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US Prefers Oil Theft Over
Domestic Energy Policy

By Karl Schwarz
In response to Sarah Palin's funny comment "What is the difference between a Hockey Mom and a pit bull? Lipstick!", Barky tried to be profound yesterday. He now says that you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. I bet his speechwriters worked for hours to come up with that useless analogy. They probably don't 'get it' that Barky made a direct reference to himself and his failure as a US Senator and in the Illinois legislature but to do anything but talk, and talk, and talk. Do-nothing Barky is what and who he is. Yep, you can put lipstick on Barky and he still just talks, and talks and talks.
If you read "Americans Are Energy Ignorant" there was commentary on the Russian oil giant YUKOS and what Putin has done to square off against the Zionist New World Order. That was the tip of a huge iceberg scam the Zionist West tried to pull on Russia and Putin blocked it emphatically. http://www.rense.com/general83/ dtfe.htm
Part of the problem in relations between Russia and the US (and UK) have been the endless attempts to steal the vast energy assets of Russia through any means DC and their cretin buddies could dream up. Russians do not trust the West and they have plenty of precedents via sleazy Western schemes to base their opinion on.
Thirty years of scheming and dreaming of taking over the Caspian Basin area is just part of the endless plans and scams DC, London and Tel Aviv keep trying to put into play to steal from Russia.
This is the commentary I am referring to:
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"Few understand the current Zionist war on Russia stems directly from the amazing courage and strength of Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership which broke the backs of the deadly parasitic Rothschild Zionist 'oligarchs'. These killers and Zionist Jewish Rothschild agents were installed around the fall of the Soviet Union to control all of Russia's natural resources, its money, its media and communications industry, its transportation...the works. Then along came Putin. Few understand that Putin's arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, owner of Yukos Oil, signaled the end of Rothschild control of Russia and the beginning of Freedom for the long-suffering Russian people."
"Khodorkovsky was the wealthiest man in Russia and a dual citizen of Israel. He took over Russia's biggest oil company, Yukos, via a stock swindle on the cheap and was clearly intending to sell off at least HALF of Russia's oil and gas to Zionist Western Big Oil. Putin and his staff - looking back on close to a century of genocide and catastrophe at the hands of Bolshevik Zionist Jews - said NO and arrested Khodorkovsky. The DAY of his arrest, world Zionists went berserk and demanded that Putin release him. The Rothschild City of London Banksters ordered their pudgy agent in Tel Aviv, Ariel Sharon, to fly to Moscow to tell Putin to release Khodorkovsky. Putin again said NO and that is one reason at least eight assassination attempts have been aimed at him that we KNOW about. Putin is a great and brave leader but the Rothschilds will not rest until they've done everything humanly possible to take back control of Russia...even to the point of forcing Russia to start a thermonuclear war. That's what the bullshit Bush 'missile defense' shield in Poland is designed to do: to provoke Russia into a response, so the Zionists can condemn Russia with their in-house mass media machine. Get it?"
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At the behest of his Western buddies, Mikhail Khodorkovsky tried to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Houston, Texas. The media outlets reported that this was an attempt by YUKOS to block the Russian state auction of the company assets but that was just part of the story. This company was not bankrupt, was pumping out one million barrels of oil a day and climbing.
When a company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the stay is automatic even before the judge knows about the case. That stay is effective the second that the bankruptcy clerk stamps the filing forms. This was a Yukos press release that came out when they filed in Houston. It was an attempt to block Putin by flexing US law in a sham bankruptcy case.
"Yukos has obtained a United States Bankruptcy Court Order making clear that the sale of the Yuganskneftegas stock is a violation of the automatic stay in its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy case. This is another step in the illegal conduct of the Russian authorities."
Russia law enforcement authorities were taking the company away from Khodorkovsky because he violated the law in how he took it over through a money laundering scam. His number two, Leonid Nevzlin, fled to Israel and was granted emergency citizenship status to avoid extradition back to Russia, prosecution and being in prison with Khodorkovsky. Another ex-oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, now lives in London, hiding there and being protected from prosecution by associates who tried to steal Russia blind.
Some readers may recall that Berezovsky was 'The Man' the CIA, MI6 and oil barons relied on to help push Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan oil and gas into Western hands. Berezovsky was also a cog in the Grand Chessboard schemes based on Zbigniew's book of the same name.
This involved a Saint Peterburg bank named Menatep, also controlled by Khodorkovsky and other shady characters. When YUKOS was privatized, Menatep was selected to handle the bids by Boris Yeltsin and Khodorkovsky made sure he was the winning bid by being the only bid considered, for pennies on the dollar of YUKOS' true value. Some readers may recognize that bank name as it was involved in a $15 billion money laundering scam through Bank of New York for the Russian mob and others, and a Zionist Jew in Switzerland.
Quite a few Zionist Jews were involved in this money laundering scam and trying to carve up Russian energy assets.
http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html? res=9C07E3DE1038F931A1575BC0A96F958260&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=all
Well, they tried to use the US Courts to block Putin in taking away Russia's largest oil company from Khodorkovsky and his henchmen buddies.
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To Try to Stop Sale, Yukos Files Chapter 11 in U.S.
Published: December 16, 2004
"MOSCOW, Dec. 15 - The Russian oil giant Yukos sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States on Wednesday, requesting an emergency court hearing in Texas to stop the Russian government's auction of the company's largest production unit. Yukos filed a petition for reorganization in Federal Bankruptcy Court in Houston, where the company's chief financial officer, Bruce K. Misamore, has a residence, and where the oil company says it has assets. A judge there scheduled a hearing for Thursday morning. Yukos wants the American court to stop the auction of its prize asset, Yuganskneftegas, set for Sunday in Moscow. Yuganskneftegas pumps about a million barrels a day, or 60 percent of the company's oil."
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In January 2005 the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Houston Texas dismissed the Chapter 11 petition.
In 1994, Clinton and the then Democrat-controlled Congress pushed through a George H W Bush Administration plan to amend the US Bankruptcy Code. The key provision that was changed was the equity shareholders of US domiciled companies no longer had 'party in interest' status before the bankruptcy court. That means you could invest $10,000 or $1 million in the stock of a company, and if the company files a Chapter 11 bankruptcy the worth of your stock in that company immediately is $0. You have no claim against the company, you have no status before the bankruptcy court; your investment is gone.
That opened the flood gates to what has now been over $1 trillion that has been stolen from US investors through schemes to create companies, fluff them up through Wall Street and media hype, lure the money and then yank the rug out from under the shareholders.
'Pump and Dump as Catherine Austin Fitts says. Global Crossing was a great example of a company that reached $56 billion in capital market valuation (based on price of the stock) but its shareholders were wiped out when Global Crossing filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Wall Street took it over as its own private trading network.
The real scheme that Putin blocked was YUKOS' plan to sell the oil and natural gas assets for pennies on the dollar through the sham Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and sell them to its insider Western and Zionist buddies. Since YUKOS had virtually zero assets in the US and large international debt, they tried to claim under US law that this energy giant was 'therefore bankrupt' in a legal weasel strategy to put the screws to Russia.
Putin rightfully seized all of the company assets under Russian sovereign authority to block this sleazy attempt to take over Russia's largest oil company. Once Putin took that step, the US Bankruptcy Court had no choice but dismiss the bankruptcy because its jurisdiction only applies to US territory and not in other nations. The Houston court certainly had no jurisdiction over Russia. It was a sham; it was a scheme to steal the largest Russian oil company by Western and Zionist parties who have tried for years to steal from Russia.
That is why ENRON stuck its most valuable assets in offshore SPE entities (Special Purpose Entity) and a small group of people (mostly oil and former Halliburton players) walked off with billions in assets and the ENRON shareholders and employees got the shaft when their stock went to $0. Those offshore assets could not be 'recovered' by the bankruptcy court nor did it have any jurisdiction extending to where they stashed those assets.
So, we have 30 years of dreaming and scheming to steal the Caspian Basin oil and gas and the bogus Global War on Terror to shield this brazen oil grab.
We have the armed robbery in progress in Iraq since March 2003 to steal its oil and natural gas.
We have this attempt by legal weasels and energy rip-off artists trying to steal Russia's biggest oil company.
These thugs and thieves will do anything BUT develop the US domestic energy reserves.
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