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DNC And Net Cretins Win

By Karl Schwarz
Sarah Palin just proved to me that she is worthy of carrying any responsibility she chooses to take on; worthy of the full trust of the American people.  
The Democrats are SO worried about Palin becoming Vice President of the United States that the DNC lie machine kicked into high gear trying to discredit her within hours of McCain's announcement that she was his VP selection.  
They have been lying about her environmental and conservation record and stances among many issues.  They have been lying about anything they could get their grubby, sweaty, greasy little conniving hands on.  They twist, they contort, they spin them around backwards trying to smear her with the America public.  This is another example of how the 'two party' system in this country is rotten from the bottom up.  They are lying machines...from 911, to the Iraq and Afghan wars, to Gov Palin's fifth child...and thousands of things in between.  
Well, it is the DNC lie machine's turn to eat sh*t...it just got caught in those vulgar efforts about her fifth child, twisting the chronology around to fit their foul agenda.  
As many of you saw, DNC bloggers began spreading the lie that Palin's fifth child (the four-month old with Down Syndrome) is not her child at all...but that of her oldest daughter.  They blasted all over the net that Mom and Dad, and the entire RNC are covering up the truth from those poor DNC moron voters.  
The DNC bloggers and email machines claimed that Palin was never pregnant with a fifth child, and that the child was really that of her oldest teenage daughter.  In spite of news stories - openly stating that the Alaska governor was pregnant - still they lied that the child was not Sarah Palin's but the child of her oldest daughter.
Read that article close because this lady cleaned house on the corruption of the Alaska Republican Party...and DC IS NEXT.  
The DNC lowlife elitists stand of their right to 'vet' anyone - even if they lie out their asses to do so.  The DNC hate and spin machine has no limits.  The DailyKos has been, no surprise, among those sites posting the scurrilous lies, and there are many other Democrat websites and blogs that picked up on it and spread the lie far, wide and fast. My emails have been inundated with such and I told them all that they were helping spreading a lie...and false DNC story.
As is the case with Americans, many of them chose to believe the lie rather than the simple truth.  Just like the simple truth that Saddam had no WMD, or that Iran poses NO threat to the West.
On September 1, 2008, from St Paul, MN Sarah Palin made a stunning announcement and proved to the world she has more class than all of the DNC members combined...and I mean every last damned one of them combined.
This is what I sent to Jeff Rense regarding the September 1, 2008 press conference in St Paul, MN.
<start insert>
Major Announcement:
The fifth child is Sarah Palin's child ­ straight from her mouth.
THE 17 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS PREGNANT and will be marrying the child's father.  No abortion, no one in the family supports abortion. 
These DNC lie machine bastards have completely tried to screw the facts, twist the truth, distort the chronology to nail Sarah and she just nailed them back with a bat between the eyes
YES, McCain already knew and believed they had already taken the proper steps.
<end insert>  
Unfortunately, for the hate Palin conspirators, the child is exactly who Sarah Palin said it is.  She has FIVE children, not four and a grandchild.
Here's more on Governor Palin's incineration of the DNC internet baby rumor smear operation.  Read on...
Eat your heart out Hillary, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein...for none of you can hold a candle to this lady.  
The DNC lie machine just got caught, big time.  
And there is serious business ahead to clean out the cancer from DC...once and for all.
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