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The Future Is Not Secret
The Next Step

Jim Kirwan
For those that find what is outlined in "Stars & Stripes" to be nothing more than a variant of science-fiction; might I suggest that the world has been watching what will soon be our fate now, since 1948. That would be the Petri-dish of 'Israel' in Palestine that was created by Zionists as a run-up to what is about to finally happen here, now that the military-political-kinks have mostly been worked out.
The fact that Americans have paid almost no attention to what has happened and continues to happen in-and-to Palestine; is perfect for those that created that ongoing nightmare that exceeds all that has ever been human or civil, not-to-mention that this oppression breaks all the rules of the Geneva Conventions and the International Rules of War.
Origins: Zionism (Rothschild-ism): the fake 'history.'
"The movement created by the Rothschilds to lay false claim to the land we call Israel or Palestine is known as Zionism. The term is often used as a synonym for Jewish people, when it is actually a political movement devised, funded and promoted through the House of Rothschild and (is) opposed by many Jews. The most visible Zionist front in the US today are the so-called 'Neo- Conservatives' or 'Neo-Cons,' who were behind 911 and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq." ~ "The invasion and subversion of an entire Arab nation has been based upon texts in the Bible, written by who knows who, who knows when, thousands of years ago after the Jewish captivity in Babylon. It gets even more bizarre when you realize that the overwhelming majority of Jewish people have no historical or genetic connection to Israel, and the claim that there is such a connection is a gigantic hoax, on both Jewish people and the wider world. The whole thing was orchestrated by the Rothschild dynasty ~" *
Part of this orchestrated tyrannical occupation and brutalization was done to see just how much the world might actually care about a population that differs from themselves. This has been carried out with an ever-intensifying Apartheid-like segregation, supported by vast numbers of arrests, torture and recriminations against anyone that dares oppose the Zionist state. Israeli military forces have been executing so called 'wanted' individuals using aerial drones armed with rockets to annihilate any number of potential trouble-makers: yet the world still fails to even notice.
Those who track these events have noticed that the weapons are mostly American. The bulldozers that raze the ancient olive groves, the lands and homes of so many hundreds of thousands of Palestinians; are "made-in-America." The "Israeli-Wall" of division that has been so successful in helping to create the situation depicted below that it has now been adopted in principle along the US southern border; but only in places that will not inconvenience the powerful here, who might find the new American- Wall distasteful.
So if you'd like an advanced look at how life will be in these disunited states after the new laws go into effect here: You need only to look carefully at exactly what has been going on inside Palestine for the last sixty-years. This is your future once the remaining shreds of "law" and of "the American Republic have been done away with. See the pictures that are everywhere on the web-get to know those people that are being slaughtered and tortured every minute of every day-because the world has chosen not to watch.
For a further glimpse of how life will change here you only need to look at the military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to see the horror of no-bid contracts in action. Trillions of dollars have simply 'gone missing' with no investigations of anything or anyone. Look at the mercenary situation (which we have also now imported here) to augment our nationalized & militarized local police forces. Corruption, crime and flagrant waste marks every single act of those in charge: And to this day congress has done nothing to challenge or to curb these massive thefts and abuses of the public's money or the resulting bloodstains on our national reputation everywhere else in the wider world. WHY? Because as long as no one pays attention; then there is obviously no need to change anything-except to continue to take everything down to the next step, because with no public scrutiny, the door to unlimited criminality remains wide open!
Every single act this Cabal has undertaken they have first test- marketed on others in the world. From the spying to the torture, from the deeply systemic criminality and cronyism to blatant abuses of the laws, both international and national: They have been doing this since Truman created the National Security Council that took over day-to-day affairs from the Congress-and to this day almost no one in this country knows anything about that completely illegal maneuver: if that is we had still been a constitutional Republic, which has not been the case since The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. (1)
During these last eight years of Junior Bush, the thread-bare velvet gloves have been tossed, and virtually everything that continues now is being done in the open. Still there is no backlash, no outcry and no outrage of any real merit. So that's just been another green light to the criminal-conspiracy to just keep on going until they are forced to stop.
That brings us to this latest scandal where the daylight looting of the treasury and the marketplace is going on, with no reaction from the public that this unparalleled theft is supposed to benefit. For months now they have been promising help to those that are losing homes and jobs by the hundreds of thousands, and collectively by the millions: Yet nothing has been given to those most in need. Now they've decided to expand their generosity to the hedge-funds: those totally unregulated monstrous-monetary-vehicles that began this Herculean fall in the first place. They will begin their entrance with a mere $200 Billion, as a first installment.
"Hedge funds will be allowed to borrow from the Federal Reserve for the first time under a landmark $200bn program intended to support consumer credit.
The Fed said on Friday it would offer low-cost three-year funding to any US company investing in securitized consumer loans under the Term Asset-backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF). This includes hedge funds, which have never been able to borrow from the US central bank before, although the Fed may not permit hedge funds to use offshore vehicles to conduct the transactions.
The asset-backed securities to be funded under the program are pools of credit card receivables, automobile loans and student loans.
The idea is to increase the supply of these loans and reduce borrowing rates by ensuring that the companies that make the loans can sell them on to investors who have guaranteed access to low- cost funding from the Fed." (2)
In the coming four weeks we shall see the entire edifice of failed businesses and institutions that were once thought to be the backbone of this nation, lining up for bailouts. This will take place at the same time that the remaining debris left over from the Constitutional Crisis that was not called; will begin to disappear into the mountains of fiat-capital and borrowed money that will bury what remains of the country by January 20, 2009.
It is no wonder that a major negative event is being planned for, by the paranoid national security agencies, because by then there will be almost nothing left of what we used to think of as a country "of the people, by the people and for the people."
None of this secret, it's all been out there just waiting for the public to react, which seems to be a lot like watching grass grow: but one way or another this will all be over once the "new" administration takes up the mantle. Where will you be then?
* Pgs 145 ­ 146 David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to stop it). David Icke Books Limited copyright 2007
1) The Federal Reserve of Act of 1913
2) Hedge Funds Gain Access to $200 Billion
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