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Still Very Stupid In Georgia
By Karl Schwarz

BBC News Flash 

There was a press conference in the EU at about 5pm CET, 11am EDT on September 8, 2008 between Nicholas 'the Nick' Sarkozy, EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ivanov.

Of course, this press conference was about 24 hours after Dirty Diapers announced that the US is going to put a US Navy base in Georgia. That was, of course, more blustering from our juvenile delinquent 'president' because he didn't get his way in Georgia...or the Caspian Basin...or Afghanistan...or Iraq or any other lame-brained idea he and his Zionist Neocon cronies came up with during his tenure as President.

I, for one, am glad I am not in the US Navy.  If Bush or any other US president wants to stir up crap in the Black Sea with this 'new navy base' the US navy ships will be at the bottom of the Black Sea within an hour.  Nothing like sending US troops into yet another no win situation as this sea is almost landlocked and is literally in the backyard of a Superpower named Russia.  Stupid is as stupid does...and we have massive Stupid sitting in the Oval Office.



"Accompanied by EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and Commission President José Manuel Barroso, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in Moscow today (8 September) before heading to Tbilisi this evening to discuss the implementation of the peace plan he brokered at the outbreak of the Russia-Georgia conflict a month ago."

"According to the Russian media, the fact that Sarkozy will this time be accompanied by other EU representatives ­ unlike his first visit on 12 September ­ follows US pressure, with Washington not keen for the French president to remain the main peacemaker in the Caucasus."


It was comical watching Sarkozy announce this New Deal and the expressions on the faces of President Medvedev and Foreign Minister Ivanov. Sarko was clearly close to Depends Moment during the press conference.

The Russian Bear is in complete charge and their demeanor showed it.

Sarkozy: 'Significant progress was made."

Russia: "Will remove all road checkpoints in Georgia within 1 week.  We will remove all Russian troops from Georgia within 1 month."

Sarkozy" "We really need this partnership with Russia to work." (Russian energy supplies the EU, of course, and their geostrategic imperative pipeline across Georgia is what this was all about.)

Russia: "Russia agrees to 200 EU inspectors to monitor the peace in Georgia."

Sarkozy: "The international community needs Russia to understand that they need to move all troops out of South Ossetia and Abkhazia that were moved in due to this dispute."

Russia: "No way. Russian troops and Russian peacekeepers will stay positioned in those areas.  We protected Russian citizens and we will continue to protect those Russian citizens.  Those areas have voted to join Russia and Russia now views them as part of Russia. The decision for their independence from Georgia is irreversible."

Sarkozy: (Noticeable pause by Sarko) "Uh, uh, there will be meetings in Geneva on October 15 to discuss the status of the breakaway regions."

Russia: (Medvedev smiling) "Such discussions are fine but Russia is not going to pull out of the new Russian areas of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Sarkozy: "We are headed to Tbilisi to discuss matters with Georgia and they have already agreed that Georgia will not use any type of force against the breakaway regions."

Russia: There was no response from Russia.  The looks on the faces of Medvedev and Lavrov did not need words.  How about: "God help them if they try it."

Russia did not object to the new US Navy base in Georgia. I think Russia is confident that they are in total control of this situation.

During the press conference it was slipped that this dispute actually started on August 7, NOT on the opening of the Olympics the next day.  That explains to me why Putin was glaring at Bush at the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.  

This revelation confirms that stupid Georgia attacked a Russian naval vessel and a Russian freighter and during the early morning hours of August 8 while people slept in South Ossetia, Georgia and their co-conspirators the Ukraine, Zionist Israel and the US attacked.

I watched today's press conference closely and listened closely to the translations as they became available.

There is no doubt about it.  Russia is a Superpower. Junior better order some extra diapers.


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