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Boy Meets Jews In
Rothschild-Occupied Palestine

From Dick Eastman
Arthur Topham
comment on "Another Crucifixion"
What the world is witnessing today is the Beast that lies behind the Mask of Zionism. It's not a pretty sight.
Israel, over the course of the last 61 years, and in the past 15 days, has exposed itself as a dark and evil entity, one that easily fits the description which the defamed David Icke ascribes to the "reptilian" energy; one that cold-bloodedly and mercilessly slays any and all in its quest for the negative energy wrought through violence, terror and fear.
Israel will not recover its former deceptive status in the world as a supposed "democratic" nation. It's done. It's over. Finished. Finis. Kaput! It's a foregone conclusion now that the world has seen its blood-dripping fangs and its naked hubris. All that remains is its Nemesis and that will surely follow as the sunrise follows the darkness of night.
Layla Anwar is, as always, right on. We're witnessing daily the crucifixion of the Christ with each and every child murdered by the Israeli "Defense" Force and its US supplied armaments.
This genocide before the eyes of the world is living proof that political Zionism is diabolical in essence and needs to be stopped dead in its tracks. The imminent threat of reactionary pogroms is already present and signs are appearing in various European countries. This must not be allowed to occur but the only way it can be forestalled is by Israel itself ceasing its genocide of the Palestinian people.
As Layla says over 90% of the Israeli population has signaled its approval of this slaughter of innocents. Can such figures be? Can so many people NOT see the reality of what they are doing? Apparently not.
I am a Christian and my God is a God of Love. Love doesn't permit the slaughter of children or innocents in any way or fashion. It begs the question as to what "god" the Israeli people worship. What "god" demands the sacrifice of innocent children's blood? Is this the G_d of the Judahites? Or is it a false god created by the Zionist forces of Satan/evil in order to justify the brutal killing of defenseless children in an endless war to murder the rightful inhabitants of Palestine and steal their land and their right to even exist?
No God allows such cruelties to occur. Mankind was give Free Will and by our actions we shall be and will be judged as either Godly or Evil. The actions of the Israel people have proven to world that they are not of God but of the synagogue of Satan, the identical mindset that crucified the original Son. They've chosen themselves to be their own Messiah and now they stand before the world, exposed and guilty of having worshipped a false Messiah ­ Zionism.
The world is now the Witness to the massive Deceit of the self- chosen Zionist Israeli people. What are we going to do about it?
Shine your Light for Love & Peace & Justice for All,
Arthur Topham
One evening last week a religious discussion in the home of professing Christian who, when the discussion got around to God's viewpoint in the current world situation, told me that the "what is happening in Palestine is part of God's plan for leading Moslem's to Christ," and that because of the War on Terror people of Moslems are the largest single source of new conversions to Christianity and "that the Muslems" have to be converted to Christianity before the Jews will be." I gave as polite an answer as I could since I was a guest in this man's house -- but I can tell you a great black gulf opened up between that man and myself. My feeling was not of anger or disgust, but of deep deep despair.
The man mentioned that he is a regular viewer of Fox News.
I am convinced that Christian Zionism is of Satan. Come out of false religion, my people and be not contaminated by this unclean thing. The Moslem is your brother. The Zionist is your would-be slave master and executioner. I want them out of our government and I want their monopoly of our information media outlawed. Too many who profess Christ have been yoked to the greatest evil of the world long enough. Real Christian's must break with evil and renounce those of what Jesus himself called the Synogogue of Satan.
Another Crucifixion...
By Layla Anwar
I did say I will not write for the coming weeks, but I have less than 24 hours left... so let me squeeze in a few lines, a few lines for the record, so you can always remember and never forget...As for us, we will never, ever forget...ever.
Why do the Zionists of this world, whether they are Americans, Israelis and others...love crucifying children ?
Do you remember one of my earliest post, "The Crucified boy and his resurrection" ? Since I wrote that first post, 2 years ago, many have been crucified...in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine...
Every birth is followed by a crucifixion...the same methods, the same tactics, the same Judas...
Too many stories to write...too many tragedies to recount. Over 300 Palestinian children murdered, deliberately murdered because this is the Jewish policy, to murder children. Children will grow up to throw stones and shoes and resist the bullets of their oppressors/ occupiers.
Would you not ? Of course you would.
You kill for 1 gram of narcotics, for 5 dollars, for a stranger trespassing your front lawn...pathetic hypocritical losers that you are.
This Sunday, when you go to your churches, looking for Jesus and imploring him, asking for your atonement and forgiveness of sins, for your redemption, remember he is in Gaza being crucified, again and again...
You will find him in the shouts and wailing of the women, in the blue corpses of the children, in the demolished homes, in the destroyed schools, lying in a morgue awaiting burial...you will find him under dirty blankets in a non functional hospital gasping for his last breath...you will find him starving amidst blackened cadavers...or blindfolded and handcuffed and pushed down 2 floors by Israeli soldiers, and left in the street with a broken back...you will find him tortured the same way he was tortured in Abu Ghraib...
And if you still can't find him there, look for him in the 13 mosques that have been bombed in Gaza, and you will find him prostrating on the ruins...imploring God, asking Him why he has been so forsaken...so abandoned.
But you do hear the "chosen ones", chosen for their criminality, barbarity and savagery, lamenting how they are "teghoghized" (terrorized) by the Aghabs (Arabs). In fact, according to Israeli opinion polls, over 91 percent of the Jews in Israel, support the Gaza carnage.
Seems like your awaited messiah can only be born from fire, ashes, blood and decomposing corpses...while the real Jesus is being crucified again in Gaza.
But you did not hear him in Iraq, why would you hear him in Gaza ?
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