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Schwarz Versus Brzezinski
By Karl Schwarz
There comes a time when one has to call a spade a spade and let the chips fall where they may.  I detest liars and our government is lined wall-to-wall with such deceitful morons hiding their agendas behind those lies.  This Zionist New World Order is overflowing with liars and their lying operatives infesting many nations...like Merkel in Germany, Brown in UK, and Sarkozy in France.  Our main stream media is packed down to the pixel with liars.
Americans need to be keenly aware of the efforts of the 'US government' to cover up its tracks and wrongdoing regarding Georgia. War crimes against the Russian Orthodox Christian citizens of South Ossetia were committed by Georgia, Ukraine, Israeli and US mercenaries.  DO NOT LOSE SIGHT OF THAT EVEN FOR ONE SECOND.
They are using in-your-face, raging propaganda in the TV and print media to paint the picture they want you to see.  They want Americans to buy off on their lies and deceit, yet again.
It has now come out that German automatic weapons were found in Georgia with some of the dead, injured and captured soldiers who attacked South Ossetia and were ousted from Abkhazia.
Angela Schmerkel-Ferkel evidently 'did have a dog in the hunt' with German automatic weapons that were apparently illegally shipped to Georgia.  Illegal in the sense that Germany is very strict about arms exports and this one was not 'approved.'  But, hey, it was all about arming EU-wannabe, NATO-wannabe, Muslim-Zionist Jew controlled Central Asia Georgia so it could go into South Ossetia and massacre Russian citizen Christians.  
One absurdity after another.  If non-Europe Georgia, sitting on the Russian border, qualifies for EU and NATO status, can Mongolia be far behind?  And then there is North Korea since it, too, borders on Russia.  According to Schmerkel-Ferkel's logic, apparently all Russian-bordering nations should be brought into NATO. 
The Dimwits of DC have increased the levels of lies, spin and obfuscation to ludicrous levels.  Fresh out of the NATO emergency schmoozing session on August 19, the Black Poodle has learned a new word:
Rice Calls Russia An 'Outlaw'
ARF-ARF! GRRRR!  OUTLAW!   GRRRR!  Yeah, G8-NATO member Germany will now sign-off on such lies from Rice and Bush since illegal German arms were just found in Georgia. Merkel will just tuck her little ferkel (piglet) tail tight and squeal whatever Bush and Rice want her to squeal. She can now flit around with the Little Black Poodle idiot of a Secretary of State and bark, pee, and yip-yap at the heels of the giant Russian Bear on cue.  She, too, will call Russia 'bad names' to hide the illegal activities of Germany, and the blatant war crimes of Georgia, Ukraine, Israel and the US.
What are we to do America when OUR outlaw government starts calling other nations outlaws? Simply, recognize the political lie for what it is. These people are war criminals and murderers and they have set the propaganda spin cycle to industrial mode to deflect attention away from their actions in South Ossetia.
The Zionist New World Order just got decked flat on its ass in Georgia and South Ossetia.  Pay attention to how 'shrill' the music will be from DC to cover its tracks, and from its NWO co-conspirators in the UK, France and Germany. We will not see Japan or China chime in for this bullshit because they have had enough of it and they truly could not care less what the Zionist Jews want.
BBC did an interview with Rice after this emergency NATO session.  Had I been sitting across from her I would have ripped this lying wretch a new ass.  I have never seen more preposterous, bald-faced lies in my life than those Bush and Rice are spewing right now to cover their tracks. I am trying to find a copy of the Poodle's performance to provide to Rense.com so all Americans can see what a war criminal liar looks like. 
<start insert>
NATO freezes Russian ties over Georgia
Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:08pm EDT
By Mark John and Francois Murphy
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO agreed 'after U.S. pressure' on Tuesday to freeze regular contacts with Russia until Moscow had withdrawn its troops from Georgia in line with a peace deal.
The alliance also agreed to upgrade contacts with Tbilisi but stopped short of accelerating its efforts to join NATO, an ambition which had enraged Russia even before the two-week-old conflict over Georgia's breakaway South Ossetia region.
"We have determined that we cannot continue with business as usual," the 26 NATO states said in a joint declaration issued after emergency talks in Brussels.
The statement did not explicitly refer to a U.S. demand to suspend contacts within the six-year-old NATO-Russia Council (NRC), but NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said it was clear such contacts could not take place at present.
"As long as Russian forces are basically occupying a large part of Georgia I cannot see a NATO-Russia Council convening at whatever level," he told a news conference.
<end insert>
Except for the US and Zionist New World Order...there would be no 'crisis' in Georgia.
Well, Russia's response to these endless attempts to cover up Western war crimes committed against South Ossetia Christians may well end up FREEZING much of Europe this winter as Russia cuts off natural gas and oil supplies to response to these liars trying to spin their way out of their murderous actions. 
Note that NATO "agreed after US pressure."  I noticed that Scheiffer was about to have a Depends Moment just as Merkel-Ferkel was in Sochi during her press conference with Medvedev. (She was probably informed by Medvedev that illegal German weapons had been found in Georgia. There are probably dead South Ossetia Christians as a result of those illegal German automatic weapons.)
I already knew Zbigniew Brzezinski was an idiot.  His Grand Chessboard scheme was the most ludicrous plan I have ever read.  We have now witnessed 7 years of BushCo efforts to turn this Russia-hating, Russia-baiting slimy snake of a plan into a thoroughbred race horse.  The BushCo Zionists failed and they will continue to fail.  A snake is a snake and no strategic vision, no strategic plan based on pure lies and greed will ever succeed.  
It has become even more clear of late as to what a monumentally-twisted, sick-minded lunatic this Russia-phobic rat bastard Brzezinski truly is.  The man is a colossally-deluded schemer and even though most do not realize it, he is a Major League Diaper Pooper like Bush.
As the Neocon media DC spin cycle kicks into high gear to hide the latest BushCo war schemes and crimes by pointing the finger at Russia, TIME magazine rushes out with a Zbig article that is not only preposterous but it lays out a clear path to WWIII. Zbig is suggesting criminal acts and more overt and covert aggression against Russia...and flat out calls for regime change. 
I wish this year's presidential race was Schwarz versus Brzezinski.  I would love to debate this Russia-hating dinosaur on the merit of his words.  I have excerpted part of this TIME magazine bullshit piece below and added my response to each... 
Staring Down the Russians
Zbigniew Brzezinski:  "The end of the Cold War was supposed to usher in a new age in which the major powers would no longer dictate to their neighbors how to run their affairs. That is why Russia's invasion of Georgia is so tragic and so potentially ominous."
Karl Schwarz: Interesting use of the word 'neighbor.'  So, in your defective mind, it is OK to keep pushing EU and NATO membership onto all of Russia's immediate 'neighbors' and to continue the provocation of Russia at every opportunity?  Apparently, since Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and now Georgia are on the other side of the world, it's just fine to lie, fabricate wars and inflict US genocide on these countries since they are not direct 'neighbors' of the US.  Russia invaded Georgia to stop the genocide of Russian citizens. Are you such a lame-brain, Russia-hating jerk that you assume to have rights that Russians are not entitled to? Are you truly that stuck-on-stupid or merely that adept at lying in the face of facts and reality?
Zbigniew Brzezinski:  "Russia is now on watch: Will it continue to rely on coercion to achieve its imperial aims or is it willing to work within the emerging international system that values cooperation and consensus?"
Karl Schwarz: Well, as a matter of simple fact, and I hate to burst your delusional bubble, Zbig, the US IS now on watch!  The entire world is looking at the plans and schemes dreamed up by Ivory Tower morons like you - and the world is rejecting those idiotic, greedy, self-serving plans.  You really are quite emotional about losing, aren't you? For someone who quote conceived of the Grand Chessboard, you don't seem to have a clue about what the word CHECKMATE means.  Russia, China, and the entire Caspian Basin are rejecting your 'geostrategic imperative' vision of the world.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Moscow's ruthless attempt to suborn, subdue and subordinate this tiny, independent democracy is reminiscent of Stalin's times. The assault onGeorgia is similar to what Stalin's Soviet Union did to Finland in 1939: in both cases, Moscow engaged in an arbitrary, brutal and irresponsible use of force to impose domination over a weaker, democratic neighbor."
Karl Schwarz: Damn, you have to go back to 1939 to cite an example?  "Ruthless attempt?' Talk about deflecting from the realities of what really happened.  I can cite you much more recent US genocide events: Bosnia and Kosovo under the Clinton Administration, 1999; the US invasion of Afghanistan based on pure lies, October 7, 2001; and the very same pathological lies and falsified intelligence used to justify annihilating Iraq, March 2003.  The US needs far better minds than yours to stay current with the current day realities of this world, RIGHT NOW.  All of you incestuous DC think tank morons lie just as easily as blinking your eyes.  Here is another current citation - Georgia, August 2008...which as the world knows was a 'ruthless attempt' by the US,  Ukraine,  Israel and Georgia to force its collective will on South Ossetia.  Russia responded to a blatant act of genocide being inflicted upon the Russian Orthodox Christian population of South Ossetia, all of whom are Russian citizens, I might add. If you have to remain grounded in 1939, why don't you just retire and get the Hell out of the way?
If we were to apply your faulty logic, the US definitely had no just cause whatsoever to attack Afghanistan in 2001 or Iraq in 2003. They were not 'neighbors' of the US. Nor is South Ossetia a 'neighbor' of the US. 
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The question now is whether the global community can demonstrate to the Kremlin that there are costs for the blatant use of force on behalf of anachronistic imperialist goals."
Karl Schwarz: Another interesting DC-speak weasel phrase: 'anachronistic imperialistic goals'.  You must be referring to the Cold War Russia versus the Neocon Lunacy Neoconservative Imperialistic Goals, based on your book The Grand Chessboard and now dubbed the fraudulent Global War on Terror. The entire world can clearly see that the only imperialistic nations on this planet TODAY are the UK and US, out lying, trying to steal oil and gas, trying to manipulate and control, and committing war crimes of egregious proportions. "Blatant use of force?" I guess you missed the Shock & Awe on CNN levied upon Afghanistan and Iraq, based on US lies.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "This conflict has been brewing for years. Russia has deliberately instigated the breakup of Georgian territory. Moscow has promoted secessionist activities in several Georgian provinces: Abkhazia, Ajaria and, of course, South Ossetia."
Karl Schwarz: All of those districts voted in democratic elections to not be part of Georgia, to remain a part of Russia.  What part of those democratic processes are invalid to you (in your delusional, equivocating mind) but this hand picked war criminal puppet Saakashvili was a more legitimate election?  Moscow did not promote those votes; the people flat out do not want to be a part of Georgia, now 60% Muslim and stinking to high heaven of Zionist Jew and US control, Kosher and lies does stink you know. Who has been stirring this pot for years is the US.  Deny that and I will call you a liar to your face.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "These efforts have intensified since the emergence in Georgia of a democratic, pro-Western government. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's resentment toward Georgia and its President, the U.S.-educated Mikhiel Saakashvili, has seemingly become a personal obsession."
Karl Schwarz: Since 'US education attainment' levels (and grasp of content) have been falling like a rock for the past 40 years, is that where Mikey "The Mick" Saakashvili learned to talk on his cell phone and chew on his tie at the same time?  Are his US-educated credentials the basis that you, and other idiots like you, assume  this moron is fit to lead a nation?  There is no personal obsession to it - war crimes were just committed against the Christian civilian population of South Ossetia. Stop lying and face the music.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "It has sponsored rebellious governments in these territories, armed their forces and even bestowed Russian citizenship on the secessionists."
Karl Schwarz: Those people voted almost 20 years ago to not be part of Georgia .  Respect their democratic rights or get the Hell out of Dodge.  Those people chose of their own free will to hold Russian passports.  Respect that or pack your bags.  In this bullshit article TIME ran for you, you made it abundantly clear that Georgia is important for your 'geostrategically imperative' pipeline.  Russia could have blocked that off completely and did not.  Respect the rights of others or get the HELL OUT OF GEORGIA.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "In recent weeks, a series of incidents along the fragile cease-fire lines that cut across Georgian territory helped prompt the escalation of violence, including Georgia's abortive effort to remove the "government" of South Ossetia, a small region with a population of about 70,000 people. That rash action was perhaps unwise, but it is evident from Russia's military response that Moscow was waiting for such an act to provide a pretext for the use of force."
Karl Schwarz: You weasels are incredible: "abortive effort" and "perhaps unwise."  I bet you and Madeline Albright are good friends. You know her, don't you?  You and your kind couldn't care less about 500,000 Iraqi children who perished during the US-enforced genocidal Iraq Sanctions.  You and your kind aided and abetted Clinton in the genocide of Serbian Christians by arming the Muslims to kill those Christians and then the 'honorable' USA rides to the rescue of those Christians, dead by guns and bullets provided to the Muslims by America.  Your hand-picked, US-educated puppet Saakashvili just perpetrated genocide on over 2,000 people, aided and abetted every step of the way by the Ukraine, Zionist Israel and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Tell the truth, or shut the hell up.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Russia's aggression toward Georgia should not be viewed as an isolated incident. The fact is, Putin and his associates in the Kremlin don't accept the post-Soviet realities."
Karl Schwarz: And those 'post-Soviet realities' in your feeble, twisted mind proffer that this is a 'unipolar' world, led by the US only and run by idiots like you?  No wonder you are orchestrating the Barky for President campaign.  The simple fact of the matter is - in these 'post-Soviet realities' - that the US has been a war criminal for years and the two other Superpowers, Russia and China, are no longer going to listen to idiots like you. Let me know when you figure out how to get the smoke back into the jar, idiot.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Ukraine could well be the next flash point. The Russian leadership has already openly questioned whether it needs to respect Ukraine's territorial integrity. Russian leaders have also remarked that Crimea, a part of Ukraine, should once again be joined to Russia."
Karl Schwarz: Well, I hate to burst your bubble again Zbig, but most of Ukraine holds the US, the Zionist New World Order, George Soros and lame-brains like you in total contempt.  You are not 'held high' by the vast majority of people in the Ukraine.  Russia has offered passports to Ukraine and you will soon learn that most of those people would rather be Russian citizens than live under the boot heels of idiots like Yuchenko and Brzezinski who stay stuck in the past with delusional visions of the future. The Zionist-controlled government of Ukraine was involved in these South Ossetia atrocities.  That is a known fact. It has nothing to do with 'territorial integrity.'  It has to do with the difference between the truth and idiot plans like yours based on pure, unadulterated lies in preposterous proportions. 
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The stakes are high. Ultimately, the independence of the post-Soviet states is at risk. Russia seems committed to the notion that there should be some sort of supranational entity, governed from the Kremlin, that would oversee much of the former Soviet territories. This attitude reflects in part the intense nationalistic mood that now permeates Russia's political élite."
Karl Schwarz: Those stakes are only 'high' for the US, Zbig.  This is no longer a unipolar world, and it never will be again.  You need to get a new 'gig'. Your worn out "hate Russia" routine is out of touch with reality.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "For the West, especially the U.S., the conflict between Russia and Georgia poses both moral and geostrategic challenges. The moral dimension is self-evident: a small country that gained its independence only recently, after almost two centuries of Russian domination, deserves international support that goes beyond simple declarations of sympathy."
Karl Schwarz: "Moral?" You consider the genocide of the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and now South Ossetia ­ by the US and its puppets - to be on some moral high ground for the US?  What an idiot you are. "Geostrategic challenges?" You just don't get it, man. Your Chessboard 'geostrategic imperative' game is over.  We lost thanks to short-sighted idiots like you who have no valid view of the future.  "Declarations of sympathy" for poor little war criminal Georgia? What about the 2,000 dead South Ossetia Christians killed by the US puppet Saakashvili? Have sympathy for them or get the Hell out of the US political process.
Karl Schwarz:   Russia just responded in a very clear and very unambiguous manner to US AGGRESSION and IMPERIALISM.  It amazes me how you DC weasels always try to turn things around backwards.  Maybe you have not noticed, but the entire World is condemning US behavior. Maybe if you were not a rich elitist snob you would better understand the damage your not-at-all-brilliant ideas have caused America. You do not have to worry about another Cold War, Zbig.  You idiots have gone so far past the norms of acceptable behaviour the threat of war will be a VERY HOT WAR thanks to idiots like you pushing stupid, unattainable agendas.
Zbigniew Brzezinski: "The Georgian crisis is a critical test for Russia. If Putin sticks to his guns and subordinates Georgia and removes its freely elected President - something Putin's Foreign Minister has explicitly called for - it is only a question of time before Moscow turns up the heat on Ukraine and the other independent but vulnerable post-Soviet states. The West has to respond carefully but with a moral and strategic focus. Its objective has to be a democratic Russia that is a constructive participant in a global system based on respect for sovereignty, law and democracy. But that objective can be achieved only if the world makes clear to Moscow that a stridently nationalistic Russia will not succeed in any effort to create a new empire in our postimperial age."
Karl Schwarz: You're a WEASEL, LIAR and an IDIOT.  IT'S THE POLICIES, STUPID.  What you are saying in that paragraph, in typical DC-speak equivocation, is you are proposing a FORCED 'regime change' in Moscow.  Nothing personal, IDIOT, but I, as a Conservative American, think the wisest regime change needed on this planet is a complete house cleaning in Washington, DC to get rid of 'geostrategic imperative' shitheads like you.
You know what, Zbig?  I am not a Polish-born American like you, I am an American-born American. It occurs to me that your National Security ideas for the United States have proven to be such a colossal failure, I am now compelled to ask, as an American-born American, just exactly who's side are you on?  You are a moron, and your ideas have seriously jeopardized the National Security of the United States of America.
"Postimperial age?" Evidently, you have not a clue about the ramifications of your big, fancy words...especially when the US is clearly engaged in 'Post-Soviet US Imperialism' all over the world, right now.
At 11:45 am CET, 5:45 am Eastern, the US and Poland have just signed the Bush 'Defensive' Missile Shield deal in Warsaw. Of course, after the Little Black Poodle left the Emergency NATO Georgia Crisis meeting in Brussels, she scurried right over to Warsaw to sign off on the monumentally idiotic BushCo 'defensive' missile scam.  Just yesterday, in fact, Poland admitted that the system IS to be aimed at Russia, that Poland is not concerned about Iranian missiles at all.
Among Russia's responses will be the refueling of their strategic nuclear bombers in Cuba, the retargeting of Russian nuclear weapons systems toward the EU, and the installation of Russian nukes in the Mediterranean and Syria, among other things.  
The Poodle's signature has all but guaranteed that the Western world is now standing at the edge of the WWIII abyss.  
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