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Zionist Biden Opposes US
Energy Independence
By Karl Schwarz
It always pays to look at both sides of every issue and even check into the history of certain issues. Joe Biden has always been one of those DNC Democrats in the Senate who seems to think Washington, DC owns Alaska, not the citizens of Alaska. He has also been actively engaged in blocking many attempts to develop US oil and natural gas supplies to give Americans independence from foreign oil.  Biden is NOT a friend of America.
When the Trans-Alaska Pipeline (another TAP, just like the pipeline too far in Afghanistan) was voted on in 1973, Biden was one of only 5 US Senators who voted against the final passage of the pipeline funding authorization.
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Biden and Alaska History
by Micheal Carey
From Michael Carey, former ADN editorial page editor, TV talk show host and occasional columnist in the newspaper --
Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's choice for vice president, has been a senator since 1972.
He is one of only five senators who were present in 1973 when Congress passed legislation authorizing construction of the trans-Alaska pipeline system (TAPS).
Biden, then 30, was the youngest member of the Senate and not a leader in the lengthy debate over the pipeline. But his voting record is striking - at least to an Alaskan interested in history.
Biden was a reliable "no" on TAPS. In July, when the Senate passed the Gravel-Stevens amendment allowing immediate construction of the line and precluding further judicial review, Biden voted no. The amendment passed after Vice President Spiro Agnew broke a 49-49 tie.
In November, Biden voted against final passage of the bill. The vote was 80-5, Biden one of the five.
The pipeline from the North Slope to Valdez was controversial, mostly because of the potential environmental consequences and widespread public distrust of the oil companies. Some senators also felt the line should go from Alaska to the Midwest.
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The five Senators who voted against the final passage of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline were 4 Democrats and 1 liberal Republican from Massachusetts.
'In November, Biden was a holdout "no" with Democrats Birch Bayh (Indiana), Harold Hughes (Iowa), William Proxmire (Wisconsin) and Republican Edward Brooke (Massachusetts).'
If you note in the above text, some of the US Senators saw the wisdom in bringing the pipeline directly to the US, which requires putting part of it in Canada to make the transit from Alaska to the lower 48 states. Maps are maps and geography is geography. 
What Sarah Palin pushed through in Alaska was a Trans-Canada Pipeline that would deliver Alaska natural gas directly to the lower 48. The Democrats are pitching a fit about that pipeline. That is the project that, when all is said and done, will cost in the range of $30 to $40 billion.
Had our 'leaders' in Washington gone with the trans-Canada route, rather than just to the port of Valdez, the big Exxon Oil Spill would have never happened. Even now, as the plans are being made for other pipelines to get the oil and natural gas directly to the US, DNC environmental factions are already fighting the projects.
These DNC twits haven't a clue what they are doing or even talking about. It is all knee-jerks and crap, no logical solutions to real problems.  What is even more curious is this pretense of acting like Canada is some kind of treacherous enemy, and that we cannot do anything smart like route the pipeline through it.  
Now that Sarah Palin has sealed a deal to bring the new Alaska natural gas through Canada, the environmentalist are calling her every name they can dream up.
Or, maybe they want to set the stage for another big Exxon Valdez oil spill so these non-Progressive morons will have something to bitch about.
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