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Full Spectrum Dominance
Jim Kirwan
The last day of 2008 is also day five in the continuing hostage situation in Gaza, where 1.5 million people are waiting for Israel's next move. Israel has been militarily in-charge of Gaza for the last forty-one years, which is a historic testament to Israel's failure to coerce or defeat the Palestinians that that have spent over four decades in Israeli gun sights. How many people do you know that have spent more than forty years in prison, and then learned to love their captors?
"Israeli troops have pulled out of the Gaza Strip more than 38 years after capturing the narrow coastal area. Tanks and armored vehicles left under cover of darkness and the last officer shut the Kissufim border at dawn. Thousands of jubilant Palestinians entered the former Jewish enclaves, and some set an abandoned synagogue ablaze in a settlement near Khan Younis." (1)
The question at issue is one of balance and of the possibilities for life to exist in Israeli-occupied Palestine. Israel has made many demands upon the people of the lands they have stolen: Demands which Israel has enforced over decades with US money and military support. Israel is demanding to "live in peace" when all they have ever done, since their fraudulent creation, is to create more wars and to steal more land, while claiming a seat at the table in the community of nations. They could not "win the peace" in thirty-eight years of occupation, or in the last three years wherein they have controlled all access into and out of Gaza. Instead of learning from this tar-baby, USrael has apparently decided on "Total War" to end the stalemate; as if only this will give some "peace" to the terrified population inside occupied Israel.
There will be no peace in Israel until the rights of all people are respected and upheld. The more coercion Israel employs among the corrupted Arab governments in the region-the wider this retaliatory revulsion will be- against all things Israeli, American, and now Egyptian. This will end: the only question is how much more damage will it take before reason comes to rule the day. Israel could stop this now in honor of the New Year, but they and we, are too heavily invested in the Cheney-Bush Doctrine of 2002 which calls for Full-Spectrum Dominance to rule the world.
Israel has always attempted to hold the high ground when it comes to any dispute with those that they seek to annex or annihilate. Look at who they are, and their entire mythology completely disappears.
"The Israeli leadership is stunningly racist about Arab people. I saw a former Israeli military commander saying during the Israel- Lebanon conflict of 2006 that it was terrible how Israeli children had to be sitting in bomb shelters in Haifa. As she spoke these words, children were being killed by Israeli bombs in Lebanon, but they didn't matter. The Israeli Prime Minister and terrorist Menachem Begin, told the Israeli parliament that 'Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs', and another Prime Minister and terrorist, Yitzhak Shamir said in a speech that the Palestinians 'would be crushed like grasshoppers. . . heads smashed against the boulders and walls'. That is what they really think. Have no illusions here, Arabs and the rest of the world's people are seen as inferior beings ­ little more than vermin. ~ Israel is a law unto itself. The Israeli authorities have no empathy with the victims of their callousness, not least because, to them, Palestinians are genetically inferior to the 'Chosen Race'."
"The Creation of Israel was from the start a Rothschild fiefdom, through the global secret-society network.' According to Evelyn Rothschild's grandson: 'In 2006, during the Israeli-Lebanon War, just seven families were enjoying 'the fruits of the war' in the Lebanon at the time. 'They created Israel as their personal toy. It makes them richer and it gives them more control. It's not going to be destroyed.' The Rothschild's funded the early European settlers in Israel, manipulated events in Germany that led to the horrific treatment of Jewish people, and others, and then used that as the excuse to reach their long-term goal ­ a Rothschild-[illuminati] stronghold in Palestine with the Jewish population treated like fodder to be used and abused as necessary. They call their plan 'Zionism', and the planning and manipulation began in 19th and early 20th centuries through the Rothschilds ~"
"Enter the Nazis. After Europe had been devastated by the Rothschild-Illuminati First World War, there came the Versailles 'Peace' Conference near Paris, in 1919. Every major government 'advisor' at Versailles, from Britain, France and the United States, was either a Rothschild bloodline or controlled by them. ~ The Rothschilds and their associates wrote the Treaty of Versailles that awarded the Rothschilds the German owned railway rights in Palestine. The Rothschilds had also loaned £100 million to the Turkish government when it collapsed, after losing the Arab revolt led by Lawrence of Arabia, the Rothschilds claimed rights to Palestine in compensation for the debt. They were now perfectly placed for the final push to create the new Is-Ra-El. The Hitler Regime was funded by ~ Rothschild agents in the United States, including the Rockefellers, Harriman's and Prescott Bush, grandfather of the idiot president. The Secret Societies directly behind the Nazis ~ brought Hitler to power and what followed were the Second World War, the concentration camps, and the Illuminati- Rothschild use of these horrors to secure their long-held goal: a foothold in the Middle-East to advance their plans far into the future."
"Bankrolling the Nazis: Those calling themselves Jewish have suffered terribly over the years from the manipulations and agenda of those who rule them .In Nazi Germany the mass of the Ashkenazi people were treated grotesquely while their leaders collaborated with their fascist persecutors, who were funded by Ashkenazi bankers and the British and American elite, including the Bush family. President Boy Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was involved with the (Rothschild-controlled) Harriman Empire in funding the Nazis through a company called the Union Banking Corporation (UBC). Virtually all Nazi trade with the United States was under the control of Harriman (Rothschild) interests and the stewardship of people like Prescott Bush. The Union Bank interfaces with the steel and banking empire of Hitler funder; Fritz Thyssen, whose factories built the Nazi war machinery. The UBC was closed down for trading with the enemy and one might ask why professional 'Nazi Hunters' like Simon Wiesenthal, and others, have never pursued the Bush family? The hypocrisy is unbelievable. ~"
The other major disaster, not being covered on the last day of this year is America's Bhopal Disaster. "In the early hours of Monday, Dec. 3, 1984, a toxic cloud of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas enveloped the hundreds of shanties and huts surrounding a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. Later, as the deadly cloud slowly drifted in the cool night air through streets in surrounding sections, sleeping residents awoke, coughing, choking, and rubbing painfully stinging eyes. By the time the gas cleared at dawn, many were dead or injured. Four months after the tragedy, the Indian government reported to its Parliament that 1,430 people had died. In 1991 the official Indian government panel charged with tabulating deaths and injuries updated the count to more than 3,800 dead and approximately 11,000 with disabilities." (2)
In this country our Tennessee Sludge disaster is different in the substances being released and ignored, but over time this might prove even more deadly than the Union Carbide disaster of 1984.
"The sludge spilled out of a coal plant retention pond burying homes and roads. It is believed to be the largest coal ash disaster in U.S. history. The amount of ash released would fill 450,000 standard dump trucks.
Local residents have criticized the Tennessee Valley Authority and Environmental Protection Agency of failing to disclose what is in the sludge. The only released test results have focused on the local water supply.
Earlier this week a TVA spokesperson said that tests show elevated levels of lead and thallium in water near the breach. The EPA reported that "very high" levels of arsenic were found in a water sample collected from the affected area and that several heavy metals have also been found in quantities "slightly above drinking water standards."
The sludge has flowed into the Emory River, a tributary of the Tennessee River, which provides drinking water to millions of people downstream in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. At a press conference on Tuesday, TVA spokesperson Neil Carriker said there is also a concern the ash could turn into dust and go airborne." (3)
This nightmare was literally enabled by the Cheney-Energy-Policy which the Vice-President has kept secret from the public for the last eight years. He and the industry have created a 'Clean Coal Policy' that is neither clean nor viable. That same policy was developed by Boy Bush and has now been embraced wholeheartedly by Obama as well. The Bhopal disaster of 1984 directly killed more than 3,800 people with 11,000 badly injured. This spill; with the possibility that the ash may soon become airborne, has an even greater potential effect on millions of people; as well as on the water supply for a huge swath of the American population, both near the plant as well as downstream.
This is just one more weapon in the war upon America, created by the same people and agents that have immersed us in the quagmire of Palestine and the so-called War on Terror. The effects of this disaster in Tennessee is just beginning and there are hundreds of other places in the country with the same potential for harm to the water supply and to the toxic levels of the air we breathe, and all of it was brought here by the Cheney-Bush Doctrine [and their energy policies] of 2002.
Happy New Year World, too bad about all those reluctant Americans that seem to have lost the ability to track what their government does to the rest of planet in the name of US national security interests: Because this is what has led us directly into "Full- Spectrum Dominance" and the beginning of the end of our way of life.
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Italicized quotes were taken from pages 153 ­ 161 of
The David Icke Guide Global Conspiracy (and how to end it) ©2007
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