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Bush Plots His Revenge!
By Karl Schwarz
Wahhhhhh! Russia will not let me have my way! Pooh!
I'll get 'em kicked out of G8!
Ring, ring, ring:
"Hello? Oh, hi George. No, we Germans have no interest in picking a fight with Russia. Don't you think you need to grow up and stop being a war criminal GW? No, GW, you do not have my vote to expel Russia from G8." Click.
Ring, ring, ring:
"Hello? Oh, hi George. No, GW, the Office of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has no interest in siding with you against Russia. GW, it is time for you to stop pooping your diapers!" Click!
OOOOH, now those G8 partners have really pissed me off!
I'll pressure the IOC so there will be no Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014!
I'll sic my Pet Poodle on em! SIC 'EM CANDI!
Arf-Arf! Grrrr! Arf-Arf! Grrrr!
Isn't it comforting to have a punk, juvenile delinquent war criminal as President of the United States?
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