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Stupid Is NOT Going To End
Until There Is A Huge Crash

By Karl Schwarz
Well, well, well, Georgia and their Zionist West backers are still provoking the Russian Bear. A *really* stupid idea. I think I will vacation West of where I am rather than East. I was thinking about checking out Sochi where the 2014 Olympic games are to be held but will pass on that for now. I do not want to be anywhere around the kill zone when the Bear decides he has had enough of the Zionist West bullshit in Georgia.
Did you know that Central Asia Georgia was part of the coast of the United States? A United States COAST GUARD ship has docked in the port ofBatumi, and has pulled back on its announced intention to dock in Poti. A wise choice.
What are we Americans to think? Is Central Asia Georgia now our 51st state of East Georgia? Does George Bush have a clue what he is doing? Don't answer that. Will Central Asia Georgia have a mascot like the Georgia Bulldogs? Will the bulldog have to eat both a Kosher and non-pork diet to satisfy the Muslim-Zionist Israeli thugs who control the government of this aberration of East Georgia?
Are we watching a really strange remake of 'Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil' and Batumi, Ajaria, Georgia is now Savannah as in 'Gone with the Wind' on Quaaludes? Damn, does Savannah, Georgia know that their US Coast Guard protection is on the other side of the world? IsBatumi about to be renamed 'Savannah'? BBC said the US Coast Guard ship decided to not test the Russian navy and armor that is in the Poti area, so they docked at a third breakaway region of Georgia.
Most Americans do not know that Josef Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia. There are many former Georgian Christians now living happily and peacefully in Russia. That city of Gori is very close to the New South Ossetia and the protective zone Russia
established to insulate the Russian Orthodox Christian citizens of South Ossetia. Yeah, Georgia was part ofRussia for centuries and now this moron Saakashvili thinks Central Asia isEurope. He must have learned that in the US where he went to school.
Evidently, the diaper meister lunatic in the Oval Office thinks Central Asia Georgia is on the East Coast of the US. Mick Saakashvili thinks Central Asia is in Europe and accuses Russia of trying to force the boundaries ofEurope to change by force?
Are all of these people on massive psychotropic drugs?
David Miliband, Zionist heir apparent to 'Gorgon' Brown was in Ukraine on Wednesday to "build the broadest possible international 'coalition' against this Russian aggression." Uh, oh, GW and the twit Brits are going to assemble another useless COALITION. To quote him: "Russia must be taught a lesson that aggression will not be tolerated in this century."
Huh? Thanks David, how about getting your own genocidal, thieving asses out of Iraq and Afghanistan before trying to threaten Russia. The hypocrisy of the Zionist West is crushing.
Of course, the Miliband visit was made because the puppet Ukraine regime feels 'threatened' now that its joint venture caper with Georgia, the US and Zionist Israel has exploded in its face. Davey boy is out reassuring all that the Zionist West will overcome this by joining hands and photo ops and trash-talking Russia.
These slimebags attack innocent civilians and then blame the defenders for the W FUBAR they stirred up. They are criminally insane.
They are losing, they are desperate, and it is showing.
The Zionist New World Order is on the ropes thanks to the resolve of those who refuse to bow down...and to Russia for standing firm on truth and reality.
I have no problems whatsoever understanding Putin, Medvedev, Ivanov or Lavrov. The US, Zionist Israel and its asinine puppet government inGeorgia screwed-up big time, and there will be Hell to pay for that.
And speaking of such, what in Hell is a US Coast Guard ship doing in Batumi, Ajaria on the Black Sea?
Most of you have probably seen the news that NATO ships were headed towards Poti, Georgia. They had to either divert, stay in the West end of the Black Sea or zig and zag a lot because Russia decided to have 'live fire' drills with their Black Sea fleet with missiles that can sink a ship with one shot from hundreds of miles away.
Bush might have missed the 'hint' but I guarantee the commanders of those NATO vessels did not.
Russia is patiently waiting for the next dumbass who wants to get his butt kicked.
NATO seems to be having second thoughts about declaring Central Asia (orEurasia) Georgia a full-status NATO and EU member. NATO, of course, has tried to push itself to the borders of Mother Russia for years under a doctrine of 'get used to it'. Reality check: Russia has the EU by the throat and groin when it comes to their energy supplies of oil and natural gas.
I can just imagine many in the EU seeing the US Coast Guard ship in Batumi, Ajaria and asking: "What the Hell is this???" I am also getting some feedback from across Europe that the official EU public response to Bush right now can be summed up in one word:
Most Americans would get a kick out of how Europeans say that word: 'IDGYOT!' I hear 'idgyot Bush' everywhere I go.
The cooler and wiser heads in the EU are starting to contemplate how cold it might be in the EU this fall and winter in this new BushCo-Zionist-created Cold War. Hopefully, Russia will decide to lower the temperatures in all homes and offices in the EU this winter as a reminder of who their energy supplier is.
Russia's response regarding Georgia is abundantly clear: GET USED TO IT! Russia has made it 100% plain that security and peace matters in Georgia, from this point forward, are the province of Russia...and not Georgia, not Zionist Israel, not NATO, not the EU trying to expand into Central Asia, not the US.
Paybacks are lousy. Revenge is a dish best served cold and the Russians do know how to serve it up properly when people act as if they are friend and then knife them in the back - as they did in South Ossetia in August 2008. The knifers include Georgia, NATO, EU, OSCE, the US, Israel, US and Israeli mercenaries, Ukraine, et al. Even those illegal German automatic weapons will be remembered. Got that Merkel-Ferkel?
Russia has decided to prove to the world how much of the Ukraine is Russian right now.
They are not only offering Russian passports to Ukrainians in the eastern third of Ukraine known as the Crimea. It goes even further than that.
Due to demographics and realities, most Americans do not know that many of the people in the eastern third of Ukraine are already Russian-born, Russian citizens and already have Russian passports.
The Bush, Soros, Zionist New World Order types do not want Americans to know too much about all of this. They are trying to paint the picture that the new Zionist Ukraine is totally dead-set on separating from Russiapermanently. Wrong. The pensioners in Ukraine receive their monthly checks from Moscow, not Kiev. Much of the medical needs of Ukraine are paid by Moscow, not Kiev.
Most of the oil and natural gas is supplied by Russia, not the Soros-BushCo-Zionist West team.
The Ukraine economy would be much worse off than it is now if it were not Russian tourists coming to the Black Sea for summer holiday, andUkraine ripping them off with absurd prices. Russia has a 'beach deficit' and Russians have vacationed in the Black Sea area for generations. One of our team spent two weeks in the Crimea this summer. It's a beautiful place, indeed.
Remember, the port Ukraine told Russia it can no longer use isSevastopol...part of the Crimea region. Just north of the Sea of Azov, an adjunct of the Black Sea, are many Russian airbases...packed, racked and stacked with Russian fighter jets and strategic bombers ready for any BushCo or NATO stupidity.
The point: much of Ukraine is already inhabited by Russian-born Russian citizens, not just Ukrainians. Just because BushCo says so don't make it so.
If you watched the Olympics, one of the higher moments was Russian pole-vaulter Elena Isinbaeva (Yelena Isinbayeva) winning the Gold medal and setting a new world record. And she did so in the face of being trash-talked by the classless American who finished second with the Silver. Elena rose above the American's abuse with the greatest dignity imaginable and literally brought down the house in Beijing.
Even though Isinbaeva has set 23 world records in the women's pole vault, this was her first Olympics Gold medal at the age of 30.
Truly, a legendary superstar and a tribute to the best in athletic morality and integrity.
There were 90,000 people in that stadium watching the American's lowlife behavior. When Elena cleared the bar in her record vault, the stadium erupted more than it did for any other event in the Olympics. Elena wrapped a Russia flag around her and WALKED around the entire length of the 400m track while 90,000 people from all over the world gave her a roaring, standing ovation for winning the gold...and putting the American in her place. She did not have to jog, she walked...and the crowd stayed standing and applauding the entire time.
Folks, you have to get this straight in your head. The rest of the world is leaving the US behind in its own dirty sandbox.
I have noticed while in Europe that Americans seem to lack common manners and the ability to refrain from making complete ASSES of themselves. Perhaps the American pole-vaulter took her lead from Bush....who also made a consummate (and drunken) ass of himself inBeijing.
Elena was born in Volgograd, Russia.
That is the fat-mouthed American on the left in the photo. Russia took both Gold and Bronze in this event. I cannot remember the American's name nor do I wish to. She embarrassed our country...and fortunately was put in her place in front of 90,000 people in Beijing and a worldwide television audience of over a billion.
Elena Isinbaeva (Yelena Isinbayeva in their alphabet) LIVES IN DONETSK, UKRAINE in the eastern part of Ukraine. She is one of many Russians living in the Eastern part of the Ukraine.
Get it?
If you want to get a 'real picture' of this world get out of that recliner, get as far away from O'Reilly and Hannity, and the Wolf Blitzer types as fast you can and see the truth for yourself with your own eyes.
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