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Strategy Behind Israel's
Gaza Genocide

By Luise Light
Copyright Luise Light 2008
"What we're seeing here is the growing 'birth pangs' of a New Middle East and whatever we do we have to be certain that we're pushing forward to the New Middle East [and] not going back to the old one."
­US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, describing the Israeli--American roadmap for the Middle East and the military force needed to redraw the map, creating an arc of instability, chaos, and violence extending from Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria to Iraq, the Persian Gulf, Iran, and the borders of NATO-garrisoned Afghanistan, in accordance with a long envisioned geo-strategic NEOCON dream of global conquest of land, oil and mineral resources.
Did you think the murderous crowd that has dominated our politics for the last 8 years, the Bush-Cheney-Blair-Likud legions that have been carrying out a secret plan of world domination, breathed into life in the opium smoke of Afghanistan, would slink out of town, defeated by the overwhelming numbers of Americans and Europeans who despise them and voted against them, folding their tents and their munitions to save themselves for another day, perhaps when the next Bush (Jeb) ascends the throne?
You would be wrong. Israel is carrying out the last stages of a plan to plunge the world into chaos and world war, incinerate those who, though starving and without medicine or shelter, refuse to lie down and be "erased" from history, the Palestinians who are the living witnesses to the perfidy of Israel and their minions of storm-troopers who have imposed this "final solution" on the 1.5 million Palestinians they have caged in the giant prison camp of Gaza with no way out and their backs to the sea. It is the culmination of one hundred years of brutal Western aggression to re-settle and seize this holy land, the birthplace of civilization. Why this massacre? It appears that Israel would gain offshore oil rights and a port to trans-ship the oil paid for in advance with the blood of the Gaza Palestinians.
It is reminiscent of the Nazi's blitz across Europe setting off the Second World War. Here are descriptions of Nazi military plans in the records of the International Court in The Hague. See if they remind you of what you are seeing in the nightly news footage. Remember! If we allow history to repeat itself it is because we, the witnesses, stood by and watched! Genocide can never be justified, no matter who uses it for geopolitical gains!
Not since 1938, when the Nazi war machine rolled over Austria, Czechoslovakia, Norway and Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia and Greece, has the world seen such aggressive and brutal tactics used to envelop and suppress a sovereign nation. To "sell" the war and rationalize the need for it, the Germans planned to unleash a lightning attack against Czechoslovakia as the result of a diplomatic incident of their own creation. The incident was the assassination of the German ambassador to Prague. After the invasion of Austria, the Nazis wanted to maintain the impression that they continued to honor the treaty that bound Czechoslovakia and Germany, so that the Czechs would not mobilize their army and would offer little or no resistance to the German invading forces. It was considered critical that the country be overcome and pacified within four days, presenting the world with a fait accompli and forestalling any possibility of outside intervention.  A background of friendly diplomatic relations was critical to this purpose, and a longstanding treaty bound Germany and Czech oslovakia to settle disputes peacefully and to recognize each country's sovereign rights. Disputes were to be settled in normal diplomatic ways, in the courts and not on the field of battle. Germany maintained this illusion steadfastly until the assassination that triggered their army, navy and air force to be set in play. (from: VERBATIM PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL SITTING AT NUREMBERG, GERMANY. 11.12.45.
After their success conquering Czechoslovakia with little opposition, the next prize in the Nazi sightlines was Poland.  According to the documentation presented to the International War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague after the war, there was no question of sparing Poland.  Poland was slated to be attacked at the first suitable opportunity.
"We cannot expect a repetition of the Czech affair. There will be war. Our task is to isolate Poland. The success of the isolation will be decisive!" Thus revealed in notes of the discussion between the General staff and Adolf Hitler, were the plans for global war. Conflict with Poland would only be successful if the Western Powers were kept out of it. The isolation of Poland is a matter of skillful politics, the generals said, and propaganda efforts were deployed to keep the Western powers pacified, lulled and satisfied that this war was necessary to protect the German state from harm. (from: The Nizkor Project, Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression, Volume I Chapter IX
Launching of Wars of Aggression , Part 7 of 14.)
Sound familiar? Now we are again at the brink. If we say nothing, a global nuclear war to end all life could follow.  First Gaza, then Lebanon and Syria, and after Iran. Let us declare that state terrorism is a crime against life and cannot not be sanctioned any longer in this world. It is the time for ploughshares not missiles, for growing wheat and olives, not corpses and wreckage, for healing wounds and nightmares, not creating new ones. #
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