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'Drone' Photo Analysis
Lays Issue To Rest

By Ted Twietmeyer
It's good attempt...but not quite perfect. We will use vector analysis of sunlight direction to analyze this image.
The top image was posted on the original website at
http://screenrant.com/sarah-connor-chronicles-california-drones- mystery-brusimm-4647/
(See text below image for description of problems.)
Description of vector analysis:
1. Looking at image enlargement which shows the illuminated, circled area A, we clearly see sunlight originating from the right side of the image as indicated by vector D.
2. The telephone pole crossbar is casting a shadow (E) on the pole itself. Since this circumvents one-half of the pole, this shadow requires the sun to originate overhead from approximately the high noon direction, as shown by vector C.
3. Bottom enlargement also shows sunlight vector C could create the shadow on the back side of both white insulators which we see here.
4. In the bottom-most enlargement, we see where the "wing" of the craft passing behind the insulator. At the right edge of the insulator, we see that the angled insulator displays a vertical area (circled and notated as B.) Image resolution appears to show that this should not be present, when looking at other areas of this same enlargement. This may be an artifact of combining two seperate images. No computer graphics software is perfect.
5. Returning to small insert showing circled area E, we see that the shadow on this side of the pole is on the same side as sunlight is for area A in nearby enlargement. This is also a contradiction.
6. In all depictions of this flying object, the "wings" or stabilizers are shown parallel to the ground. This requires a shadow of the wing or stabilizer be seen on the side of the vehicle's body when sunlight originates from overhead. But enlargement A clearly shows this is not the case.
Perhaps the function of the telephone pole and power lines were used to provide the viewer with an idea of scale. Something like this is required by the graphic artist. Otherwise, against an featureless blue sky one could not determine the size of the object.
This image was posted by Issac on his website, who is also the originator of the ISCARET material. These contradictions and more cast a shadow over his entire story. Others have shown that all the video of this object was performed as CGI, and this analysis provides further confirmation.
Ted Twietmeyer
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