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Winter Soldier
By Karl Schwarz
One of the problems Americans have is that most do not have a clue about American history, or the real history of any other place on Earth. That is a problem because if a people do not know their own history they are truly a lost culture, a lost society, a nation adrift without a clue who they are or where they are going.
I have said it many times: America is 300,000,000 million opinions and not a single cohesive plan in sight. I often think that America has the exact leadership it deserves. The electorate is just as guilty as the con artists in DC because Americans just keep electing and re-electing Mr. Shithead and Ms Shitforbrains over and over again. It is almost like Americans like to band together at the coffee roundtables and stitch-n-bitch sessions to discuss the folly of their decisions without admitting that they really screwed up big time.
Americans have an absolutely terminal disease of electing morons, liars and thieves...and then cannot understand what went wrong. Maybe they do understand their folly but are too proud to admit it.
As an historical example, who was Thomas Paine? Most Americans cannot answer that question and if asked for specific details they are really stumped. Thomas Paine was an Englishman who moved to America and within months found himself writing passionately about the Revolutionary War. He took one look at what America was and began to see what it could become. He may have been the fastest convert from being a Crown subject Englishman to an American, ever.
His first 'Crisis Paper' was issued on December 19, 1776 shortly after the Declaration of Independence and the start of the Revolutionary War.  From the following  statement in the introduction of that paper, the term 'Winter Soldier' was born.
"These are the times that try men's souls."
A Winter Soldier is the one who will stand on the front lines for their nation in the most dire and desperate of times. Unlike the cowards, the uneducated commentators, the arm chair quarterbacks, the Winter Soldiers will stand on the most desolate front lines one can imagine while others sit on their asses and do nothing but be spectators or commentators wasting the precious time of others.
Thomas Paine was not highly-educated like Thomas Jefferson. He was, in fact, a very common, not very well-educated man but he had the ability to write as he saw things... passionately. He could articulate in written word like few others of his time and convey it to the common people. The following was written during a bitter winter...
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Things to Remember While Reading an Excerpt from the Crisis:
       Paine truly believed that America would form a superior system of government and that America could not be conquered. His conviction is clear in his encouraging words to the American people. Throughout The Crisis papers, Paine repeatedly attacked the fainthearted, the "summer soldiers" and "sunshine patriots."
       More than any other Revolutionary-era writer, Paine expressed his ideas in language for the common people. He liked to portray the war for independence as a simple struggle between good and evil. Naturally, the colonists were on the good side.
These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us that, the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. Britain, with an army to enforce her tyranny, has declared that she has a right (not only to tax) but "to bind us in all cases whatsoever," and if being bound in that manner is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth. (Paine, p. 55)
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America is involved in a battle of good versus evil right now.  Tragically, in this hour of our greatest need, there is no one running for president qualified to lead that charge.  America, in the current form of our government, is now worse than the tyranny that prompted the Declaration of Independence and the war that resulted in America becoming a free nation.
There are few people on this Earth who truly know me. I prefer it that way because I found out long ago that few can be trusted...so I limit my closest associates to God, Jesus Christ, family and a very few who have proven to me that they are worthy of my trust.
Jeff Rense and I have never met face-to-face, but he and I know much about each other because we chose to share it over time. He knows that I have been a Winter Soldier most of my adult life in the sheerest meaning of the phrase. I know that he has, too, because trying to get the truth in front of what is basically a nation of clueless people is a difficult and thankless task.
I can tell you exactly what being a Winter Soldier is like, for I have endured more than most people can imagine, or endure. It is like being on the front lines in a huge battle, in a fox hole, and the lazy American electorate would rather watch than pass the ammunition to win the battle. I will never forget over 300,000 Americans begging me to run for President.  Those Americans backed up their wishes with the grand total of  $326 to back my candidacy. I got shredded while the lazy spectators watched.  America is full of Sunshine Patriots and Summer Soldiers afraid to face the real battle or the real issues.
Every four years, major corporations and the Wealthy Elite fund $1 billion or more to wage the battle for the Oval Office...and Americans cannot seem to figure out why they never get the leadership they want.  The bottom line is that Americans refuse to fund the war to deliver them from tyranny. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that freedom is not free.
What was even more amazing for me was that my platform was exactly what the vast majority of Americans say they want.  It addressed every issue that is killing America and did so with specific solutions.  The whole experience proved to me just how cheap talk has become and how most people want their salvation for free.
Most Americans worry more about their ideology than the future of their nation. They refuse to fight for what matters and cannot grasp the painfully obvious reality that neither the DNC nor the RNC will put forth candidates who are truly FREE to lead this nation with honor and integrity. 
No real leader can emerge in America because the masses, aided, led and abetted by the zionist media will 'vet' and submerge honest candidates to oblivion with lies, innuendo and profane bullshit.  Sadly, most Americans have lost the will - and the intelligence - to fight to save their nation and their future. Even for the sake of their own children.
So, here is my rant today.  America ­ you are essentially a media-guided and constructed gaggle of idiots looking for a place to have an accident. Most of the world is quite content to let you have your train wreck and leave the rest of the planet alone. The world is moving on...and the quicksand for America is deep.
The DC and Wall Street fraud in this current 'bailout' is nothing less than paying off literal criminals for their monumental crimes against our very way of life. Brace yourselves because the fabled '$700 Billon'  will grow to $5, $10 or $15 trillion fast enough to take your breath away and enslave you, your children and their children for life. Remember well America, both sides of the aisle brought this nightmare down on all of us.  It was all an illusion...a con game from day one designed to do exactly what is being played out right now.   
Barky, you could not bribe me to vote for you. I have spent as much time as anyone looking into your background and you are, quite frankly, too damned lazy to be the President of the United States. You are all talk, no show and your vile arrogance is insufferable. Your cowardice is staggering. To me there is nothing worse than a lazy, pontificating, arrogant do-nothing chickenshit thinking he deserves the highest office of our nation. I cannot find a single thing you have accomplished in your life that qualifies you to be President of my nation, my homeland.
Biden, your "I AM a Zionist remark" and your putrid record stink so badly, I could not possibly, adequately, tell you with words what I really think except to say you are a traitor to America to the deepest level possible.
McCain, I have been least impressed with you for years. Your Vietnam service means nothing to me...if when the chips are down you are truly a Summer Soldier, a Sunshine Patriot. I had hopes for a while that your words and your selection of Sarah Palin meant that you truly wanted to change your own legacy and leave behind something worth remembering about you that is good. 
Regrettably, the more I hear from you in this campaign, the more I am convinced you truly are Bush Lite, a mere continuation of the Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove policies of death, corruption, genocide and war.  You haven't a clue where Bush went wrong and you would continue doing the same. This is not what a vast majority of Americans want, so I am left to conclude you are helpless, powerless to seize the moment and do what Americans truly want and need done.
Iran is NO threat to the US. That entire agenda is a string of perpetual lies, rhetoric and propaganda that no true patriot would ever utter. A Winter Soldier would deal with it and resolve the situation. The Iranian oil, natural gas and uranium reserves belong to the Iranians, not Zionist Israel, the UK, the US and the City of London banksters.  Anyone who would perpetuate the continuation of the lies regarding Iran is no patriot of America.  He, or she, is a TRAITOR.
Both you and Sarah Palin now say that you 'would rather lose an election than lose a war in Iraq'. That says to me that you have been part of the lies that got us into the horrific genocide called the 'war' in Iraq. The entire world knows that Bush and Blair lied, so what part of that reality are you missing? What part of the lies can't you wrap your addled brain around?  
Can you utter the words "Bridas Corporation"? They had the pipeline deal sewed up that the US breached with military force. That was the pipeline across Afghanistan to access the landlocked Caspian Basin oil and natural gas and bring it to the sea. Can you utter even two words to acknowledge that the US lied about Afghanistan, too?
Are you aware that actions are being taken to bring war crime charges against the US due to the 3,000+ Afghanis who were murdered in cold blood in November 2001?  NO ONE has EVER invaded and conquered Afghanistan...and that is one reason the Taliban grow stronger by the day.  
Watch this video, Johnny, and then dare to thump your 'war hero' chest about the justness or greatness of America. This atrocity was not done by American patriots, it was done by American murderers.
Did you even note that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently admitted that there is NO WAY for the US to kill its way to a solution in Afghanistan? Did anyone in your campaign check into the BBC Hardtalk interview with former EU envoy to Afghanistan Francesc Vendrell? Peace has been achievable many times in Afghanistan and Bush keeps screwing that up to keep the fake Global War on Terror marketable to idiot brainwashed Americans.
You claim you are going to put Russia in its place. Did you catch the BBC Hardtalk interview with Mikhiel 'the Tie Eating' Saakashvili? He slipped up and admitted that Georgia started that whole fiasco. So, what part of truth can't you grasp, Johnny?  Your Russia-hating doggerel is no longer operative, necessary or remotely wise. Georgia attacked August 7, the day before the world was told.  Russia counterattacked during the barrage that Georgia and others were laying down on South Ossetia in the early hours of August 8. Check it out.  The truth is illuminating.
It appears that 72% of Americans are against the trillion dollar 'bailout' of the mostly Zionist criminals on Wall Street.  If all you are going to do is support it and continue wrecking America with the BushCo plan, why not just let Bush have another term and finish our nation off for good? Do you truly want your name attached to that? Does your campaign somehow not understand that Wall Street fraud is directly connected to DC fraud?  They are joined at the hip and you know it.
You claim that change is coming to DC, but I have yet to see anything that you intend to change. Looks and smells like a Bush instant replay to me...the same policies, perpetuation of the same mistakes, and worse...the same lies. Your rhetoric is starting to smell to me like another 4 to 8 years of failed Bush policies and digging America into a deeper grave.
I frankly wish Governor Palin was leading the RNC ticket and she had a better choice for VP.  
Governor Palin, I admire your record in Alaska and I realize the value in America being energy independent. However, if you are just a continuation of the policies that got America into its current 'Titanic' mode, please go home and take care of your home state and your family. Americans need Winter Soldier leadership, not a Sunshine Patriot Zionist sock-puppet who supports a continuation of the endless Bush failures.
You are running as Vice President of the United States, not Zionist Israel. The more you come across as the VP of Israel, you are losing credibility by the minute. The speech you were going to give at the UN could not have been more off target and full of lies, misstatement of facts, misrepresentations of the truth.
Your rhetoric regarding Iran is wrong, ill-informed, a gross Zionist provocation, and irresponsible.
Did you catch that Ehud Olmert stated that "Greater Israel is dead?" That is what the Iranian president was referring to. I have seen the literal translation of what President Ahmadinejad said and he never said he wanted Israel nuked off the map. That claim is a lie from DC, Israel and Main Stream Media. As an Ecumenical Christian, it is not proper for you to perpetuate political lies. Think on that one.
Change your rhetoric, or get your facts straight, or go home.
You now have first hand experience in how the Main Stream Media edits out key parts, since they did just that to you to make you look the fool. They did it to you so should you be surprised that they did it to the President of Iran, too?
Watch this and really think hard because the last thing America needs is another war based on lies, an Unjust War based on lies. Bush has us in four wars based on lies, the Global War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Georgia.  Georgia started that one, along with the US, Israel and Ukraine. Check into it.  Get the FACTS. And THEN speak to America on what is right and wrong.  Almost every time you open your mouth, millions who had a flicker of hope for you, CRINGE.
As an Ecumenical Christian, I insist you do what is required or I will rebuke you, Ecumenical Christian to Ecumenical Christian. God does not endorse or condone Unjust Wars based on political lies and wanton greed.  Think on that one, too, and you will see why the US is losing, has lost, in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
This is from a recent article I did:
<start insert>
Even Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes have had a hand to play in misleading America on just about everything regarding Iran. 
Actually, what President Ahmadinejad said is exactly what needs to happen regarding separate states for Israel and Palestine. They keep spreading the lie that he said he wanted Israel nuked off the map. He NEVER said that. What he was referring to was that the 'Greater Israel' POLITICAL plan was a failure (quote: 'must be erased from the pages of time.') just as Bush and his Global War on Terror is a complete failure.
<end insert>
If I do not see improvements soon, my next piece will address who to vote for other than any RNC or DNC candidate. Enough is truly enough.  Oh, and getting 'briefed' by Henry the K is not going to help you win friends and influence people.  Governor, that photo op did not do you any good.  Trust me.
As Bush, Paulson, Bernanke and others from both sides of the aisle mouth off about how "we must restore confidence in the markets" note that they mention not one word that the real problem is Americans' position of no confidence in our government. The government in DC proves every hour of every day that it is unworthy of trust or confidence.
Americans are now the subjects of tyranny. People need to learn to vote on the basis of their freedom, liberty and what is best for America.  Until they do, the USS Titanic is headed straight DOWN.
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