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Stupid Strikes Again
By Karl Schwarz
Pompous Lord Bush says "Russia must respect Georgia sovereignty" in a photo op with Poodle Rice and Bob Gates at his side. Then our Zionist puppet president dispatches Rice shuttling to a Paris tête-à- tête with Little Sarko and then back over to Georgia for yet another useless Rice photo op from within the Zionist puppet nation of Georgia.
You are about to learn that Bush is a liar and does not respect Russian sovereignty. Time and time again, the US has violated Russian sovereignty throughout the Clinton and Bush Administrations to get to the oil and gas in the Caspian Basin and Caucasus regions.
Bush is trying to use the mainstream media to deflect attention away from his evil misdeeds. Georgia, with the assistance of the US and Israel, attacked South Ossetia, a Russian province. Information has just come out that BushCo is trying to start another civil war in yet another Russian province. Read on.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Now that I have disclosed to you the Spy Games and terrorism the US has conducted in the Caucasus region of Dagestan, Chechnya, South Ossetia and the entire Caspian Basin region, read this article and then look again at the picture provided below.
<start insert>
MOSCOW (RIA Novosti) -- Russian security forces have arrested a top Georgian intelligence officer on charges of collecting data on Russian troops in the North Caucasus and breakaway South Ossetia's president, the FSB said on Tuesday.
The Federal Security Service gave the intelligence officer's surname as Kherksladze, and said the suspect had described himself as the deputy head of Georgia's Foreign Intelligence Service.
The FSB said Kherksladze has been running a network of agents in Russia collecting information, "including on military and strategic facilities in the Southern Federal District."
The FSB also said Georgian secret services had tried to organize underground militant groups in the North Caucasus.
The Russian secret service said that it had arrested a Russian national, one Ramzan Turkoshvili, who "confessed to being recruited by Georgian secret services with the direct involvement of one of the leaders of terrorists hiding in the Pankisi Gorge."
The FSB said that the intelligence officer had been given the task of "organizing militant resistance to federal authorities" in Ingushetia and other regions of Russia's Southern Federal District, adding that he was also believed to have been a link between militant groups in Russia and Georgian secret services.
The Russian Republic of Ingushetia borders on Chechnya and has been the scene of increasing militant attacks on police and federal forces of late.
FSB head Alexander Bortnikov said on Monday that the security service had detained 10 Georgian intelligence service officers who were spying on military facilities and preparing terrorist attacks, including in Russia.
Security was tightened on the Russian border following a major ground and air offensive by Georgia against its breakaway republic of South Ossetia on Friday. The attack prompted Russia to send in tanks and hundreds of troops and eventually expel Georgian troops from the province. Russia has said at least 1,600 civilians were killed by Georgian forces during the attack. A total of 34,000 people are also reported to have fled across the Russian border.
Russia has also beefed up its presence in Abkhazia, another secessionist Georgian republic.
<end insert>
Ok, the US has spent considerable time, money and effort flipping, even buying, extorting, and bribing Georgia so the US can have a pipeline across it. Those are all known FACTS, and Israel has aided and abetted BushCo every step of the way.
Evidently, the Mossad and the CIA have embedded operatives there, too, to help foment this continuing nonsense.
According to one source I read, the oil port at Poti (that the Russians just bombed into oblivion) is owned by the 'good ports folks' down in the UAE, United Arab Emirates. Remember how Dubai Ports World tried to take over a string of major US ports?
The US CIA tried to flip Chechnya, with the help of mega-killer and ex-Russian Oligarch now London resident, Boris Berezovsky...and failed. Many Russians died and the Russian Bear remembers every bit of that horror story. It was an incredibly dumb move, never tread on the turf of a Bear. Many now wish the Zionists had never messed with Chechnya...and many of the perps had no ass left by the time the Bear was done with them.
The US CIA tried to flip Dagestan and failed. Evidently 'the agency' had the dumbest SOBs on this planet working for them at the time because they did not even come close.
The US has tried to promote pipelines across the Caspian Sea from Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and failed. No one in that area wants 'Fish with Quaker State slime" on the menu.
They have tried to force the pipeline issue across Afghanistan and are no closer today than they were as of September 11, 2001. Jeff and I debate behind the scenes about colorful language such as 'brain f**t', so we'll call it a 'neuron belch'...in any case, it was stupid then and it is still stupid now. BushCo is permanently mired in a deadly geopolitical melodrama called 'a pipeline too far' because of the way it continues to try to do it. Go ahead, knock yourself out, Barky. You and Zbig will be no more successful than Junior and his Big Oil Zionist thugs.
The US, Israel, mercenaries and Georgia just tried to push Russia out of South Ossetia, and the word failed doesn't come close to describing the ass-kicking they got. That was a really stupid move...never, ever, intentionally piss off a Bear.
The US and UK and Tel Aviv have tried for THREE DAMNED DECADES to take over the Caspian Basin and have failed to achieve anything substantial. They have no pipelines out of the area, and, meanwhile, both Russia and Iran and Bridas Corporation just keep rocking right along.
So, what's the target of their next game of Spy Shits & Giggles?
You just read it, Ingushetia.
Where is that? Right there - between NORTH OSSETIA and CHECHNYA!
Russia just stomped the dog shit out of Georgia, the US and Israel in SOUTH OSSETIA and across much of Georgia.
Has the US reached the bottom of the barrel on stupid? Hell, NO.
Bush and his bungling neocon killer-plotters have much more stupid left to show the world.
It is all over the world news, and soon Americans will be learning about the number of US and Israeli, and mercenary troops killed in the incredibly stupid Georgia caper.
They could not get their way in Chechnya from 1994-2000 in order to gain right of way for a pipeline.
They could not get their way in Dagestan, for a pipeline right of way...and large amounts of oil and gas that Russia is pumping, and pumping and pumping through its own pipelines.
They could not get their way in South Ossetia, so.
Now, let's commit more US, CIA, and ZIONIST terrorism, civil war and death in INGUSHETIA, which is INSIDE RUSSIA.
Are you getting the picture folks? Our nation is led by a Terrorist Gang. Have a damned clue yet as to why the Russians are enraged and have had more than enough of this endless crap?
It will all end in just a few ways.
1. When someone has had enough and nukes DC, London and Tel Aviv off the face of this planet. The Axis Of Evil will cease and desist, or this beast will be decapitated.
2. Or...when the rest of the world will make damned sure that the US is the next Bolivia in terms of economic strength. Do you have a backyard you can raise potatoes and beets in, maybe some corn maize for tortillas?
3. OR...it will end when Americans wake the Hell up and tear Washington DC a new ass - PUT A STOP TO ITS INSANITY. Israel and UK alone cannot pursue this stupidity. They have to have American Stupidity to pursue the agenda. GET IT?
They have to have Dumbass Americans to keep pushing this crap and footing the bills....for WHAT, they haven't a clue.
Make no mistake about it - Georgia is a vassal puppet regime of the Zionist West...the US, UK and Tel Aviv.
Folks, unless you want the US to be nuked off the face of this planet or forced into Third World status, wake up, get off your lazy ass, and rock the timbers in Washington, DC.
It stops...or your future as an American is over much sooner than you can imagine. It definitely won't be the American Dream - unless you think thermonuclear weapons are 4th of July fireworks.
How many stupids can Stupid do, if Stupid can do stupid? You don't want to know the answer to that because would probably pack your bags and leave America in shame.
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