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Mickey Zhid Speaks
By Karl Schwarz
I was not going to do an update on Georgia until war breaks out again (which is inevitable) but this one is a must.
Mikhiel, The Tie-Eating Zionist Dork Saakazhid, Saakashit, or whatever his Zionist code name should be, responded to Russia's actions today.
Abkhazia voted unanimously to break away from Georgia for the THIRD TIME since 1992.
South Ossetia voted unanimously to break away from Georgia for the THIRD TIME since 1992.
Of course, the little black piss-poodle, Arf-Arf, comes on a photo op to say that Russia is in violation of all kinds of international and UN Security Council agreements but could not cite a single one. It was just Arf-Arf peeing on the Russian Bear again.  BOTH areas voted in 1992, 1994 and 2008 that they have NO DESIRE to be part of Georgia.
The first time they voted in 1992, Georgia perpetrated genocide on those areas as punishment for the vote.
Of course, 'der Diaper Meister' warned Russia not to recognize these votes by people who have no desire to be part of Georgia.
This recent 2008 Georgia slaughter of S Ossetians was not the first incident of genocide by Georgia, it was the SECOND.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree recognizing the absolute independence of both areas and their peoples' status.  Medvedev was succinct and very clear:  Russia will defend the Christian citizens of Russia. Period.  End of statement. 
Do not lose sight of the real issues. These are Russian Orthodox Christians, Russian citizens, who do NOT wish to be under the boot heels of a Muslim-Zionist Jew controlled government in Tbilisi which, of course, is a complete puppet of the US and Zionist Israel. This is the third time since the breakup of the USSR that these 'breakaway' regions have reaffirmed their desires for independence by democratic vote.
Now, here is what Mickey S had to say...paraphrasing:
1. *  The actions by Russia are illegal.
3. *   Western leaders MUST speed up the integration of Georgia into NATO and the European Union.  
Folks, EUROPE ENDS AT THE CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS, which is the northern border of Georgia.  Georgia is CENTRAL ASIA, NOT EUROPE. That is a geological fact. At best, they are Eurasia, NOT EUROPE.
Imagine the deceit.  'Russia is trying to force Europe's borders to change' by any action it is forced into taking in Central Asia.  Huh?  WHAT HYPOCRISY.
Russia has made it clear that if the Zionist West re-arms Georgia, Russia will crush Georgia and end this discussion and these bullshit photo ops by Bush and Rice. My sources in Russia inform that Russia is already prepared to respond to any attack by Georgia, NATO or US, or Israel, regarding the matter in Georgia.
One BBC reporter challenged Medvedev as to why Russia went way beyond the boundaries of South Ossetia into Georgia, including the port of Poti and the new protective zone around South Ossetia.
Medvedev responded that from now on Russia will enforce the peace in this area, not Georgia, not Europe, not NATO, not the US.
The trust has been broken. Peremanently. 
Just occurred to me, the Russian naval task force to Syria is also to block the Bosporus Strait if need be.
Russia is not going to back down.
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