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Stupid Is The Problem
In Afghanistan, Too

By Karl Schwarz

Most of us did not get a present or flowers today to commemorate the 7th Anniversary of September 11, 2001.  That is probably appropriate since there has been little to celebrate since that day but the genocide of millions in Afghanistan and Iraq. I cannot speak for you but I do not mourn 9-11.  That date angers me and insults my nation and its good people...but I stay focused on WHO did it and WHY.

The US did 9-11.  Let's get that STRAIGHT.  That was the only way BushCo and the Zionists could force Americans to back their stupid, genocidal policies for the attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan.  The wanted Iraq's oil and to be able to install that elusive pipeline through Afghanistan.

It is amazing that many Americans still cannot get 'get it' that we attacked Afghanistan only because of 9-11 and over the past 7 years there have been thousands of people and thousands of clues and factual data that the official 9-11 story from DC is nothing but a barrel of lies. It goes even further.  The 'official' US story about

9-11 is total bullshit and most of the rest of the world knows it.  It is one of the biggest problems the US has in selling its policies in foreign nations...nations who already know it was all a lie to justify US military massacres to steal oil and natural gas.

It was then...and is still now...all about oil and natural gas and pipelines and years of failed US policies on multiple fronts.

This might be the closest thing any of us will get as a present today, so please read and pay attention.  There is something major going on in Afghanistan and in the EU regarding US actions, and misdeeds

BBC Hardtalk with host Stephen Sackur had an interesting guest on September 9, 2008.  He is Francesc Vendrell, former EU Special Envoy to Afghanistan since 2002. Mr. Vendrell finally gave up in disgust and resigned earlier this year after working hard for 6 years to get Afghanistan headed in the right direction and get peace put in place.

It (peace) has been put into place many times...and then squandered by the diaper-fouling George W Bush.


This gentleman, Vendrell, has gone off the Bush Ranch and is telling it like it is in Afghanistan. You American Sheeple reading this need to pay attention to some of the key points that Mr. Vendrell had to say in this interview which constitutes even more hard evidence that the BushCo GWOT is a total, despicable, complete fraud. 

Vendrell worked night and day for 6 years for peace in Afghanistan. Even though deals had been cut with some of the most violent warlords and peace was in place, our Great Decider War Lord President persisted with his stupidity and attacked those who had already stood down and were working towards sorting out the difficulties in Afghanistan.

As of today, due to such Bush stupidity, the Taliban control most of Afghanistan. It is because of such stupidity, deceit and atrocities that the Taliban are coming back in force.

Bush had put them on a 'LIST' and come Hell or high water they were marked for death.  All that accomplished was to pour gasoline on a fire that was already going out.  Imagine my shock and surprise that Bush did the stupid thing when the smart moves could have been made.

Mr. Vendrell made it abundantly clear that BushCo has blown or destroyed every opportunity for peace in Afghanistan by pushing his lunatic version of the Global War on Terror.  Bush has instigated massive death and violence in Afghanistan in order to keep the GWOT illusion alive for idiot American Sheeple.  Estimates now run in the range of 2-4 MILLION Afghanis who have died because of Mad Bush and his Zionist Neocon maniacs.

Even as NATO finally caved in to Bush demands to put troops in place in Afghanistan, their every effort to make peace a reality was then crushed by US or UK actions to attack those who had already agreed to move forward to work things out.  Imagine my 'shock and surprise' that the US and UK are desperate to keep their idiot citizens believing the lie of the Global War on Terror.

The subject of US genocide of Afghanis in November 2001 came up.  If you have time watch this video, please do.  The events happened and no matter how much blustering Bush has done, or Barky Obama intends to do regarding his 'refocus' on Afghanistan, NOTHING is going to work until the matter of the genocide of about 3,000 Afghanis by US Special Forces and General Rashid Dostum (Uzbek) is addressed. Virtually the entire Afghan population and those Taliban in Pakistan are mobilizing to fight back against NATO, the UK and the US due to the atrocities that have been wrought on the Afghan people.


Folks, like I said in an earlier essay taking on the Afghanis is like going tiger hunting bare handed.  No empire has ever, in the history of mankind, subjugated these people.  Bush is no Genghis Khan and the latter could not conquer the Afghanis.

Our President, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and all military personnel involved in this atrocity are War Criminals.  The matter has been referred to the ICC in Brussels.

Most of the Taliban who had surrendered were gunned down with their hands tied behind their backs.  Be not proud, America.  Of course, the US is already bludgeoning the UN and others maintaining that none of the US military personnel will be allowed to be tried for these war crimes.

These cowards put the Taliban prisoners who had surrendered into shipping containers in 120 degree heat, and then riddled those containers with bullets until everyone inside was dead. They then dumped their bodies in a remote area of the desert to let the vultures have a picnic. If you listen to the video closely, many of these Taliban had Pakistan markings.  GET IT?

Does that fact give you a clue why Bush has leaned so hard on the thug Pervez Musharraf?  We have no allies over there because the US is clearly, totally in the wrong.

In addition to US Special Forces, BushCo General Rashid Dostrum to carry out the mass murder. I have written about Dostrum many times because Bridas Corporation had signed a contract with him and the Taliban to build the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, or 'TAP'. That contract was signed in late 1995 or early 1996. 

Mr. Ventrell's statements on BBC Hardtalk made it clear to me that the problem in Afghanistan is George W Bush, our war criminal president.

In closing, Mr. Ventrell stated that there will be no peace in Afghanistan until George W Bush is no longer President of the United States. The next president of the US had better come up with a different plan.  Every attempt at peace has been slammed by BushCo with armed force, or air force bombings, or the use of unmanned aerial weapons systems to keep this carnage and genocide going to sell the GWOT bullshit to stupid Americans.

If ou missed my essay on Rense about how Kosovo and Georgia are, in fact, related, note the article and letter at the bottom of this essay.  General Rashid Dostum is mentioned in these documents as well as the fact that a flight left Kosovo hours after the WTC towers laid in ruin with 2,700 dead...that plane apparently brought a huge amount of money into Northern Afghanistan.


The northern third of Afghanistan is controlled by the Uzbek Dostum, an operative of our CIA and DoD.  And to repeat, in November 2001, war crimes were committed with the murder of those approximately 3,000 Taliban who had surrendered.  Those young men had their hands tied behind their backs and were then gunned down in cold blood by US Special Forces and Dostrum's fighters.  GET IT?

Just think, Barky Obama and Zbigniew Brzezinski intend to 'refocus' on Afghanistan and commit more such atrocities. Bush has already ordered that a brigade, about 4,000 US soldiers, be transferred from Iraq to Afghanistan.  That happened within the past 24 hours.

If you recall, Barky gave the Zionist New World Order speech in Berlin to Germans at the intermission of a rock concert to create the illusion that all of those people showed up to hear Barky pontificate .  That was when he urged Germany to join with the Zionist New World Order and contribute more to the NATO effort in Afghanistan. It was their responsibility as 'global citizens'.

There is an Afghanistan pipeline deal that is still yet to get done. The Caspian Basin is landlocked, so it's up to Heil Barky to get that pipeline deal done. The Zbigniew Brzezinski brain-dead Grand Chessboard is in total defeat and checkmate, so let us all go squander more lives and the peace.  That is Barky-Brzezinski's plan.

Are you getting the picture folks? The 'War On Terror' is a total fraud.  It was launched on the bodies of about 3,000 total murdered Americans on September 11, 2001.  The US has committed war crimes to keep the illusion alive. Every attempt at peace has been intentionally and premeditatedly crushed by BushCo.

Any listener who could hear what I heard today from Mr. Ventrell could easily surmise that he is a man speaking straight from the heart.

General Rashid Dostum has agreed to allow an international investigation into these war crimes, but he "cannot guarantee their safety."

And a large number of Americans want to elect the Bush successor for the Zionist New World Order war plan...Barky Obama.  Is that what YOU want?


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