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The Revealing Barack
Obama Test

By Karl Schwarz

On September 18, 2008, Jeff Rense had 'The Audacity of Deceit', Brad O'Leary, on as a guest.  If you missed it, I highly recommend you listen to the second hour of that program.

Author O'Leary has created and posted a very important online public service...a 'Barky Test' that anyone can take anytime to see if their views are even remotely consistent with what Obama REALLY stands for, plans for and intends to do to America if he is elected.  Here's the link...


I took the Barky Test and found that this Zionist New World Order candidate is trailing by 2-1 to 11-1 margins in almost every question on this simple test.

That suggests only one of two things. Either Barky is absolutely, totally and completely out of touch with what Americans want, or, he is fronting for the Zionist agenda and Americans are not buying off on it. My opinion?  He is guilty of both.

The Iran preconditions question presumes that the US should make Iran stop enriching nuclear fuel for reactors that generate electricity. That is an absolute right they have as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. That is the same treaty that Nuclear Israel REFUSES to sign and flaunts it in the face of the international community.  Israel has been an outlaw to the international community for 60 years.  It is way past time that the international community holds Israel in 'contempt' and forces it into responsible compliance.  

Iran is also adamant that it will continue to control its own oil and natural gas wealth. That is precondition number two that the US, UK and Israel wish to compel on Iran and carve up its energy resources to fatten the 'right' bank accounts. History has proven again and again that preconditions from the LOSER never work.  The US needs pipelines out of the Caspian Basin and the quickest and shortest route (and safest) is across Iran.

This Iran question was a clear example to me what a 'head job' US propaganda and the zionist MSM is doing to American public opinion of Iran. The problem is not Iran.  The problem is the US, UK and Israel and their desires to subjugate Iran and and profit from Iranian oil and gas assets...just like they did to Iraq on the basis to monumentally willful lies.

I have an advantage over most Americans in that I live in Europe and see Iran for what it is...not what the US, UK and Israeli media claim.  Some of our affiliates also have direct business dealings with Iran and I can assure everyone there is virtually nothing said in the US media that is accurate regarding it. The problem with Iran is it intends to use its oil and natural gas wealth for the benefit of its own citizens...just like Saddam Hussein did in building Iraq into the most Westernized, modern, culturally-advanced of all Middle East nations. 

That got Iraq demolished and both the US and Israel are spinning up the very same lies regarding Iran as they did about Iraq. Lest you missed it, everything regarding Iraq has now been proven to be a callous (deadly) lie and there are now well over 1 million Iraqis murdered because of it. By any definition, what has been done to the citizens of that nation is genocide.  

When Vladimir Putin was still the president of Russia he very clearly stated that any attack in Iran will be considered an attack on Russian interests.  But for the myopic policies of the US and bending over for Israeli demands, things could have been resolved with Iran 20 years ago.

Another question regarded time of a US troop pullout from Iraq. The US could withdraw from Iraq tomorrow and the end results would be the same as


if it did in another year.  The Iraq government is already taking steps to bring China and Russia back into the picture because they are getting better profit sharing offers from just about anyone but the US and UK.


Bush has lost Iraq. Americans need to wake up to that fact. The sooner we base oil and gas business on contracts rather than bullets and Shock & Awe, the better.

Take the test. If you somehow still back this phony, media-made would-be messianic cult figure on the real key issues after seeing how your answers compare to his (at the moment) positions, at least have the common decency to shut up after November 4 rolls around and America says 'NO DAMNED WAY, OBAMA.'


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