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Pipeline Plans And
Diaper Dreaming

By Karl Schwarz
The first map below is what George Bush, Zionist Israel, George Soros and the other Zionist West partners in crime are hyperventilating about. The Zionist West had visions of pipelines, pipelines and more pipelines transporting oil, oil and more oil, and trillions of cubic meters of natural gas. Unfortunately, there is a barrel-full of problems that they aren't sharing with the world. More on that below. Their 'geostrategic imperative problems' go far outside recently-humbled Georgia.
The Zionist West plotters and schemers are trying to blame everything on Russia...but the simple fact of the matter is the Caspian Basin riches are slipping through their hands like sands in an hourglass.
In an energy starving world, nations do not have 7 years to wait...the approximate time it will take to build a single pipeline out of the Caspian. In this instance, BushCo has failed to get a pipeline through Georgia and continues to fail to even start one in America-ravaged Afghanistan. Even if he did, the Taliban would have a grand time blowing holes in it until hell freezes over.
Pipe dreams and smoke.
During this same period of time, Russia and the Bridas Corporation have built many thousands of miles of pipelines, focusing on business and delivery...rather than lies, war and genocide.
About the only oil and gas deal the US-UK has participated in, in the entire region, is one in Azerbaijan which has both oil and natural gas is flowing...but the output in it is miniscule compared to the gas and oil in the Caspian Basin, Iran and Russia.
Now the morons of DC have infuriated and enraged so many people in the area, they will be lucky to get 10% of what they just blew 30 years salivating over. They are all quite insane, you see. The Zionist West just can't figure out there are other ways to partner- up with people rather than killing them.
Since Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are selling most of their natural gas to Russia, China and India, suddenly the talking heads are trying to paint the picture that Russia threatens the 'democracies' in the entire CIS region. That, of course, is a bald-faced lie and a gross misstatement of reality. The largely Islamic CIS region has sided with Russia due to US and UK policies waging war on Islam. DC does not want people to notice that the Islamic CIS regions in Central Asia are fed up and offended with BushCo and its lies and war on Moslems. The slaughter or over a million in Iraq and another million or two in Afghanistan...not to mention the physical annihilation of those two countries...just doesn't play well in the Moslem world.
Russia is not threatening them at all. On the contrary, Russia is *helping* them get their oil and gas to world markets while the DC Diaper Dude continues to foul the geopolitical landscape with his droppings.
This is one of the 'geostrategic imperatives' of Zbig's grand plan that is going nowhere, fast. The pipeline which cuts across Turkey exists now as the BTC Pipeline ...but it ran into problems recently. The impudent Kurdish rebels blew it up in Turkey...Russia had nothing to do with that. That was a result of policies Turkey and the US have long maintained that the Kurds do not like.
That second pipeline across Turkey will probably never be built unless they can find enough oil or natural gas to pump through it.
From the known deposits, the existing one pipeline is probably all that will ever be needed.
This map will show you the overall dynamics of the situation the bird-brained BushCo Zionist planners have put themselves in. No strategic vision, no workable strategic plan.
Due to the fiddle-fart planning by morons who cannot read a map, these pipeline dreamers and schemers no longer have Batumi Ajaria nor do they have Sokhumi Abkhazia. They only had POTI...but have managed to piss-off Russia so much that Russia has now taken total control of the Georgian port town. Since these areas voted over 15 years ago to be part of Russia rather than Georgia, it raises the question of what these idiot planners were thinking in the first place.
They had visions of so much oil and natural gas that three separate terminals were needed. As of now, they have a hard time justifying even one terminal and one pipeline.
The BushCo Zionist blunders in Georgia have also put the Soros- Ukraine-EU pipeline in serious doubt. It is called White Stream 1 and White Stream 2.
You might want to take a look at this PDF to better see the dynamics that are playing out. Russia is winning hands down with pens and contracts.
If there is no oil or natural gas to put through the pipeline, building the pipeline is pointless. The BushCo Zionists have painted themselves into a strategic corner and when Azerbaijan runs out of oil and natural gas, the Brzezinski Grand Chessboard Plan turns into just another Bush Dirty Diaper legacy. Note on the one PDF page the large arrow pointing north to Russia. That is the direction much of Iran and CIS area oil and gas is heading, and now East, to China and India, too.
Simply put, Russia's use of business and intelligence versus US lies, deceit, war and death is obviously the only way to get these deals done.
Russia is not blocking the flow of oil out of Poti. Yet. They are, however, blocking the US and its partners in crime from shipping more military weapons in to re-arm Georgia. If the US and Israel think they will do so some other air...via airlift, for example, there will probably be 2 or 3 Russian armored divisions in Georgia within 24-48 hours and this 'debate' with the US-Zionist West deceit will be over. Permanently. If the US and Zionist West persist with this stupidity, Russia will decapitate Georgia and bury the BushCo pipeline dream for good.
Russia announced on August 23, 2008 that if the US or its partners in crime re-arm Georgia, Russia. End of story. Dmitry Medvedev has given all plenty of warning on August 19: "Cross us and we will crush you." That was a warning to The Mick Saakashvili as to how thin the ice is for Georgia.
What has them all particularly freaked out about (and popping Prozac and guzzling Mylanta) in the Zionist West, is that right along that river from Azerbaijan to Gori is THE valley where they want all of these pipelines to run. Unfortunately, Russia is now now much too close with the New Improved South Ossetia Defense Plan that includes a Russian Buffer Zone to keep the Georgians and their mercenary buddies away from the Russian citizens of South Ossetia.
Get it?
The BushCo Zionist Israelis dreamed up this attack to back Russia up...but it blew up in their faces and the Bear is sitting on their faces. That is why they are squealing and threatening Russia so much. This 'Bear Hug' is proving to be very painful for Georgia and its Zionist West backers. The high and mighty just got their asses handed to them on a platter by Putin, Medvedev and Ivanov.
The Oil Mongers led by der Diaper Meister, George W Bush, want Russia back on the other side of the Caucasus Mountains (separating line between Russia and Georgia, and the separating line between Europe and Central Asia). The last thing they wanted was a dug-in Russian military less than 50km of their 'geostrategic imperative' pipelines. Their stupid stunt in South Ossetia has backfired and now Russia controls not only South Ossetia but also Abkhazia and the essential port city of Poti, too, as well as the additional Buffer Zone. One more screw-up by Georgia and its handlers, and Georgia will be chopped liver. I wish the pipeline map above was in better focus but it is not. Poti is in the center along the Black Sea and where all of those pipelines are headed except for the BTC pipeline that runs from BakuAzerbaijan to the Mediterranean through Turkey.
Their southern Georgia Port plan backfired in their faces, too, when the people of Ajazia (the terminal closest to Turkey) also voted that they have no desire to be part of Georgia. Seems Georgian-style 'Democracy' led by US puppet Mikhiel the necktie eater Saakashvili does not have as many friends in that region as Washington, DC wants Americans and the world to believe. Frankly, I am not aware of any former Russia area that has three breakaway "Christian" regions that have no desire to be part of this wonderful new Zionist West 'democracy' seated in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Probably has to do with Georgia being 60% Muslim and run by Muslims and overseen by Zionist Jews.
Think on that one.
With Ajazia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia desiring to remain aligned with Russia, the DC SECURITY PLANNERS decided Russia was too close to their precious 'geostrategic imperative' pipelines. Remember, this was not a single pipeline, it was planned to be multiple pipelines. Also keep note that with the passing of each day, there will be less and less oil and gas to put through those pipelines because people on the other side of the Caspian Sea are signing up with other nations like Russia, China and India to help them deliver their goods.
They probably referred to Zbig's 'Chessboard' to see what he had to say on the matter. Yeah, right there in the pages. attack Russia and push them back any time the opportunity presents itself. We gotta grab that Caspian Basin and have pipeline routes out for the oil and natural gas. It is 'geostrategic imperative!' The outcome has proven to be much worse than the ancient analogy of chicken and egg, or horse and cart. These idiots forget to get a chicken so they could get an egg; they forget to get a horse so they could figure out which end to hitch the wagon to.
Unfortunately, 'geostrategic imperative' doesn't mean shit out in the real world and will not get you a cup of coffee anywhere except in the Zionist West centers that spout off that phrase. The past 7 years have proven what a total lunatic plan this was from its inception.
Getting the picture?
All of this 'super pipeline planning' from DC and UK is all just an exercise in mental masturbation if they end up having no oil and gas to put through the pipelines.
The problem with their Chessboard scheme surfaced long ago when Abkhazia voted to not be part of Georgia and Sokhumi Abkhazia had to be removed from The board and put on the DC Enemies Shit List.
That cost them their Northern Port in Georgia. That was in about 1992, so it was not exactly right before Georgia and the US and Israel decided to attack South Ossetia in August 2008.
When both Ajazia and Abkhazia opted out of Georgia rule, there only remained a narrow corridor of land leading to the port of Poti for all of these Chessboard schemes and plans and pipelines...and visions of trillions of dollars worth of oil and natural gas.
One fact that is not being mentioned much is South Ossetia is a *relay* point for supplying Russian natural gas and oil to Armenia to the south of Georgia. The US has tried for years to get a Saakashvili-style hand puppet in place in Yerevan but the Armenians are not falling for it. The Armenians remember all too well that 1.2 to 1.5 million of them were slaughtered by the Crypto-Jews of Turkey on orders of the Rockefeller and Rothschild thugs.
If you remember, just this year, the Democrat-controlled Congress passed a resolution to recognize the Armenian Holocaust. The Zionist controllers stepped in and informed the eunuch in Congress they would do no such thing because that might (cerrectly) point the finger of blame at the Zionists, the Rockefeller and Rothschild thugs.
With the knowledge that gas from Russia comes through South Ossetia to supply Armenia, consider also that this South Ossetia Caper was a US attempt to grab Armenia by the throat...but the Bear said 'NYET.'
Then these lunatic, two-brain cell planners got hit another way.
The entire Caspian Basin area decided that there will be NO PIPELINES across the Caspian Sea. Look at the map again. Baku is on the Caspian Sea. No one there wanted 'Fish with Quaker State' on their local menus. If you look real close at the map above, the BLACK PIPELINE is their proposed Trans-Caspian Sea pipeline ...but it is NOT going to happen. That twin-pipeline deal is dead. It was to run to POTI and was to have carried huge amounts of oil and natural gas that they now do not have to put through a pipeline...even if they had the pipeline completed.
Then they got slammed even harder.
Just across the Caspian Sea from Baku, Azerbaijan is Turkmenistan.
Those are the folks who signed the oil and gas leases with the Bridas Corporation in 1992 and 1993, and then signed up Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan, in that order, to build the much larger capacity Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline.
Well, the US has a problem with Turkmenistan. First, the US and UK are no closer today to subduing Afghanistan and they recently lost Pakistan as a Global War on Terror partner when Pervez Musharraf had to resign. Even Turkmenistan is against running a pipeline across the Caspian Sea and having their menus change to Fish with Quaker State. (See the Black Pipeline from Baku to Poti on the above map).
The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, or TAP, originates in Turkmenistan and there is nowhere to go with that pipeline except due south across Iran. To make matters worse,Turkmenistan has recently signed major natural gas deals with Russia and China. So, what these US Pipeline Dreamers thought they were going to get control of sort of went up like a puff of smoke from a bong. They are also not mentioning the IPI Pipeline (Iran-Pakistan-India). My sources indicate that Turkmenistan natural gas will also be transported in the new IPI pipeline.
The Zbig Chessboard scheme would have required multiple pipelines...but, at this time, they may not have enough oil or rights of way in other areas to justify even one pipeline across Georgia. Said another way, all of their 'geostrategic imperatives' have less reason to exist as each day passes out on the real world.
Would such realities cause a sane person to change their plan?
Yeah, absolutely, but we have complete idiots in charge and not a sane person in sight.
The other brutal reality is that now most of the Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan natural gas is headed to China and Russia...since the US can't seem to get anything done.
There are only three options. First, the US and Zionist West have to get used to the fact that Russia is parked uncomfortably close to their precious pipeline route and the Bear is not going to move. So, either work WITH Russia, build the pipeline, or get the hell out of Georgia. The Second option would see the US cutting a deal with Iran and head the pipeline due south. The Third option will see a huge regional was and Georgia will cease to exist, negating the possibility of ANY pipelines across Georgia controlled by the Zionist West.
I opt for Door Number One or Door Number Two but I bet the Diaper Meister will go for Door Number Three. He is the Great Decider you know, always decisive...and always wrong.
The Black Sea is only accessible via the straits at Istanbul and Russia can close that off in minutes. NATO member Turkey is already feeling the heat because any US-NATO attempt to attack through the Black Sea will put Turkey smack dab in the biggest naval battle since World War II. Turkey has been mauled by the Russian Bear for centuries (every time Turkey tried to force Europe to be Muslim) and they know that Russia will block the Bosporus Strait at Istanbul even if it takes a nuke to do so.
The people in Turkey know that a stupid move by DC could put them smack in the middle of a huge war and they are not looking forward to that.
Also, one of the things BushCo and its gangster partners are not mentioning is that due to the narrowness of the Bosporus Strait (and water depth) there is a severe limitation on the size of tankers that can be used to get oil from Poti to the Mediterranean. The new Supertanker sizes of 1 million to 2 million barrels of oil cannot go to Poti and load up! They can go in empty but they cannot get out loaded. The oil will have to be brought to those larger supertankers and transferred in the Mediterranean.
That is why the TAP pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan is so important because what these dreamers and schemers thought they had 100% control of was about 10 supertankers 'PER DAY' for 30 years. There is/was that much oil and natural gas...but most of it is now being sold to others since GW cannot get anything done with anybody. The little rat bastard should be known as the 'destroyer' because he can't decide anything right.
Russia has not shut off the pipelines or the flow of oil which is could have easily done. The Russian imperative is that Georgia is NOT going to be re-armed, enabling it to start this crap over again. If that happens, Russia will crush, spay and neuter Georgia, and this matter will be history.
My suggestion to Bush would be 'get used to it' but you know how that pea-brained idiot never listens to anyone. What we have here is a failure to get things done and Bush is trying to push one of his dirty diapers through the eye of the needle...and Russia is not going to budge.
He can have his one pipeline through Poti, but the Bear is not leaving. Georgia will not be allowed to re-arm and kill more Russian citizens.
Tune in tomorrow on CNN or other major channels. The Diaper Dude and Arf-Arf will have their heads doing 360s all about 'evil' Russia holding the Port of Poti. They will lay down an incredible (c)RAP tomorrow and all through the week and lie, lie and lie some more.
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