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Iran Is Not The Problem
By Karl Schwarz

I am not into watching teevee MSM news because I learned many years ago they lie 24/7.  Among the things I abhor in life, liars are at the head of the list. In the US, Lou Dobbs took the gloves off long ago and telling it like it is. I respect him for that. I would respect Keith Olbermann more if he was non-partisan about it but he is a diehard Far Left Liberal. I like the way Olbermann tells Bush and Cheney off but now he needs to balance his act and slam the morons on the other side of the aisle, too. They are all idiots and they are all hazardous to the health and future of America.

I am seeing very clear signs that Stephen Sackur of BBC Hardtalk is also taking the gloves off and is not lobbing softball questions to some of his recent guests. 

For example, the US has a new Bush Butt Wipe (James Glassman, Deputy Secretary of Public Diplomacy, US State Department) out trying to sell the US agenda because no one listens to Black Piss Poodle Condi Rice any more. This is not 'official diplomacy'; it is a new title and new approach of 'public diplomacy' of repackaging US spin (bullshit), and lies. Now the goal is to convince the world that the US is right. No bullets; just shoot copious amounts of bullshit at the Islamic world and NATO allies to see if they can be suckered into blindly backing the DC agenda.

I listened to his interview three times and would have to surmise that the new BushCo policy can best be summed up as 'rope a dope' and then shock and awe them with American-style bullshit. I do not think many are going to take the bait.

You have to hear this interview to appreciate how much Wild Turkey Kool Aid they are drinking in DC. This interview was on the 7th anniversary of 9-11 and I had mixed emotions of kicking the TV screen in or taking a good barf at how low DC can go.


Just days after that interview, the Hardtalk guest was Frances Vendrell, the former EU envoy to Afghanistan. He gave up due to Bush policies. The Afghanistan matter is a total fiasco thanks to Bush.  If you listened to Glassman in the first interview, he is justifying exactly what Vendrell says will not work now, has not worked at any time, and will not work in the future. Attacks and agitation that build the strength of the Taliban is not heading in the right direction.

Even the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman now says that the US cannot kill its way into an Afghanistan solution. Maybe the problem in our government is that the left hand hasn't a clue as to what the right hand is doing. On the other hand, maybe all of this obfuscation is intentional to cover their war criminal asses in DC. That is a definite possibility, too:  9-11, Afghanistan, pipeline, Caspian Basin mother lode of oil and gas that is landlocked, now being contracted out to other nations. It all fits for anyone who can connect the dots.

James Glassman just keeps spinning how the US plans to sell cow shit to cow farmers. In reference to the killing of civilians, he put the blame on the Taliban for hiding behind those civilians rather than explaining why the attacks ever started...and continue. No one wants to mention 'PIPELINE' and its link to the landlocked Caspian Basin.


Einstein was right: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results."

The Tie Eating Mick Saakashvili did not fare well in his interview with BBC Hardtalk. Moron Mick still thinks he is the president of a European nation...even though the maps show he is in Central Asia or Eurasia at best. 

There is an easy way to tell. The Georgian language is not related in any manner to any of the European languages.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Caucasian_languages If The Mick cannot read a map, maybe he can understand that his language is NOT European and never has been.

As expected, he is still spewing the official lie that Russia attacked first - but he slipped up twice. Listen close, the truth finally came out of this liar's mouth.  Georgia started the mess, not Russia.  Get it, McCain- Palin?

I wish Sackur had done this interview after NATO said no to Georgia because Micky was just glowing at the prospects of being in NATO as of the next meeting. The EU got the hint from Russia: vote NO on Georgia NATO membership, or suffer the consequences.


BBC Hardtalk September 22, 2008 featured the US Ambassador to the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency. That's the UN agency that monitors all nations and their uranium enrichment and weapons programs, except, of course, the scofflaw nuclear monster Zionist Israel. Our IAEA ambassador is Gregory Schulte and his presentation left me wondering if anyone in the Bush Administration knows what they are doing. 

I agree with the incredulous Sackur that the US is not going to make India sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty while providing that nation advanced US nuclear technology. By doing so, the US is stirring up an arms race between India and Pakistan (our GWOT buddies?) while persisting with its idiotic, Israeli-dictated policies towards Iran.


The difference, of course, is that Iran has vast amounts of oil and natural gas the Zionist West wants. That is the real problem with Iran.

There is another problem that has the US and even the Queen with their panties in a bunch. The US and UK like to dominate uranium energy, too, and Iran has the world's second largest known reserves. The REAL REASON that the US is willing to supply India and not make them sign the NNPT is because Iran was in position to do that and the US and UK demands that money go into THEIR pockets. 

GET IT? It is not only the oil and natural gas; it is the fact that Iran can supply many nations with enriched uranium to make electricity. These idiots will promote a nuclear arms race if it means big bucks in their pockets.

A "Second Holocaust?"  Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, please get someone on your staff who can stay CURRENT on world events and facts. I understand that Johnny Mac and you are trying to lure votes away from Barky, but damn, change the theme and pay attention to real world events.

I get many emails asking, "Karl, are you absolutely sure about Iran?"

Yes, I am, so read on.

Zionist Israel is compelled to face the music, and so is the United States of America. Lest you have not been paying attention to events in the UK, this BushCo Global War on Terror fiasco is gutting Great Britain, too, just as it is America.  

Regarding Iran...one of our key executives holds dual citizenship to Canada and Iran. She is Diaspora Armenian but was born in Tehran and her father spends most of his time in Iran as an engineer.    

The MSM and DC have tried to paint the picture that the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran are 'just like the Taliban'. Feminist groups and uninformed Zionist Christians have pushed the message that women have no rights and are treated harshly by the Iranian leaders.  That is yet another flat out LIE from DC and the MSM to brainwash the American Sheeple into yet another war based on lies. It is called 'painting the picture' and in this instance it is a false picture of fake colors and self-serving Zionist West lies to stir up a war.

I have some simple words of wisdom for Americans: If you have not been there, you know absolutely nothing about any place on this Earth. Firsthand experience is not gained from sitting in the recliner watching US tv present the world to you in your home - as the Zionist-controlled US media wants you to see it. It is called propaganda and brainwashing. 

As of right now, it is a fact that 65% of all university students in Iran are female. They are studying to be economists, bankers, architects, engineers, nurses, doctors, etc. They are required to wear a scarf over their hair while in public, which is standard for all Shiite Islamic women. (That is their religious choice and custom, not the right of folks in America to criticize or comment on from the ignorant cheap seats.) At their offices and at home they dress just like Americans.  Iran is far more westernized than most Americans could surmise on a wild guess. So is Russia for that matter. My Russian lady friend can shop any American lady into submission in many different categories. 

There are new, very Western style shopping malls in Tehran. They have TV, a media that is free to print just about anything as long as they avoid certain subjects. They are not allowed to criticize the government and they are not allowed to publish pornography. They have radio and listen to modern music. Unlike the US and Zionist Israel, pornography of any kind is not allowed. Iranian parents do not have to worry about their children surfing TV channels and come across the Hustler channel and graphic sex video. Such pornographic websites on the Internet are blocked, too. They even have an Iranian female race car driver that performs very well against male competition.


The 'problem' with Iran is that it possesses vast amounts of oil and natural gas. It is that simple. The greedy Zionist West thugs want control of that to line their pockets...and Iran said 'no' and will continue to say no. Those oil and gas assets are Iranian, not Zionist Jew, British or American assets. This is the same pattern of lies Bush used to go after the Caspian Basin, the Afghanistan pipeline and Iraq oil and natural gas.

Iran also has the world's second largest known reserves of uranium. Of course, the Zionist West wants that, too.

This has been going on since before I was born. I wrote on this matter recently in several essays.



It is all US spin, US propaganda and US lies...just like before the Iraq war.

Even Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes have had a hand to play in misleading America on just about everything regarding Iran. 


Actually what President Ahmadinejad said is exactly what needs to happen regarding separate states for Israel and Palestine. They keep spreading the lie that he said he wanted Israel nuked off the map. He never said that. What he was referring to was the 'Greater Israel' plan was a failure (quote: 'must be erased from the pages of time.') just as Bush and his Global War on Terror is a complete failure.

Even Ehud Olmert recently admitted it.  Israel is suffering from the same failed polices as the US. What Israel demands and what it will take to secure peace are two different matters. That is what Ahmadinejad was referring to, and now even Olmert made the comment 'Greater Israel is dead'. GET IT? They are going to have to form separate 'equitable' states for Israel and Palestine to have peace. Get it?

This is only 60 years past due! Get it?

The lies and policies of Zionist Israel are finally being exposed for what they are. No one, no nation, can play a bad hand before the time comes that they have to face reality. Even departing PM Olmert, as he is exiting the door to face the music and prosecution, has had to face the reality.


Sarah Palin needs to start studying FACTS and stop mouthing Bush and Rove policy and rhetoric. It is the policies of the US government, urged on by Zionist Israel, that are the problem in that entire part of the world...and in DC.  I put little value in campaign rhetoric in what could be a very close race but her stance on Zionist Israel and Bush policies will LOSE this election for McCain-Palin. 

There is absolutely NO WAY Israel is going to dominate, control and make the Middle East into the image the Zionists have pushed for over the past 100 years. The 'Greater Israel' plan was to remove all Palestinians living on territory Israel claims as 'greater Israel'.  Another failed plan, another idiot idea that now has to face the music...after 60 years of failing.

Some Zionists won't be satisfied with just 'Greater Israel'.  These fanatics think they deserve 'Eretz Israel' which is all of the land from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in Iraq. There is no Biblical basis for that, they just want it, demand it and think they deserve it.  Sorry, guys, it's not going to happen.

They also never bother to tell idiot Americans that President Ahmadinejad does not have any control whatsoever over the Iranian military. That is not how their government is set up to work. He could say he 'wants to nuke DC off the map' and it would be absolutely meaningless. He does not have the keys or power to launch a war on anyone or any nation. All of this hyperventilating over lies is a complete waste of time. Rhetoric based on lies is not useful.

Even when Iran recently test-fired missiles, Ahmadinejad had nothing to do with it.  That exercise was just to let DC and Tel Aviv know they have plenty of missiles for anyone stupid enough to attack them without cause.  Iran has made it abundantly clear that they are not going to attack anyone, but will respond to an attack with force. They might also have Russia and China backing them in any counterattack.

The IAEA and our own CIA clearly state that Iran has NO nuclear weapons program. Look past the rhetoric to the facts, or suffer from laziness and lack of being informed. The IAEA has made 17 unannounced inspections in the past 6 months and there is no weapons program. Unlike most Americans, I have met Dr. ElBaradei, Director General of the IAEA.  Iran has NO nuclear weapons program whatsoever. The US and Israeli propaganda is false and is an attempt to knuckle Iran under to get at its oil and natural gas wealth and its uranium reserves.

Always remember ­ any war started on lies will not be won by those who lied to start the war. Behold Afghanistan and Iraq! Behold Vietnam if you can remember clearly what happened back then.

Iran-Pakistan-India recently signed a major pipeline deal so that Iran will be supplying oil and natural gas to Pakistan and India. That is called the IPI Pipeline and is easy to find on the Internet, mostly outside of US media. To this day, the Bridas Corporation is taking large amounts of Turkmenistan oil and natural gas across the northern part of Iran, through Turkey to the Black Sea, to Europe and the world.

Over the past 2-3 years, China has entered into major oil and LNG deals totaling about $400 billion with Iran.   Almost all of that China-bound oil and LNG goes through the Strait of Hormuz, so these 30 years of DC hyperventilating and spinning lies about Iran closing that straight is simply not the truth. Get used to it.

There was a magazine article the day before 9-11 that clearly stated what the Caspian Basin and Afghanistan pipeline issues are all about. Unfotunately, most Americans remain completely clueless.

September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal, published the day before the 'terrorist' attacks.

Get it?

Georgia is also a strategic pipeline route. Get it?

Since the Zionist Globalists lost out on the Caspian Basin mother lode, they have now set their sights on IRAN. Get it? Both Iran and Russia (and China in the background) have made it damned clear that there will be NO IRAQING of Iran. The rest of the world is doing just fine; it is the US that has painted itself into a corner with decades of failed policies.

When Bush tried to block Iran supplying oil and natural gas to the EU, Iran and Russia entered into a major oil and NG transport deal that routes it through Russia and then to the EU. The EU is not going to crash its member states to satisfy either Bush or McCain or anyone else. Bush alienated most of the EU nations that have to rely on Russia and Iran for oil and gas.

Iran is a major producer of ethylene through several petrochemical plants they have built. They are bringing online a huge plant that will produce 2 million metrics tons a year. Most of that ethylene goes to China, Korea, Malaysia, and Indonesia, etc. All of that output has to ship through the Strait of Hormuz, so it is not very likely  Iran would want that closed down...until and unless they are attacked by the US or Israel.

More than a few Zionist West thugs are nearly psychotic about Iranian oil and how the profits from same are not running into THEIR pockets and bank accounts. They desperately want to 'IRAQ' Iran, predicated, of course, on yet more DC lies. 

Russia has already clearly warned that such an attack will be a very, very stupid decision on the part of Zionist Israel and its chump private cash cow, America.  Russia does not have to engage in military conflict with the US. All it has to do is shut off the flow of oil and gas to the EU....and watch the EU turn on the US.  Fast. 

The US has already learned the hard way that it cannot handle Afghanistan and Iraq. If McCain is elected, one would think, logically, that he wouldn't want to have to deal with the monumental blowback of an attack on Iran...and the overt rage of about two-thirds of the population on Earth.  Unfortunately, logic does not always play a role in US/Israeli foreign policy.

On one hand, US propaganda is trying to induce Americans to believe the lies that Iran is primarily responsible for the carnage and deaths in Iraq. On the other hand, even our own State Department had to admit that it is IRAN who is keeping the peace in Iraq right now by convincing Shiite leader Al Sadr to stand down his militias and let a political solution be reached in Baghdad. Again, a big fat BushCo-MSM lie to try to set the stage for yet another war based on 100% deceit.

To the great anger of the ZioCons in DC, Iraqi leaders have invited both China and Russia back into the Iraq oil sweepstakes. BushCo wanted it all (like the Caspian Basin), and has lost that, too, due to his arrogance, stupidity...and the massive genocide on the Iraqi people and the horrendous destruction of their once beautiful, thriving country.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently announced that there is no way the US can 'kill' its way to a solution in Afghanistan. Get it? Every time Bush attacks across the Pakistan border without permission, the Taliban become stronger. Get it? That pipeline across Afghanistan could have been completed by now, but for BushCo and its lies.

People in America need to wake up to the reality that Bush has used this strategy and 'terror' and 'terrorist threats' to keep most of America not paying much attention to the real lies and the real agenda.

Russia is NOT the problem. The policies of the Zionist West and US are.  Iran is not the problem, the policies of the US, UK and Zionist Israel are.

Don't be a Charlie Brown. Wake up, speak up or be prepared to bear the consequences.

I am waiting to see clear and unambiguous signs that McCain-Palin intend to clean up the terminal corruption and fraud in DC. Little things like McCain voting against the $1 trillion bailout of Wall Street corruption would be a start. It will pass for now, but it's just a band aid on a lethal wound. Rep Senator Richard Shelby has come out hard against the Bush Bailout because it does nothing for Americans, does nothing to correct the underlying problems of why financial fraud is so rampant.

I am also watching for clear signs that McCain and Palin will acknowledge the realities regarding US foreign policy.  So far, I seen nothing encouraging.  Russia and Iran are not the problem. The US, UK and Zionist Israel are the problem. 

If the US continues to pursue failed policies, it is only a matter of time before the US collapses. That is what happens to empires that have no strategic vision and no strategic plan.


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