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Benjamin Fulford's
'Creature' (?)

From  Brad Steiger
Absolutely Bizarre 'Creature' In Benjamin Fulford's Spine
On Friday, January 23rd, Benjamin Fulford shocked the audience of the Jeff Rense Program by emailing the claim, accompanied by a photograph, that surgeons had removed a bizarre life form, very much resembling a salamander, from his spine. Those who could view the strange creature were shocked and horrified. Immediately, everyone who saw the "thing" wondered what it was--and if it were real.
Whether the creature was real or whether it was an ill-advised hoax, I wanted to find out if it was possible to place or to inject such a life form into an unsuspecting victim. One of the experts that I queried was a top-research scientist and inventor, who quickly responded that not only was it possible to inject the embryo of a parasite into a targeted victim without his or her knowledge, but that in the world of deep black operations, Russian scientists had already perfected such grotesque methodology.
I asked the scientist to come on the Rense Program and discuss the science of bioenergetics being developed for Black Ops projects, but he informed me that he had been placed under "very strict warnings" not to make any appearances on any radio or television program. What he did do was to write a very informative email on the incredible world of bioenergetics and psychoenergetics which I reproduce below with his special permission. At the present time, he prefers to remain anonymous.
Yes, Brad, the "embryo" for such a "new living parasite critter" could indeed be developed and inserted into a targeted victim, including at a great distance, but only by the highly "clandestine" world of the off-budget deep black operations -- particularly those in Russia, which are still far ahead of anything in the West.
The Russian science of "energetics" -- developed shortly after WW II by a tremendously massive Soviet effort of some of the best nonlinear scientists on earth -- did solve some of the perplexities of our modern physics, of psychology and biology, etc. And under Stalin's iron boot, the new and spectacular Russian scientific developments were immediately placed into extended weapons development.
To this day, our own more-materialistic scientists still do not really comprehend Soviet energetics. (And they also still do not even know what a mind actually is, what a "dead" (separated) mind is, or what a "mind and body linked living system" really is).
Soviet energetics had three branches: (1) the science of inert matter, called by the same name "energetics". (2) the science of living biological systems, where a mind is linked to a living body. This branch is called "bioenergetics". (3) the science of the mind and mental phenomena, which is called "psychoenergetics".
Western science, being so materialistic, has not yet comprehended the most important thing about "mind": that is, that the mind and mental things exist in time, but not in 3-space.
If one turns to modern quantum field theory, then there are now FOUR photons available, not the two transverse photons so well known to classical electrodynamicists etc. In the following discussion, the travel direction of the photon in 3-space is assumed along the Z axis. The "regions of vibration" of the photon -- i.e., the type and direction of its oscillation -- may occur in four ways. These are (1, 2) the two "orthogonal" oscillation polarizations, one along the X-axis and the other along the Y-axis. Then there is (3) the longitudinal (i.e., longitudinally-polarized) photon, which oscillates along the Z-direction of travel itself. And finally there is (4) the time-polarized or "scalar" photon, which oscillates along the time axis. These four photons are all in standard quantum field theory, even in the West.
Now note that only the two transverse-polarized photons (1) and (2) are observable by our instruments. The longitudinal (3) photon is nonobservable, as is the time-polarized (4) photon.
Here's the first "magic":
A combination of a longitudinal photon (3) and a time-polarized photon (4) is OBSERVABLE AS A SPIKE OF VOLTAGE -- more precisely, a spike of electrostatic scalar potential.
Now suppose you have a hidden (nonobservable) electromagnetic "system" you have built in the time-domain, so that it is built only of time-polarized photons. The system is not observable, nor is any part of it observable.
But then suppose you also build a corresponding set of operations (a "system") in 3-space matter so that this new EM system consists only of longitudinal photons. And suppose you have made this "longitudinal" photon system's operations so that they exactly parallel the time-domain system's operations. In short, you now can superpose your longitudinally-polarized EM wave system and the time-polarized EM wave system. And your instruments will now observe the combination -- i.e., the actual ongoing linkage system's operation -- as a very strange but highly organized system of voltage spikes!
The West has totally missed the fundamental characteristic of mind: Mind occupies time but not 3-space. Hence, mind is a totally "electromagnetic" system, but it is comprised of only non-observable time-polarized photon operations!
Well, how could you possibly couple that mind to a biological (3-space) material body?
You would have to have a parallel longitudinally-polarized set of electromagnetic operations ongoing in that 3-space body.
And the direct coupling of those two "operational systems" would be the mechanism of the coupling of the mind to the body -- and it would and could be directly observed by our instruments as a correlated system of voltage spikes!
And that is why the dendrite cells of the body all have so many endings and "continual and incredible voltage spikings"! In looking at the entire set of spiking, you are looking at the "coupling mechanism" (that couples the mind to the body) in action! That set of spikings is what links or couples (coherently) the living temporal mind to the living biological body!
Now if you place great scientific effort on that area and in that fashion, for some decades, you will eventually be able to (1) directly produce an operating living mind in the laboratory, including a human mind and any version of it, and (2) link it to a properly designed biological body (to a proper set of longitudinal operations therein), and this will give you a living biological system created directly in the laboratory.
In about 1990, the Russian hidden psychoenergetics science had progressed to the point that living minds were being designed and produced in the laboratory, including various "versions" (personalities) of a given mind.
If one knows where to look, there is and has been quite a bit of external "testing" by the Soviets to stimulate the West and see if we recognize what is being done (in short, to see whether the West also has developed such science). Sadly, the provocative tests have clearly shown the Soviets that we do not have such capabilities or such scientific development. Indeed, we still do not even recognize that "testing" is even going on!
One of the New Energy scientists--Tom Bearden--stumbled onto a portion of this Soviet energetic work. In his 2005 book, Oblivion: America at the Brink, Bearden gave an abbreviated presentation of the development of the energetics weaponry and some of the actual "evocative testing" examples. There are many more weapons and examples that he did not run across.
Presently, the Russians can clandestinely duplicate the mind of a targeted individual, in the duplicate mind they can "alter" portions to produce "different behavior" if that alternate mind is inserted into the targeted individual in the West, and then they can do several things. (1) they can just leave it in that individual as an extra "multiple personality," so they have the 'perfect spy" that hears everything the person's ears hear, sees everything his eyes see, and also receives all the thoughts that his true mind thinks. And they can put that on the TV screen in Moscow if they wish. With the portion for which he actually encountered evidence, Bearden gave examples of the military use of such capabilities in Oblivion.
Sadly, the West still thinks that the human "mind" is just some electron wiggles in the brain, and that we are like a giant "nonliving" computer.
There is also a way to directly engineer any physical observable system one wishes, in any part of it, living or nonliving. One can directly engineer and change inert matter or living matter, etc. I have learned that Bearden plans a future book (hopefully this year) dealing with this scientific methodology, which he calls "precursor engineering", but which the Soviets still have embedded in its term "energetics" with its associate science (and weapons).
Once you understand something about this 3-fold secret weapons science of energetics that the Soviets have highly developed, then you can understand how -- with such developed technology -- one could directly build both the physical body system (its correlated longitudinal EM photon system) and the "mind system" of such a "living critter" one creates in the laboratory, and how one could then use such capability (such weird and artificially-created critters) by sudden surprise on an unsuspecting enemy to overwhelm and crush him almost instantly.
As you can see, we are referring to a gigantic leap forward in what the West calls "biological weapons" and in "biological warfare".
Well, one should be looking for "very strange incidents" suggesting the development of such "critters" and parasites. And here is at least one "candidate" occurrence.
This present "incredible tumor" discovery [ in Benjamin Fulford's spin] may be the discovery of one "provocative test" of these capabilities, just to see what our western science and biological warfare experts make of it.
And if it is a "provocative test" to see what we know, of if we know anything of it at all, we have certainly once again assured them we have not the foggiest notion of the true reach of Soviet energetics science.
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