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The Zionist NWO Versus
A Sino-Russian NWO

By Karl Schwarz
At least for now, there is a tenuous 'cease fire' in Georgia as Medvedev called off the dogs. Reports on four different EU and Russian networks indicate sporadic shooting by Georgia (probably US, Israeli advisor-mercenaries) and the Russians are returning fire when fired upon.
After the Georgians stopped fleeing from their idiot escapade, there was a big speech by Saakashvili attended by about 50,000 of his backers. If one did not know better, one would think Georgia had just beaten the USSR:
"We are bidding final farewell to the Soviet Union. The USSR will never come back here. We urge Ukraine and other members of the CIS to leave the organization which Russia administers," ITAR-TASS quoted the Georgian president as saying.
Great, the US-Israel puppet is a screw-loose nutcase and seems not to know the 'USSR' has not existed since 1991. Well, he was educated in the US which could explain his total lack of knowledge of recent history and geography, or who his next door neighbors are.
Both Abkhasia and South Ossetia voted to stay with Russia long ago and those decisions were recognized by Georgia. Now Georgia (US andIsrael) want those areas back as a pipeline ROW for Big Oil and US 'geostrategic imperatives'. It will not happen, yet another failed Bush -Brzezinski idea.
If they keep pushing their bad hand, Russia can easily make sure there is no US pipeline across Georgia.
Has anyone noticed the 'odd silence' in London regarding this latest Bush Dirty Diaper? The British Zionist Empire builders have figured out that it was best to not join the US and Israel in this latest Bush Diaper Dance.
The Russian blowback has been ferocious, far more than expected evidently by the delusional folks in the US, Tel Aviv and Georgia.
The US and EU have been warned many times, no NATO on Russian borders, period. There was a live press conference from Moscow on BBC [4am to 4:33am New York time Tuesday]. It included the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and OCSE head Alexander Stubb. That acronym stands for The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and Russiais a member. In fact, Russia is the most powerful member of that organization.
Finland's new Foreign Minister and OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Alexander Stubb, speaks at a press conference following his appointment, Helsinki, 4 April 2008. (Finnish MFA/Raino Heinonen)
Lavrov is making it clear that 'Saakashvili must stand down'.
Russia 'no longer has any trust in the Georgian leadership'.
This attempted knife-in-the-back by Georgia, US and Israel is not going to be tolerated by Russia, period.
Russia is making it abundantly clear that the US and NATO had both been warned to not push this NATO membership and arming of Georgia. What was the US response? Israel just kept pouring in weapons and preparing the Georgian military (and mercs and advisors) for this war, along with the US. You can bet that is why the KGB (FSB) was in Georgia to see what these greedy Zionist zhids and the US were up to.
Russia is also making it damned clear that "if the EU wishes to discuss this matter they need to discuss it with RUSSIA, not Georgia."
Of course, Nicholas Sarkozy had to rush in to see if he could broker a deal. His Zionist masters probably demanded it since their Zionist-version of the New World Order just got its assed kicked off in South Ossetia and Abkhasia. They had to act fast before Russia decided to annex Georgia and maybe even head south and annex Azerbaijan, too. Of course, little Sarko went to Georgia to broker his deal rather than Moscow. The OCSE had the deal already done by the time Sarkozy arrived in Moscow.
We shall see if Sarkozy understood what Moscow said.
OCSE Chief Stubb went to Georgia first, then to Moscow, to finalize the Russian version of this cease fire.
The Zionist banksters have fashioned themselves as the overlords of the Caucasus region for a long time. Back in the early 1900s, Azerbaijan was a major oil producing area. That was in part why the Rothschilds and Rockefellers slaughtered about 1.2 to 1.5 Armenians to get them out of the way so they could get that oil out of landlocked Azerbaijan and over to the Black Sea.
That is one of the primary reasons that Christian Armenia is still aligned with Russia and not this Zionist West version of the New World Order. The border guards on the Armenian-Turkish border are Russians, not Armenians. They still do not trust the Turks, or the US, or the Zionist version of the New World Order.
I suspect those Brit 'empire builders' are clearly seeing that it is proverbial 'edge of the abyss' time, so they are letting the delusional in DC and Zionist Israel fade the heat on this latest blunder. I can just hear the Queen on the tele with Brown: "Gordie, I have had it with poopy Bush Diapers."
This was in my last article (that exposed the Chechnya fiasco and US pipeline dreams) due to an August 12 interview between Steven Sackur of BBC 'Hardtalk' and David Bakradze, chairman of the Georgian Parliament.
<start insert>
"On Tuesday August 12, David Sackur of BBC Hardtalk was interviewing David Bakradze, chairman of the Georgian Parliament.
None of the Georgian leaders will say WHY they invaded South Ossetia. As Hardtalk ended Bakradze was asked if this confrontation with Russia would validate their bid to become a NATO member.
Bakradze made the clear statement "What is going on now in Georgia is a test case. This is about the Russian view of the New World Order versus the West view of the New World Order. If Russia wins it will validate the Russian view of the New World Order."
NOW, FINALLY, we know why the US, Israel and Georgia attacked South Ossetia. Well, it should be clear to all Americans that the Bush View of the New World Order has been flatly rejected. Bush has accomplished nothing during his 8 years in office but mayhem and lies."
<end insert>
The Cold War is over. It ended in 1991 when the USSR disbanded and the individual European nations and CIS nations that were behind the Iron Curtain were suddenly freed.
But the question remains in the minds of many of those peoples as to what they were freed from...and what sort of evil have they now been subjected to.
I know many people in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Frankly, many of them clearly see that they were freed from the bondage of communism and slapped right into the chains of bondage of Zionist 'capitalism.'
Under communist Russia, they never had to worry about losing a job and having their home foreclosed. Now foreclosures in the EU are catching up with those in America. Seems to be a glitch in that picture...wherein the basic necessity of housing matters under 'evil communism'...but not under Zionist fascist capitalism.
Think on that one.
It was a rude wake-up call for many of them, and that same wake-up call is headed across America like a tsunami. The only difference in America was a shift from freedom and liberty...to the bondage of Zionist fascism.
That event in 1991 ended the real battle between Communism and Capitalism - but what has taken its place is even more sinister and evil. What has developed is two diametrically opposed world views as to what this "New World Order" will be and how the world will live under it.
Actually, it is Russia which has arisen to be the preferred model of the way the New World Order should work. I will explain that, so read on.
I never believed in my 57 years I would see the day Russia was firmly standing on the moral high ground while America has sunk to the bottom of the barrel in the sleaze department. But, shit happens, and to a large extent the reason this situation now exists is due to the American public which has allowed our government to be taken over by world Zionism and then turned into a ruthless, fascist, greed-driven, evil, genocidal, international arms bazaar of a machine. However, the Zionist New World Order path America has been hijacked to is destined to fail.
Russia has a long way to go in recovering from the Clinton-Yeltsin years of the Rape of Russia mostly by Zionist Jew oligarchs.
However, unlike America, the Russians are cracking down on corruption while in the US it has been growing faster than crabgrass in an untended summer garden.
Just look around you, America. See anything that is working properly? Does it make your blood boil when Americans are being thrown out of their homes and the Zionist banksters are getting bailed out with YOUR money for defrauding America and much of the world? UBS in Zurich just announced another $5 billion in write downs due to US housing fraud in subprime mortgages, and many other banks are still recording record hits in this multi-TRILLION dollar catastrophe.
Has the luster of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" taken on a strange color and putrid odor? Has 'the American Dream' suddenly taken on the look of an unmitigated American Nightmare that just will not stop?
The Zionist West version of the New World Order envisions that within each nation an Elite Few traitors and robber barons will side with the Zionist aims of DC, London and Tel Aviv. These targeted nations are nothing more than additional siphon points to line just the right pockets. In their terminology, Free Trade means freedom to rape a nation in any terms these Zionist thugs wish to employ.
The Zionist version of the New World Order does not play well with others - especially because is does not share with others. That is why Iraq said no. That is why Iran has said no and will continue to say no.
That is why the entire Caspian Basin area has started to say no and side back with Russia. I guess it took them a while to figure out that the strange odor they were smelling were not Americans, it was the Zionist American machine which is trying to cram Tel Aviv down their throats. They were smelling those strange odors of Kosher and rank mendacity.
Think I jest?
This is in my book too:
<start insert>
To further compound, or complicate matters, and inflame the Islamic world, Mayer Brown has represented a deal in Uzbekistan that is very reminiscent of the Iraqi anger that has arisen over U.S. attempts to take over oil and gas that the Iraqis view as their national resource, not U.S. "national asset" resources.
"Shurtan II.[1] Represented the lead arrangers ABN AMRO, on the US $195,000,000 financing in connection with the construction of the Shurtan II gas project in the southern Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan. US Exim Bank, Israeli Foreign Trade Risk Insurance Group (IFTRIC), ABN AMRO and Bank Hapoalim of Israel recently signed the multisourced loan agreements with Uzbekneftegaz, the Uzbek national oil and gas corporation. The firm advised on all aspects of the financing, including inter-creditor issues. The deal was structured with two seven-year export credit agreements for goods and services from both the US and Israel together with a five- year tied commercial loan for the uncovered portion of the financing (for which ABN AMRO was co-arranger with Bank Hapoalim)."
If anyone has been paying attention, the recent upsurge of violence in Uzbekistan may be more related to "anger" than terrorism.
What we are witnessing in Iraq is definitely in part tied to Iraqi anger at the U.S. and coalition partners attempting to take their oil from them.
<end insert>
That is the same Mayer Brown who shared an office with Enron in Uzbekistan while its senior partner, Richard Ben Veniste, was sitting on the fraud 9-11 Commission pretending to be looking for the truth while his law firm was pushing deals and Zionist Jews on Islamic nations.
The Zionist run US promise of freedom and democracy is a cruel hoax. Just the same old shopworn carrot just before they bash the nation in the head with the club. It is total subjugation under Zionist economic fascism, so that these lying, greedy thugs can open up a market and rape the people to the maximum extent possible.
The easiest way in the world to be designated a 'terrorist' is to refuse to roll over for the true Axis of Evil...Zionist US, Zionist UK and Zionist Israel. That'll get you on the list as fast as blowing up a building.
Can you imagine BushCo trying to tell Russia who they can talk to, who they can do business with, and even how the US expects them to do business with other nations? Junior did, and that is how desperate BushCo and this Zionist West version of the New World Order is now. They are failing on all fronts.
Now Bush is scheming of ways to punish Russia, like have them expelled from G8. I think the other members will tell George W Bush to GO TO HELL!
Iraq is a perfect example of such deceit and evil aims. The resources of Iraq could not be allowed to be used by Saddam for the benefit of the Iraqi people because the greedy zhids and their crony liars in DC, London and Tel Aviv had planned all along to steal that oil.
Iran is now in their gun sights because Iran is doing what Saddam did. The Iranian leaders in Tehran are 'evil' because they are keeping and hoarding their vast oil and gas resources for the benefit of the Iranian people, and not allowing the greedy Zionist whores in DC, London and Tel Aviv to line their pockets even more.
The Zionist West view of the New World Order says it is 'OK' to lie, create wars with falsified intelligence so that this evil triumvirate can go in and plunder and rape nations into total submission and subjugation.
Russia has taken the viewpoint that war for such aims will not be tolerated. Oddly enough, it seems China has taken much of that viewpoint into its short and long-term planning.
Most I know in the EU fear the US and Tel Aviv more than they fear Russia. Think on that.
Other nations are watching closely and the differences are stark.
China recently cut a deal with the Congo, after the West had been plundering that nation for most of the past 200 years under the European and American colonialism mindset. The China-Congo deal was for $9 billion, and in exchange for mineral resources to drive the China economy, China is building 1,000 miles of new roads, 1,100 miles of new rails to the port, many schools, medical clinics and several major hospitals, and at least two universities. In one fell swoop, China did more for the Congo than the West did in 200 years of White Cracker Supremacy and plundering.
Russia is showing the way. US belligerence in the Caspian Basin and Islamic world is now backfiring on BushCo and the Clinton regime and will continue to backfire on whoever gets into the Oval Office in November. The strategic plan is a total loss now. The strategic vision is an aberration of lies and greed, and the rest of the world is moving on without America.
In Ireland, they did not ratify the EU Lisbon Treaty and the Zionist New World Order went berserk.. Gazprom and Russia then walked right in and cut a major deal with Ireland. Bravo for the Irish...the only country to tell the London Zionists and their EU to go to hell.
In Venezuela, many years of US belligerence towards that nation have also now backfired in the face of these Zionist liars and schemers. In walks Russia, with LUKOil, TNK and Gazprom, and, bing, yet another huge block of oil and gas is not going to be under control of the Zionist West. Russia and Venezuela are even discussing forming a new bank that would push out the Zionist World Bank and the Zionist IMF and put control back into the hands of the local people, not the Zionist Axis of Evil.
In the Caspian Basin, after three decades of lies and deceit and killing, and US black ops, Russia has just signed contracts with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan that will drive almost all of the natural gas to Russia. Three decades of Zionist lying and scheming up in smoke on the stroke of a pen on a contract.
We have now had 30 years of belligerence, failed policies and war planning against Iran. In walks China, to cut a $400 billion oil and gas deal with Iran....and Russia just inked a major deal with Iran to flow huge volumes of oil and gas north into Russia which would then become available to the EU and other parts of the world. Much of the EU is supplied by Iranian oil and gas. When the Zionist thugs of DC and London demanded that the EU freeze Iranian accounts, $75 billion was removed from EU banks by Iran and they then signed a deal with Russia (and Bridas Corporation) to route that oil and gas through Russia and then to the EU.
This recent deceit by the Zionist West towards Russia in Georgia is an example of how desperate these Zionist liars and schemers are.
Virtually their entire greedy plan of domination is exploding in their faces, so they had Georgia attack Russia and then restarted all their old Cold War rhetoric. Their idiot Zionist Georgian puppet just yesterday was bragging and boasting of sending the USSR packing. The man is a total moron.
Imagine, a warmongering war criminal such as George W Bush demanding a cease fire in Georgia and that Russia should withdraw its armies. Bush should listen to his own words and get the Hell out of Afghanistan, Iraq and the entire Caspian Basin region. He lost, but is far too much of an arrogant, cretinous coward to admit it.
One could laugh until their sides hurt if what this arrogant prick Bush has done to Afghanistan and Iraq based on pure, intentional, premeditated lies were not so war criminal and genocidal. If George Bush is a Christian, then I am the Easter Bunny.
Georgia, the US and Israel conspired to attack Russia, and did.
Now that the blowback is more than they bargained for, the White House and the Zionist media are trying to paint the picture that it is Russia which does not have the right to protect Russian citizens.
Americans need to decide if they want 'perpetual war' based on total lies, staggering debt and US insiders plundering the US Treasury...or, if they think it's time to make it absolutely crystal clear to the DC killers that they will no longer tolerate US style 'freedom and democracy' being forced on other peoples...at the point of a gun.
Americans need to decide if they want to continue to support this Zionist Axis of Evil and watch America slide into second or Third World status as the rest of the world leaves the US behind.
Americans need to have a soul-searching, maybe even some 'come to Jesus meetings,' around those roundtable coffee sessions, and quite chattering about the drivel and tripe DC feeds America nonstop.
Right now, America is an evil aberration of what our Founding Fathers intended and created, and it will not be tolerated much longer by the rest of the world.
The abundantly apparent difference between the Zionist New World Order. and the world agendas being pushed by China and Russia. is a matter of war versus business and humanitarianism. Seems the Zionists have pissed off so many people that they think they need war to consummate a contract...meanwhile, both China and Russia are kicking their asses with vision, compassion, contracts and pens.
For a nation that boasts of its skills in diplomacy, it is apparent that the US diplomacy of threats, intimidation, bullying, 'democracy at gun point' or, 'we'll bomb you into the Stone Age' is no longer a workable 'business model.'
As the OSCE-Lavrov press conference ended in Moscow, Lavrov issued this warning: "The West must rethink its policies regarding Georgia."
Unlike Bush, the Russians say what they mean and mean what they say.
I would add that the US needs to completely rethink is policies regarding the entire World...and include a massive housecleaning in the US government that is long overdue. It's the eleventh hour, folks, and unless we retake our own government and install people of integrity who know how to conduct business without war, we are finished, done, kaput.
We need a New Strategic Vision and a New Strategic Plan. It has all been downhill since GHWB, Clinton and the Village Idiot embarked on their oil wars and genocide. There's not much time left, America. What are you going to do?
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