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Delusion & Denial
Jim Kirwan
The Age of Delusion & Denial has entered the War on all fronts, and it must be dealt with if we are to find our way out of this labyrinth of hell-bent collapse.
We built our civilizations on unspoken thoughts of promise and on the hope for a better tomorrow. To that end we tried to learn from the past to avoid major mistakes. But once we began to worship only Money upon the Alters of Greed, we also began to cease creative thought or the building of our own worlds: Instead we seemed to uniformly embrace Destruction, War, and superficial Power, in an almost Holy write of passage, into secret worlds of darkness and intrigue.
This complete reversal disregarded anything of value, of substance, or humanity-in this nightmare race to turn the whole world upside down.
The so-called nation is no longer qualified to claim that we are anything but a very large collection of competing appetites in search of transient solutions that won't really cost us very much. We are so far past this wishful thinking, this ultimate delusion of these disunited states that now we're just another dying Empire, whose awesome light has been reduced to nothing but a pitiful flame that we have just snuffed out.
What people the world over once built with pride have become just targets to be blown apart by the winds of war, just as Gaza was obliterated by Zionist firepower financed by Bush & Obama's policies in the war-torn Middle-East. (1)
?When Roosevelt created his solution to the Depression he created jobs 'for' people: he put government money into the hands of people at the grass-roots level. Not tax-breaks, not contract programs that will benefit the investor class alone: but he gave the money to the people at the bottom-not the top!
That's what needed to happen at the beginning of this latest catastrophe. Yet that idea has yet to even be discussed: It's still trickle down economics and it won't work any better now than it ever did; since Robber-Baron-Reagan introduced it.
If Obama was serious he would do something about the looming bankruptcy's in 46 of the 50 states. (2) While the FED just dispersed $11.5 Trillion to the bankers and the money-changers at the top, nothing was even considered for the states that are in deep trouble, because of those fiat rules created by the federal congress, while their own state budgets are falling apart. This is also true of the lives of millions upon millions of ordinary people who have been living in this Depression for the last two years-yet Obamanation Inc. will do nothing for them either, even while job losses are moving from a constant stream into a crushing waterfall that is sweeping everything away, as it crashes on the rocks of reality just below us.
A huge part of this delusion and denial is taking place in the Middle East with the hundreds of billions that we continue to pour into Israel's passion to surpass the Third Reich's Monument to War; Look at what Israel has added by way of torture, dislocation, amputations and murder, to the crimes of the Nazi's. Meanwhile Obama's ambassadors won't even talk about what Zionist Israel is doing.
The darkness that these decades of war have introduced into the world is without equal in modern times. The truth behind these crimes must be illuminated so that they become as bright and clear as the full moon in a midnight sky.
"January 31, 2009 "Information Clearinghouse" --- Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany bombed, invaded and annexed countries and territories as a prelude to their quest for World Empire. Israel's drive for regional dominance has followed in their footsteps, imitating their style: Indiscriminate aerial bombings of civilian and military facilities, a savage blitzkrieg led by armored vehicles, disdain and repudiation of all criticism from international agencies was accompanied by an open, military buildup for a new and bigger war against Iran. Like the Nazi leadership, who played on the 'Bolshevik threat', the Israeli high command has set in motion a vast world-wide propaganda campaign led by its world Zionist network, raising the specter of 'Islamic terror' to justify its preparations for a military assault on seventy-four million Iranians. Just as Nazi Germany interpreted the passivity, sympathy and impotence of the West when confronted by 'facts on the ground' as license for aggression, the Israeli military machine receives a powerful impetus for new wars by the Western governments' inaction and flaccid response to its invasion of Lebanon, the bombing of Syria and now its Nazi style blitz and conquest of Gaza. For the Israeli high command, the impotence and complicity of the Western states, marks the way to bigger and bloodier wars to establish Israel's supremacy and dominance of the Middle East, from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf." (3)
?Part of the reason so many are so deluded, is because too many have not lived real lives. Work, of the kind that involves sweat and dirt has never been a part of their existence; just as for most "life- experience" on a resume amounts to only things they studied, as opposed to what they might actually have done.
Consequently many wrap themselves in denial, believing that they can find solace in solitude, when it comes to how to deal with the war and the slaughter and the financial ruin that is raining down all round their isolation bubbles.
But there is another side to this 'denial' and that is the intense Disquiet that goes hand-in-glove with personal separation. This feeble attempt to isolate an individual from these hideous events cannot possibly succeed. The disquiet comes from the inexorable ticking of that interior-clock that cannot be stopped, because for uncounted centuries time has always ruled both lives and fortunes; this cannot be ignored. In this situation the longer people try to hide, the worse everything becomes; and becoming a metaphorical hermit will not save anyone that tries to go there, because the world is far too small to ever escape what we are doing to it now.
In real life one must live each moment as if that moment were the last. Americans have been too pragmatic, too opportunistic by half (when they're not just being lazy). So when a critical situation presents itself, most Americans try very hard to delay their answer or deflect the need to even notice what might be going on. When these crucial moments come, too many shrink away, to scheme and plan when they should have already acted.
Morality is not some abstract set of rules-on-paper. And politics is a contact affair that is as integral to life as breathing. Real life is bloody and final; while the books and the dust of academia are anything but. Too many wage-slaves and scholars only play at life they do not even try to live it. Life is for the living; for those that are willing to risk it all, when their freedom or their lives are on-the-line.
In WAR all human traits and talents are driven to their limits. 'War' is consequently treated as some temporary bout of insanity, while the paper-made 'real life' is held up as 'the standard' to which all must conform, despite its total obsolescence. The truth of course, lies somewhere in-between, but if we are to survive this global-threat to our existence, then we must be those people that already know ourselves-so that when we must act-we can: Because if that moment comes and we do not act, then there will never be a second chance to stay alive!
1) How to Kill a Palestinian
2) 46 Of 50 States Could File Bankruptcy In 2009-2010
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3) From Gaza to Tehran Israel asserting Middle-East Supremacy

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