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Schemes & Dreams Of
Zionists and Neocons

By Karl Schwarz
BBC Hardtalk guest for September 10, 2008 was Mr. William F. Browder.  Even though his investment fund is one of the largest foreign investors in Russia he was recently declared 'persona non grata' in Russia and has been denied entry to that nation. If you recall, TNK-BP had a recent flap and BP pulled all of their 150 people out of Russia.  The new CEO of TNK-BP will be a Russian, not a person from the US or UK.  That was announced last week.
The line is drawn in the sand regarding Western Zionist schemes to wedge in on the Russian energy market.
William F. Browder is the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, along with well-known Lebanese Jew banker Edmond Safra (now deceased). You may recall that he was supposedly killed by his caretaker in Monaco years ago.  
It takes some time but any diligent researcher can find Safra's ties to George Soros, Marc Rich (pardoned by Clinton for crimes in the US), and Bruce Rappaport, a Zionist Jew Swiss banker who is also on the Russia Shit List. All three of them are well-known Zionist Jew thugs and all three of them are on the Russian List.
Rappaport has major ties to Marc Rich, the Zionist West criminal who Russia does not like or trust, and who is directly involved with Bank Menatep and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the imprisoned former head of Yukos Oil.  He was also directly tied to a $15 billion money laundering scam that involved Bank Menatep, Bank of New York and Zionist Jew dual citizen Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Yukos.  The largest Russia oil company at that time, Yukos, was taken over by Zionist Jews in a major scam and Putin hammered them.
Browder's company was pursuing major investments in Russian energy since 1996 and has made significant investment into some of the Russian giants such as Gazprom, now the world's largest natural gas company. Reportedly the total amount invested was about $4 billion and was mainly in banking, oil and natural gas. Mr. Browder was very specific that it was not his money; he represents 'others' in these Russia investments and collects his fees for management.
Sniff? Yeah, that is the Rothschild and Zionist West target every time: oil, natural gas and banking.
This is one of those where there is smoke, there is fire types of stories.  The door to foreign investment in Russia is wide-open.  I know because our nanotechnology company is engaged in negotiations with Russia on multiple levels.
The record is clear that Mr. Browder was beaten, had business records confiscated by Russian authorities and was denied entry into Russia.  If his run-in was with the Russian mob, he would no longer be alive so we can rule that group out.  If he had crossed some of the Zionist Jew oligarchs in Russia, he would no longer be alive so we can rule them out, too.  If his run-in was being found out to be a front man for trying to take over Russian energy for certain Western and Zionist Jew parties, yeah, that will get your ass stomped real good in Russia every time. Being a front for Zionist aims on Russia energy assets is a 'sure ass-whuppin' as we say down South.  The Russians will take a person out behind the barn and 'beat ya like they don't know ya'.
"William Browder is the CEO and co-founder of the investment fund Hermitage Capital Management. Founded in 1996 by Browder and Edmond Safra and investing mainly in Russia, his fund is a prominent activist shareholder in the Russian gas giant Gazprom, the large oil company Surgutneftegaz, Unified Energy Systems and Sberbank."
"Although Browder is a vocal supporter of Russian president Vladimir Putin and was alleged by the Venona project of having had connections to the Soviet secret services KGB/GRU, in 2006 he was blacklisted by the Russian government as a "threat to national security" and denied entry to the country. The Economist has accused the Russian government that this blacklisting occurred because he interfered with the flow of money to "corrupt bureaucrats and their businessmen accomplices."
Sberbank is the largest savings bank in Russia and is involved in Russia and East Europe.  Of note, one of the most hated Zionist Jew oligarchs in Russia is German Gref, it's Chairman, CEO.  
Yeah, I can see where the Zionist Jews and Neocons would love to show Russians how adept they are at stealing the savings of the citizens of any nation.
The only way to get on the Russian Shit List is for their intelligence services (KGB, GRU) and financial investment arms to find out one of two things.  First, that a Russian presence is engaged in money laundering activities for the Russian Zionist Jew oligarchs who are under investigation...and most of them are. Over time, Putin and his people will nail a lot of them.  Some of you may remember that the interim leader in Russia prior to Dmitry Medvedev was Viktor Zubkov.  His full time job in Russia is to investigate and root out the corruption in Russia, and his hands have been full in defending Mother Russia from endless Zionist efforts to worm their way in and take over the Russian energy assets.
The second way to get on that list is for Russia to learn that you are fronting for entities and persons who have as the sole objective scams and schemes to take over Russian energy reserves. That is the number one no-no in Russia. They have had their fill of Western Zionist malignant schemes to carve up Russia to pad their illegal bank accounts. 
What I found most interesting in looking into this matter is Browder is the grandson of the former US head of the Communist Party in the US and former Communist Party candidate for president...his grandfather did, in fact, run for president. I cannot find anything on his religious affiliations but my bet is he is a Neocon Zionist Jew or a Plain Jane Neocon fronting for the Zionist New World Order agenda as it pertains to Russia and stealing all the energy assets it can.
He is a graduate of both the University of Chicago (same as many of the Neocons) and Stanford University.  The latter also being a favorite haven for the Neocons to get their higher level degrees...such as our Black Piss-Poodle Condi Rice.
George Soros has parked his sleazy butt in Moscow with his "Open Society" group and my sources inform that it is a known front for MI6 and CIA activities in Russia along with the US and UK embassies.  
It is Soros.
Soros operates out of Hungary through his Zionist contacts that nation.
My read on this is simply this.  If the Zionists think they are going to carve up Russia's energy assets, they had better be prepared to wrestle a damned big thermonuclear Russian Bear with a bad attitude toward western thieves.
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