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US War-Mongering In Georgia
A Negotiation Tactic As US Bankruptcy Looms

By Benjamin Fulford
The US war-mongering and talk of World War 3 is nothing more than a desperate negotiation tactic aimed at staving off US bankruptcy, according to two sources affiliated with US intelligence agencies. The Bank for International Settlements has demanded that the Bush/Nazi cabal that has taken control of the US pay back trillions of dollars they stole from the rest of the world by September 30th, the sources say. The money was stolen during the Reagan presidency by George Bush senior to finance the collapse of the Soviet Union. This money must now be returned to its rightful owners,  the sources say. As the deadline approaches, the cabal has threatened to impose martial law on the US and launch World War 3 unless they are given a reprieve.
In a related development, an agent of David Rockefeller, the self-described Japanese Security Police "ninja," has provided this writer with a proposal aimed at fixing the situation. The proposal calls for a secret council of 100 people to take control of the world's finances. The votes would be distributed as follows: 78 for an alliance of Russia, the EU (i.e. France and Germany) and China. The other 22 would go to the US. As a part of this deal UN headquarters would be moved to Xian, China by 2011. Also by that date the US dollar would be replaced by a new currency. A China-based world government would then be put in place by 2020, according to this source. At that point the US armed forces would become a UN force controlled by the entire planet.
In exchange for this offer, David Rockefeller has asked the Japanese Emperor for permission to use 2000 trillion yen worth of Japanese gold that is held on US territory. The gold would be used as follows: 500 trillion yen to deal with the sub-prime crisis, 500 trillion yen to get the cabal out of debt, another 500 trillion yen to finance a vast space exploration project, 350 trillion yen to pay off Iraq war debt and 150 trillion yen to invest in China.
Furthermore, control of the US cabal would be handed over to a younger, and supposedly more enlightened generation.
This is the same source who promised last autumn that Al Gore would be made president. While that did not happen, he did subsequently get a highly publicized movie, a Nobel Prize, an Academy award and a big advertizing budget, indicating serious power in the hands of the faction that made this promise.
A senior NSA source, meanwhile, warned that a member of the Chinese politburo affiliated with Madam Wu has been bribed by this cabal and may therefore be compromised.
It is impossible for me to independently verify any of this information but I have been able to independently verify that the sources are genuine NSA, CIA and Japanese Security Police agents.
However, it is clear that some sort of deal is likely to be reached by September 30th and that thus martial law and war can be avoided. The evidence for this is the shift in Chinese policy towards the US dollar. While previously Chinese companies and financial institutions were shunning dollars they are now ramping the dollar up with massive purchases. This is being accompanied by a plunge in oil prices. At the same time, the short selling of gold futures by certain banks is probably linked to a belief that Japanese gold will be flooding the market as the result of an agreement.
We will try to keep readers posted as new information or additional evidence comes in.
Benjamin Fulford

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