companies cited below, I think ripped-off Christian Americans should storm the place and throw them all out on the street.
Global Crossing was a bigger con job at $56 billion in fluffed-up stock valuation...$30.2 billion in assets that were intentionally, premeditatedly stolen from investors. The Company used that $56 billion to build the private Wall Street theft machine...er, 'trading network'...so future scams could become even bigger. You are seeing the expected blowback to that cute stunt right now and it might very well take America down with it.
The difference between the $56 billion in stock money that was brought (lured) in and that $30.2 billion in mere assets can be partially (mostly, perhaps) explained by how this company dumped huge amounts of campaign donations in the laps of House and Senate members. They even donated to the George H W Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M and one of their presidents was on the board of that library.
There might be a better way to say it but largesse begets largesse with these folks.
Nothing quite like buying one's way out of impending litigation and fraud investigations for what was to become a Classic Zionist Jew Fraud in the US capital markets. The shareholders who were screwed big time dubbed it the "Global Double Crossing".
Enron was even bigger than that at $63.4 billion, as was WorldCom at $107 billion, Conseco at $61.4 billion. Then, of course, we have Lehman Brothers filing Chapter 11 with $639 billion in assets and $157 billion owed to their 10 largest unsecured creditors alone. Not only do the numbers get bigger, the egregious conduct surpasses any sense of decency and definitely defies the rule of law.
If JPMorgan Chase, Citibank or Bank of America has to file bankruptcy, those numbers will suck the breath out of your lungs. They are fundamentally bankrupt right now even with this colossal Bush-Pelosi-Reid bailout to cover up the extent of fraud that our government and their buddies have been engaged in. I cannot wait to see the ultimate size of the GM bankruptcy, or Ford, or Chrysler...and to learn just who has been maneuvering to get a seat at the bankruptcy court table to make sure the shareholders and pension funds get royally screwed over.
The Bush cavalry is claiming help is on the way but remember, Emperor Bush does not read so chances of him staying abreast of the current and very ugly news is sort of limited.
Many people never knew that Texaco, Refco, Pacific Gas and Electric, Financial Corporation of America, and many others were multi-billion bankruptcy cases and the shareholders were 'zeroed out'...total loss. The secured creditors and predator partners walked off with the assets and those holding the equity stock got nothing.
The entire Clinton Administration put forth a systematic fraud that made Americans $2 trillion poorer when all was said and done. That was a combined fraud involving the dot.com scams and telecom scams. There was even a new word invented for the lexicon to describe this fraud...vaporware. Meaning that during the Clinton era many of the high flyers did not even have what they claimed...to sell to the eager, sucker public.
That was all aided and abetted by Clinton with changes to US laws that opened the door to the type and level of fraud we are all witnessing. One of the first things that happen when the fraud is discovered is the high priced, over-touted stock and bond debt has to be marked-to-market. Reality comes home to roost and no amount of touting will be accepted by the market once trust is gone (or that big Truth Cat is out of the bag)...the fraud is smelled by the public like a pile of fresh cat crap.
Just in the third quarter of 2008, US Households lost $2.8 trillion in worth and assets as a combined result of this financial fraud and the devaluation of the US dollar. Brace yourself for the Fourth Quarter bad news because that quarterly loss in US Households may well top $3 trillion. The cancer is entrenched and the US economy is not in a recession, it is a full blown depression that will make the Great Depression look like a company picnic. Some who are watching all of the numbers much closer than the average American are now quietly speaking in terms of "the Greatest Depression".
If I recall my history lessons, Rome was in such shambles just before it collapsed. The collapse always starts at the far reaches of the empire (Afghanistan, Iraq, the Caspian Basin, etc) and then comes home to roost.
I will not be surprised if after this Christmas season several major department stores file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization or Chapter 7 liquidation. It may give a whole new meaning to the marketing and advertising phrase of "Going Out of Business Sale". I have noticed in Europe pre-Christmas discounts as high as 70% with most starting off the Christmas season at 40-50% discount. Some of those are major chains that are also in the US shopping malls.
Now we are seeing closer to the full extent of the fraud that is the Bush Administration. The bailout of the bandits, gangsters, banksters and con artists in DC and Wall Street is up to over $8 trillion and guaranteed to keep climbing. That level of fraud will continue right through the Obama Administration and you can be absolutely sure of that.
Every appointment that Obama has made who are Clinton Administration retreads have a long history of being pathetic in government administration and looking the other way at such fraud. They are just insiders, no talent for much except more of the same fraud over and over again.
SEC and MSM are now clearly stating that they had repeated warnings about 'Bernie' Madoff over the past 10 years and never followed up, never pursued an investigation. Note that the 'last 10 years' does, in fact, extend back to the Clinton Administration and Obama is appointing those same negligent people to his cabinet, right back into key positions of our federal government...which is looking more like a gigantic engine of theft rather than an instrument representing the will of the people and protecting their welfare
http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/industry_sectors/ banking_and_ finance/article5356348.ece
One would think that the SEC would get fed up playing Elmer Fudd chasing Bugs Bunny and never catching any bad guys: "Duhhh... which way did he go? Which way did he go?"
Some say Obama is appointing the fox to guard the hen house but that is not quite accurate. There are no hens left in the hen house, only predators. These new appointees by Obama are just to make sure they can all feed regularly, like sharks, and never even get slapped on the wrist. 'House arrest' for a $50 Billion fraud? What's wrong with THAT picture?
The Ice Age between the US and UK is growing rather quickly because what has been done in the US in the way of capital markets fraud has decked the UK economy faster than a drunken Irishman knocking out a Brit bloke in one punch. I can well imagine the Queen has her knickers in a wad because her portfolio is taking a red ink bath and major hits, too.
Instead of being in jail without bond, yes, Madoff is under 'house arrest'. I would not be surprised in the least if he quietly vanishes and turns up a fugitive from justice in Israel in the very near future. Our good buddies in Israel have a long history of harboring wanted Jewish criminals from the courts of many nations. Even though Russia has convicted and sent Mikhail Khordorkovsky to prison, his sidekick Leonid Nevzlin was granted emergency citizenship in Israel and they refuse to extradite him back to Russia to face trial.
They also refuse to extradite 9-11 Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter back to the US. His name popped up on an FBI list of accounts to freeze in Europe that were involved in the financing of 9-11. Sniff? Yeah, Suter is probably Mossad.
That is sort of reminiscent of when that South African Zionist Jew Asher Karni was caught selling nuclear detonators to Pakistan, arrested in Colorado and allowed house arrest staying with a rabbi in Maryland. That is, instead of being sent to GITMO for the usual isolation and torture, with no right to counsel, etc.
I trust you see the disparity in how our leaders handle justice when they know they might have to placate wailing and whining Zionist Jews (or lose their votes), and most importantly lose those cushy junkets and campaign donations, slush funds, insider positions on the next big scam with offshore accounts, etc. That is who is leading you America. Wake up.
When Michael Milken was first arrested and prosecution commenced against him by the Department of Justice, he wailed that "anti-Semitic forces were out to get him." That was documented in 'The Predator's Ball', a detailed account written, oddly enough, by a Jew named Connie Bruck. She exposed the sorry lot of them and was applauded for doing so by most of us 'white folks'. Of course, she became a pariah to the Zionist Jews she exposed.
The DOJ acted against a financial predator, a con artist, a capital markets thief, and the action had NOTHING to do with what 'religion' he claims to practice. The prosecution and outcome would have been the same if Milken were Catholic, Christian or atheist, except non-Jewish folk would have probably served a much longer prison term.
Of course, Clinton pardoned Milken to shorten his prison sentence just as he pardoned arch crook Marc Rich, who was a fugitive from justice in the US. Nope, we can't have financial predators, con artists, Ponzi scheming Zionist Jews behind bars where they deserve to be.
Israel, AIPAC, ADL and other Jewish groups were leaning HARD on Clinton to pardon one of their most illustrious financial shark predators of all time. It just was not tolerable to have one of the all time Great Zionist Jew thieves behind bars. It was hurting the flow of pelf and philanthropy from Milken to Israel as he tithed to Tel Aviv a part of what had been stolen.
Most Americans recall the WorldCom bankruptcy, but there is a little known fact about the company and what led to that catastrophe. It is in my book 'One-Way Ticket to Crawford Texas'.
After getting out of prison, Michael Milken was a high level 'consultant' to Bernie Ebbers, chairman CEO of WorldCom. Mr. Ebbers is now in prison because the 'nesting doll arrangements' that Milken devised for him got Ebbers sent to prison, too. Andy Fastow goes way back with Milken (all the way back to Continental Illinois Bank and a $9 billion bank failure), and he is now also in prison as a result of those Enron 'nesting doll arrangements' and SPEs.
I guess it was just fate that the two largest donors to the Houston Synagogue building program were Andy Fastow (Enron) and Gary Winnick (Global Crossing). Yeah, must be fate and not the fact that they were donating stolen money.
What is that old saying, leopards never change their spots? Once a thief, always a thief applies, too. One has to dig deep, but many of the colossal frauds we have all seen over the past 25 years have Milken fingerprints on them. He works behind the scenes and through many minions, just like Marc Rich, Gary Winnick, et al. Or, they have the fingerprints of his co- defendants who were left in the capital markets by SEC to plunder and plunder again.
I will never forget the day Global Crossing chairman and CEO Garry Winnick was before the US House and under, uh, investigation. A Global Crossing board level insider, several former GX employees, and I had provided majority and minority counsel with crucial and incriminating evidence to nail Mr. Winnick to the wall.
Such included an email that Winnick sent to his co-henchman in the Pac Rim, "I hope we do not get caught in this fraud."
That was right, as they were putting the takedown into motion through collaborative shorting and illegal naked shorting schemes offshore. I would have gladly asked him exactly what fraud he was referring to and hammered until I got the truth out of him.
Also sitting next to him was the ex-General Counsel of Global Crossing. There were serious issues of his involvement in insider trading. Global Crossing claimed a day that he left, but we had provided the exact, REAL date that he left. What was done was criminal and the question was not asked by the Tauzin committee heading up the sham investigation. That same attorney is still involved in one scam after another as 'general counsel'.
We had also provided that committee information that the parent (Temasek, government owned investment arm of Singapore) of the Singapore buyer, ST Telemedia, had literally given Winnick a posh hotel in Beverly Hills as part of his payola to direct those assets to the Singapore buyer. The bid I assembled to take over the assets was over TWICE as large as this multi-billion network was finally sold for at $250 million.
Everyone in the room and those watching on TV were on the edge of their seats when Chairman Tauzin asked: "Mr. Winnick, you didn't mean to defraud those Global Crossing investors, did you?' After the suspenseful pause (and shift in camera view) came the reply: "No sir, Mr. Chairman, I did not."
Off camera, America missed the post game show: "Thanks Gary, and thank God this investigation is OVER! Miller Time! Gary, I need to talk to you about political donations, okay?"
Winnick did cough up part of his stash to make sure Israel would remember to bludgeon Washington, DC if they arrested and prosecuted him. He donated $40 million to the Tel Aviv branch of the Simon Wiesenthal Tolerance Museum. http://philanthropy.com/free/articles/v13/i07/07001301.htm
After stealing so much from investors, yeah, he was seeking tolerance alright, for own his behaviour. I do not think he will get that or absolution either. About 3 million families were raped by Global Crossing out of much or most of their money.
The Debtor's Financial Advisor, Blackstone Group, even committed perjury before the US Bankruptcy Court to help push this scam along. In a hearing that was not announced to the other bidders, they told the court that the only bid they received was from Singapore-based ST Telemedia. That was a flat out lie because we were aware of at least TEN other bids and most of them were for a higher figure to acquire the assets in the bankruptcy auction. One of those bids was from my company and it was the highest of ALL the bids for the Global Crossing assets.
We started referring to Blackstone as "Blackrot" as they wound up being the Debtor Financial Advisor in an avalanche of fraud-ridden bankruptcy cases, i.e.: Williams Communications, Enron, Adelphia (founders nailed for fraud), Mirant (one of the energy trading companies that plundered California in 2000-2001 and heavily fined by the FERC), and of course, Global Double Crossing. Some of our team would say, "Got a fraud to cover up? Call 1-800-Blackrot."
Not one of those issues was brought up by Committee Chairman Billy Tauzin (Rep, LA) or any of the other members of that bogus investigation committee. Of course, Tauzin retired not long after this ordeal and became a high priced whore, er, lobbyist in DC for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association as its new president and CEO. http://www.phrma.org/about_billy/
I had standing before that Tauzin committee because I was the highest bidder and was on the short list at FCC with the Department of Justice Criminal Division, the FBI, Communications Workers of America union and FCC staff of FCC General Counsel. I was not allowed to testify before that committee and expose what the Tauzin charade was intentionally not addressing.
Tauzin did not want the media or screwed over investors to know that every person sitting on that fake investigation committee had taken political donations from Global Crossing. Some of them had taken very large donations and had cushy offshore accounts, if you catch my meaning. Who says crime and public service do not pay?
Mr. Winnick and some of the entities he heads, and the original entity that was renamed Global Crossing (GC Partners, Cayman Islands) were all Milken codefendants in the lawsuit that sent Milken to prison. Most of the GC shareholders never did their due diligence like I did, and learned that 'GC Partners' was one of the Milken co-defendants. Or that within that long list of names of persons and entities were 27 former Milken co- defendants directly involved in Global Crossing from inception.
It was all a big, planned scam to build a global network for financial trading and plundering, built on the backs of sucker investors who thought they would get rich loading up on Global Crossing stock. They learned the hard way they bought fluff and no substance.
Just to show you how lax the SEC is, none of the other 400 or so Milken co-defendants lost their securities licenses. Most of the co- defendants never paid the $1.3 billion SEC fine that was levied and they just kept right on plundering America. The word 'scofflaw' comes to mind but it is important that readers understand the mindset of these predominantly Zionist Jew financial predators parasites.
Some of them truly believe that the only law they are to obey is the Talmud, never the laws of the land where they live. That is what lurks in the minds of people like Milken, Winnick, Fastow, and a very long list of others. Steal from you, give contributions to Congress and Israel, and one can keep the rest of what was stolen. It is a system and both Wall Street and DC play right along because they are lining their pockets, too, at your expense.
That is one of the reasons they lobby so hard to make sure 'rule of law' is meaningless in America as they rob us all blind. It is criminal intent, but, hey, they're Zionist Jews and that's who and what they ARE.
Now that you can see the end result of such corruption, how do you like the New America? Flat broke and busted, raped, robbed and plundered by a bunch of Zionist Jews who cry out "anti-Semite" if you accurately point at them and say "YOU ARE A LIAR AND THIEF!"
Madoff is a liar and a thief. Just the preliminary indications of that scam bear that out. I am looking forward to reading the details about how this Zionist Jew duped and robbed so many other Zionist Jews. That will be better than the Jerry Springer Show and will be far more entertaining.
On December 18, 2008 a news story came out about how many members of the posh Palm Beach Country Club were bilked by Madoff. That will be interesting reading too to see that list of names and hear the sad tales of how this one dishonest Zionist Jew ripped off so many other Zionist Jews. (Palm Beach, you know... where they cannot figure out how to push that chad through on the voting machine.)
The answer that will surface in the Madoff case is easy to predict. It is because they are all greedy and he suckered them on that very trait and character flaw alone.
One of the reasons that Clinton never pursued prosecution is such financial plundering makes more people dependent on the Federal Government. Poor people empower Big Brother and gives legitimacy to this drive to make DC the 'be all, end all' for all people. Also, many of those doing the fraud were major Clinton backers.
The same applied to Bush as we caught many of his Texas buddies involved in illegal activity involving Williams Communications Group of Tulsa, the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001 that fleeced electricity customers out of $5.5 to $7.5 billion, and in the Caspian Basin, Enron, Global Crossing fiascos.
Merry Christmas! If you will not fight back at least keep saying 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' because that irks the Hell out of these thieving, lying, financial monsters. Even go out of your way to say to them MERRY CHRISTMAS if nothing else as an act of defiance to their arrogance and their scofflaw ways.
To one and all, even these Zionist Jew predators, MERRY CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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