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The Dream Of
Euripides Is Dying

Jim Kirwan
The symbol for Ecology was created by Euripides; it was a simple circle with a single horizontal line through the middle. In this version of that idea the world is portrayed in two extremes: in the upper portion of the painting the world seems almost idyllic; proportional; and livable with breathing room, clean water, and real possibilities without apparent limits.
In the lower half, concealed from what we think of as our opportunities; we can see what we have made of that bright vision of that fantasy world above. Pollution, oil pumps, the roots of the world amid the chaos of our failures and the trash we so abundantly produce in mega-volumes. That is what we have allowed 'the developed world' to become: A world composed of "NO" and "DON'T" and "STOP." It is a world without light or grace or freedom of any kind. It is the underbelly of unchecked capitalism as we practice it and as we worship the material- philosophy with an incessant and nearly religious 'consumerism.'
The tarnished ring and its crossbar, hold three-hundred and sixty writhing bodies; one for each degree in the circle of life, which this tired photograph barely indicates. The smaller circle that interrupts the horizontal is about the quality of life which this new 'ecology' creates for individuals... On the left is the architecture of the world in Orwell's "1984" in poverty, with a permanent television screen overseeing every vital facet of everyday breathing. On the right is the world of Norman Rockwell and the Christian ideal of home and hearth and love that almost never was.
There was such promise for the human race, had we but left the roads of simple commerce and chosen to make our own paths while deciding for ourselves, about what kind of world we could inhabit. But most did not do that-instead we followed the pre-planned roads and highways designed for us by the most corrupt; the greediest among us that have lead us-into what is now becoming almost a living hell on earth.
Long after Vietnam the public became outraged when it finally discovered what Agent Orange really was, beyond the simple herbicide that it was billed as: That took twenty years to become a reality for most Americans; but when you realize how much damage is done by Depleted Uranium bullets and shells and bombs as well as phosphorous and DIME weaponry along with "tactical battlefield nukes" that are being used by the US and Israel in all their various wars-it's clear that Agent Orange was almost harmless by comparison.
460,000 have come back from Afghanistan and Iraq with some form of damage, much of it due in some measure to either our policies or the vaccines, not to mention the policies of the Pentagon that still fail to treat or care for most of those that have come home broken in some way. This too thoroughly destroys the ecology of life on this planet, as surely as pollution can kill, and the toxins can destroy the body from within while the black-ops policies and programs destroy concentration and thought along with sanity in many cases. Ecology is not something that can be compartmentalized and treated as one might try and treat a headache. Ecology is balance pure and simple: between the planet we depend on for our lives, and the way we use or abuse that world, all of this becomes part of the 'ecology' that will determine both the quality and the length of life for most of us that are still alive today.
In addition to everything else, we now have Chemtrails and all those horrors which that continuing-crime bestows upon the global population. Under the weight of all these new barbaric poisons, human immune systems around the globe are beginning to break down.
"This winter of discontent, the New England states have been hit with one after another particularly strange snowstorms. The previous 2007-08 winter was also similar. The snow smells full of chemicals, as it comes down uniformly and looks like manufactured snow that is used on ski slopes (i.e., fluffy, packed powder). Sometimes, the falling snow stops abruptly, and does not trail off, as it used to do. It is definitely not the same snow that, for millions of years, used to be provided by Mother Nature, in all her magnificence.
Snow is now provided by the US military, the Pentagon, and commercial planes especially equipped to dump on us highly toxic aerosols, from various altitudes. No doubt, these chemical mixtures are created in some secret US bio-weapons laboratory. With enormous egotistical hubris, the Air Force is already on record as saying that they "want to own the weather by 2025." (1) No longer a Star Trek or Star Wars movie fantasy, some of this is already a reality with the now more than 60 Clandestine Weather Modification programs that assault us daily. Despite this, there is a weather news blackout about Chemtrails. The exception is meteorologist Kevin Martin who reports Chemtrails on his website." (1)
There is also this devastating eight minute video that outlines the crimes of the last eight years, in which there are a number of major references to the ecological damage that has played such a huge part in the entire criminal-enterprise, which the corporation that is the United States, has now become. It is writ large in these last eight years, as described so well by Keith Olbermann. (2)
To look at the nineteen-sixties is to remind ourselves of the central role of ecology in life itself: It just seems like such a short time to go from dreaming about a world of balance and ecological sustainability; to the dung-heap and toxic waste-bin that this planet has become today, in every area that counts!
Empires have been with us almost from our earliest beginnings, and yet it seems that empires, and the mindless thugs they breed, have never had much use for sustainability in any form. Apparently this is what will finally reduce the species back to near extinction; and perhaps the greatest crime of all was that none of this was ever really 'necessary.'
1) Ten Years into the Chemtrail-Wars
2) Eight Years in Eight minutes, Keith Olbermann - video
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