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The Upside-Down
World Of Denial & Conquest

Jim Kirwan
The return to 1929 pre-crash conditions has arrived. After that collapse the path to renewal came from jobs, jobs, jobs! Federal programs were created to fix the infrastructure and employ millions of the unemployed. Other programs were created to provide safety nets for working people so that they didn't end up spending whatever they made to stay healthy, or just to eat. All of that has been wiped out by Reagan, by GWH Bush and by Clinton in the twenty years that paved the way for this unequivocal collapse. All the safety nets for working people were shredded and all regulatory restrictions were very publicly murdered-and there was not even a murmur of complaint from the docile public.
Ultimately, another world war ended this problem with jobs for everyone, but since we no longer have a manufacturing base, that is no longer a possibility, given that all those jobs have now been sent overseas.
Nations are formed to provide for most of those that live in them; what has changed is that most nation-states have been made obsolete in the new paradigm of the ancient new-world-order. This paved the way to change the goal of what states were formed to protect and create. The jobs the profits and the goals have become the exclusive province of the elites in far too many societies, and this has left the working people to starve or to simply die in the streets for lack of food, water or medical care: with no real hope for any improvement in the conditions that are defined by falling wages and failing services across the board for the last three to four decades. Ronnie began all of this with "trickle down economics" which is ending now with the total collapse of Western Capitalism.
No nation can survive when everything in the lives of its people has been compartmentalized, privatized and then torn apart by government attacks on every aspect of daily life; easily seen in government's support for foreign workers, over the rights of American citizens in trying to get the few remaining jobs! But the crimes go much further and include spying upon everyone, intimidation, brutality by what used be "peace officers,' and the now total ban against freedom of speech or assembly, backed up by the need for anyone accused of anything to have to prove their innocence before the fact, against secret charges, that no longer require the government to have any actual evidence before they swoop in to smash in doors and arrest people without any probable cause.
To this list of grievances a whole new series of crimes has been added: the manipulations on the stock markets, in the banking systems, and the insurance industry as well as the mortgage markets and the savings and loan industries have all been manipulated to a degree that defies belief. And still, even at this late hour, denial continues as if these upside down criminal practices can somehow be allowed to continue without looking back at how they came to exist in the first place.
Larceny and lies have always existed around any successful venture, and that includes nation-states as well. But when criminal- enterprises can use government and the laws of a state to enforce their greed against the vast majority, while the owners rape, pillage and plunder institutions, government, and the public common- law for their own lavishly private profits: then the time has come to take down that government and dismantle everyone with responsibility in these decades old schemes that used the law, and the government to create their own private kingdoms.
When we seriously look at the how and why in all of this, there are huge amounts of blame to go around. The extreme wings of all political parties, all religions, and most of the private 'groups' as well as secret societies, think tanks, and Political action committees in which each have played their part in this feeding frenzy upon the corpse of this country and the people that actually built this nation. We must begin to kill the vultures, or at least stop feeding them!
That said; we are still faced with what to do about the inherent collapse of this society which is what is waiting in the wings while the world holds its collective breath. We must return to what nations were formed to do in the first place which was to provide the possibility for better lives for most of their citizens, with controls upon the elites and their mercenaries to keep greed and capitalism tightly leashed. Part of the answer to what went wrong can be found in the Morgue of Privatization's Victims: The image was created during the era of Gerald Ford!
?People must have real jobs, they must earn decent and sustainable wages and they must have excellent health care that is affordable. The "insurance companies," as currently structured, must be smashed and their management jailed for life, because they have become nothing more than legalized extortion when 'insurance' is applied to medicine or to most material goods and services. The only certainty (whenever insurance is involved) is that people must pay, but there is nothing that forces the companies to honor their supposed commitment to their policy-holders. In automotive insurance cases there are laws mandating the insurance, but nothing is provided to mandate that the insurance companies will ever have to pay, according to the agreements that were entered into "by law" in order that people can drive or operate a vehicle' much less be protected from the extortion of catastrophic medical or legal costs whenever the unthinkable happens.
Government ought to protect people from the extremes of capitalistic tendencies to place money above everything else in life. After the crash of 1939 there were laws against excess profits, against price-fixing, trusts, and a whole host of other things which the Robber-Barons considered to be their right-to- demand from everyone else. Taxes have been used and abused as Corporate Welfare for the criminally-rich: And they've been used to kill the middle class!
Basically government must be removed as the all-seeing nanny that dictates our every act or thought. The tasks that this government legitimately has: to oversee the health of our products and our food, as well as the water supply, the air and equal opportunities for jobs ­ have not been met for decades. The Department of Justice has become an arm of the US Department of the Inquisition, and no longer takes any part in how "justice" works in the USA. The police have switched sides and have become barbaric enforcers of the criminal government, against the interests of most ordinary people whom these robo-thugs brutalize at will.
The Supreme Court for its part has done as it pleases, regardless of the constitutional prohibitions against getting involved in presidential elections: which nullified their validity as of 12-12-2000, when they effectively appointed George W. Bush to be president. So we no longer have a government, yet we have taxes upon taxes upon taxes, to pay to those same beings that claim to be the government.
This cabal is not the government of the United States; they are nothing but private mercenaries using their positions to steal billions for themselves and others, while they are destroying whatever is left of this country. We might not be able to put 'Humpty-Dumpty back together again' but we ought to be bright enough to at least 'know' that we have been living in a complete fabrication-of MEGA-LIES-lies that have propped up a completely privatized world for decades at the extremely lethal expense of all the rest of us!
All corporate charters must have limits placed upon them, and no corporation should ever have had the right to "legal" eternal life!
Corporations must face legal responsibilities, in the same way that individuals do before the bar of Justice; because until that happens we are doomed to remain in this living hell where everything remains beyond the reach of anyone not connected to the criminal-conspiracy that runs it all.
The meltdown of global markets today is like a massive wave that contains within itself the answers to this problem. That inevitable 'RISE,' comes with the same intensity as the catastrophic 'Fall' that fills our eyes at the moment.
At the root of this entire nightmare is the fact that people across the world must unite as one, against these Barbarians who remain indifferent to the plight of the billions of us that suffer needlessly from each and every act which they continue to direct against us all!
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