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Palin According To
Democrats - Well, Not Exactly
By Karl Schwarz
If you know the DNC like I know the DNC, it's not too hard to anticipate where they are going to create their next cesspool of lies. They are desperate to win the White House and no lie is too small or too big for them.  Morality be damned.  They are just rocking along and making crap up on the fly.
They are every bit as evil as the BushCo 'Republicans.'
Like most Americans, I have been interested in knowing more about Governor Sarah Heath Palin.  This lady has seriously taken the most boring, lame-assed Presidential race I have ever seen and has turned it into an electrifying political event.  If you doubt that, just take a survey of the media-led assault on her and her family.  The filth - given the brief time frame since she was named to the McCain ticket - is unprecedented.
We now know how she steadfastly weathered many major battles between the Republicans and Democrats in Alaska, and that she cleaned house on the corruption of her own Republican Party in Alaska. She then took aim at the stench of the Alaska Democrat Party and their butts are still smoking. She has the nickname 'Barracuda Sarah' but when some of the politically corrupt in Alaska challenged her adamant position against corruption, they ran into something more like an Alaskan bear. She simply ripped many of them to pieces.
That is primarily why there is such a huge smear campaign aimed at her...most of it being fed by the slime she tore apart in Alaska.  They are all trying to create scandals and lies, anything to win in November.
That is why a substantial portion of the gangsters and crooks are DC is trembling in their shoes, to the point that apparent political arch enemies have joined forces to try to block her.  I believe they will fail dismally because Americans have had their fill of the sleaze and corruption in Washington DC.  
There is a growing pandemic of net sites that can be characterized as anti-Palen political 'bitch and slander' sites.  Once one digs even 1 inch into their 'substance', it is obvious that none of these democrat-liberal-marxist sites or blogs are coming close to telling the whole story or the truth about the Governor...or her family. It is all spin, misstatement of fact and lies...and it is backfiring and failing miserably.  In a way, it might be good they keep at it because decent Americans are beyond outraged by their filthy spew.  They are literally driving millions of American women of BOTH parties into the Palin camp.
One website - supposedly run by some 'Bear Watchers' - is quite upset, it appears. They put forth a long list of alleged sins and wrongdoing.  Even a cursory, honest examination of their allegations shows them to be empty and corrupted to almost laughable degrees.  Here's that smear site and then their 'Top Ten 'Facts'  we 'need to know' about Gov Palin... 
'1) She is presently under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power'
Well, not exactly. Sarah Palin fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan for refusing to fire a rogue Alaska State Trooper Mike 'Bull' Wooten who was her ex-brother-in-law.  The Alaska State Trooper had threatened to kill Palin's father, terrorized her sister, TASERED the 11 year old nephew of the governor and threatened bodily harm to Sarah Palin, too. As a matter of law and fact, as the Chief Executive Officer of the State of Alaska, Gov Sarah Palin, has the authority to fire people who refuse to do their job or follow her orders.
Of course, this DNC operative site did not bother to tell their readers that Wooten has been reprimanded many times for excessive use of force, drinking problems... including drinking on the job, steroids abuse and terrorizing and threatening the Palin family. So much for the legitimacy and integrity of grizzlybay.org.  These DNC agent thugs have been especially quiet about him tasering the 11-year-old child, his former stepson. I would have fired his sorry ass, too, and that might have been after I used a baseball bat or a taser on him. There are two things that do not set well with my genes and that is abuse of a woman or a child by a man.  You can check the facts at this link:  
'2) She believes creationism should be taught in public schools'
Well, not exactly. She believes BOTH views should be taught, creationism and evolution. She believes in Freedom of Speech and freedom to choose your own belief system.  By being exposed to both theories, children might actually learn something more about life...like responsibility and accountability. Actually back in the days when such values were in the schools America was a much greater nation than it is now. Now about all our schools are turning out are mindless video game junkies, sexual athletes and non-thinking media dupes who have no core values and very little real education.  For example, in 2003, a national poll found that a majority of teens were willing to break the law or violate ethics to make more money in their life. That is not a sign of a healthy society.  The most recent 'poll' suggested an improvement but with the constant mass media social engineering going on 24/7, I am not encouraged...   
<start insert>
""The survey also raised an apparent discrepancy between how students define ethical behavior and what constitutes such behavior:
*  In a seemingly positive trend, the percentage of students who say they would not act unethically to get ahead or make more money, even if they knew for sure they would not get caught (59 percent), has increased by 40 percent since 2003.
*  However, this is juxtaposed against the fact that many teens admitted they had personally engaged in unethical behavior in the last year by lying (69 percent), downloading a song without paying (34 percent), and cheating on tests (22 percent). 
Eight in ten (81 percent) students who feel significant pressure to succeed, no matter the cost, think it's going to remain the same or get worse when they join the workforce. And more than a quarter (29 percent) of all teens believe they are currently only somewhat or NOT AT ALL prepared to make ethical decisions. "We have to take it seriously when students who are under so much stress tell us they think it's not going to get any better, especially if they don't feel prepared to make the right calls," said Ainar D. Aijala, Jr., vice chairman and deputy chief executive officer of Deloitte Consulting LLP and chairman of the board of JA Worldwide.
Experts agree that these results raise a red flag. "The notion that large numbers of students feel somewhat unprepared to make ethical decisions, coupled with the fact that they feel pressure to succeed at all costs, is a troubling combination," said David Miller Ph.D., Executive Director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture and Assistant Professor (Adjunct) of Business Ethics. "We are reminded that community and corporate leaders can play a pivotal role in helping prepare students to recognize and resist the inevitable ethical dilemmas they will face later in life.""
<end insert>
Those folks, and others, named Clinton, Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi, et al, do not want Americans to wake up to the reality that their long-term policies and goals have been a complete disaster to the fabric and character of American society.  America already knows DC is thoroughly corrupt and now with an anti-corruption candidate running for Vice President, the elitists in DC are bracing themselves for the fight of their lives. Sarah Palin means business and they know it.
'3) She is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest'
Well, not exactly. As a devout Ecumenical Christian, Sarah Palin knows that many tens of millions of people view abortion as murder and do not buy off on this New Age determinism that a doctor or a politician knows more than God about when life begins. That is actually a quite rational viewpoint if one can come to the conclusion that the Universal God is, gee, somehow greater than these politicians - many of whom  deserve to be behind bars or thrown out of office for openers.
There are already plenty of laws on the books to deal with incest and rapists, and most Ecumenical Christians do not desire any input from DNC Liberals as to what 'values' mean and 'murder' means. The Ten Commandments clearly states "You shall not murder" and, frankly, I could not care less what Hillary, Boxer, Pelosi, or Feinstein think about these subjects.
You see, it's a free country, except when you disagree with the low-life left wing, liberal Democrat ethos and folks of DNC who think they outrank and are smarter than God. If they believe in one at all.
'4) She strongly supports big oil (her husband works for oil company BP)'
Well, not exactly. Sarah Palin's husband Todd has been a commercial fisherman all of his adult life. She and her husband ran that business from 1988 to 2007. That was before the Alaska economy crashed and he now has to work at other jobs to feed a wife and five children. It is called 'being a responsible father' and he is not exactly a high level BP employee...furthermore, he's a union member.
Sarah Palin proved to Big Oil that she was a tough customer and laid it down plain and simply that they will not be allowed to rape the Alaska environment to tap the oil and natural gas reserves. Most in the lower 48 do not know that each and every citizen of Alaska gets an annual bonus payment as a profit sharing from their oil and gas production. During my research, I found an interesting program that Gov. Palin implemented. She took on Big Oil and actually made them share the profits.  Those funds go into a State Super Fund as windfall profits.  And every year, each Alaska citizen (including children) receives a profit sharing check of $1,200 each for every member of the household.. What a nice thing to do for the people of Alaska. I am not aware of any "Democrat controlled" city, county or state government that has done that for its citizens.
'5) She has no federal or international experience.  Prior to being governor (for less than two years) she was only the mayor of a small Alaskan town and a beauty queen!'
Well, not exactly. She took on the oil lobby and DC, and kicked their butts on some key issues about developing Alaska's enormous oil and gas resources. As for beauty queen, what's wrong with being pretty??  Apparently, it's fine if you are a movie or rock star but not so if you are a Governor...or Vice President.  Her presence in DC as VP, and President of the Senate, would be a vast improvement over the fright masks of Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and Clinton. It will be refreshing to see the difference in inner and outer beauty versus hard, corrupt and bitter old hags who lie every time their lips move.  Gov Palin is, in fact, also the Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, which is more than Obama or Biden can claim.
Obama's brief federal experience is 98% fluff, virtually zero substance, and he has no foreign experience whatsoever. Obama talks a lot, does nothing. Read this essay written by the black radio show host Terry Anderson:  http://www.rense.com/general83/lah.htm  Like Clinton and the Bushes, Barky isn't about to be hemmed in by the truth. I cannot speak for you but I have had my fill of lying presidents and hand puppet political whores.
If a person digs deep, it is easy to find that Obama has done nothing as a US Senator (or prior to that in Illinois) but talk, and talk, and talk. He is a 'do nothing' person, just another media mouthpiece for the Zionist New World Order and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  On the other hand, Sarah Palin talks relatively little and does much. She actually has more executive experience than Obama or Biden.
'6) She believes global warming is a farce and is opposed to listing the polar bear as an endangered species'
Well, not exactly. The polar bear is NOT an endangered species. The Liberal Left is trying to get it so designated as part of its Global Warming scam so that the Alaska oil and natural gas resources cannot be available for the US...and to make it easier for the Zionist hand on America to order up more 'kick their ass, take their gas' energy wars.
Sarah Palin is well aware Alaska had an all-time record cold winter last year, and that over 30,000 scientists have come out exposing Gore and the IPCC warming lie for what it is.  It's all about control and new taxes, not about a real threat to mankind. The entire Global Warming community is hiding under their desks as more evidence mounts daily that the Earth is currently in a major cooling - not warming - trend.  
As a matter of current fact, the Sun did not show one sunspot in August...something that hasn't been recorded in almost 100 years.  Meanwhile, Earth temperatures continue to decline. This could be a sign of bitter cold to come and not the sign of global warming here on Earth.
Some brilliant Russian scientists have been saying for about 5 years that the trend line might actually be a nose dive towards another Ice Age. It has also been recently proven that the last Ice Age did not gradually build over many, many years, it happened REAL fast.
Those Global Warming hucksters are going to have a Hell of a time selling Global Warming if the Earth is, indeed, moving towards a new Ice Age. That may explain why temperatures in Europe during August were so cool that jackets were needed at night to dine at sidewalk cafes.  The recorded nighttime lows in the range of 48-60 are not typical for August in Central Europe.  And now we are in September. 
'7) She supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and anywhere else big oil wants'
Well, not exactly. As a matter of practicality (not to mention reality) one has to drill for oil and natural gas where the oil and natural gas is located. These folks hyperventilating over drilling ANWR never bother to include the fact that Palin prefers to explore DIRECTIONAL (slant) drilling to tap the oil and gas reserves under the ANWR. It is only about 2,000 acres in size and the liberal environmentalist have tried to use that as the lynch pin to block ALL oil and natural gas production in Alaska.  Gov Palin has already established extremely rigid environmental guidelines to protecting the environment in Alaska for all future oil and natural gas drilling.  And Big Oil is going to have to play ball...or go elsewhere.
'8) She supports Pebble Mine which will destroy the richest salmon run in the world'
Well, not exactly. The Pebble Mine is 200-300 miles inland and Sarah Palin has already laid down the law that the mine will be the most environmentally-controlled mine in the US. She is no threat to the sockeye salmon run. As a matter of practicality, the US needs the copper from that mine to support major parts of the US economy. The liberal left wing environmental wackos always leave out human realities, like jobs and the survival of our nation in their rantings and ravings.  Perhaps they will openly support the Globalist agenda to cull the current human population on the planet by up to 90% of its current levels.  Ask them.
I have read articles and watched videos about Pebble Mine and it is clear, abundantly clear, that Sarah Palin is making the developers tow the line if that mine is permitted.  They will either protect the environment or it will not be allowed into operation.
'9) She supports aerial shooting of bears and wolves even though Alaskans voted twice to ban the practice.'
Well, not exactly. What she supported and got through were new regulations wisely reducing the amount of predators (wolves and bears) that were rapidly shredding the herds of caribou and moose, not to mention the horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats of farmers, ranchers and families living in Alaska. 
It is a predator CONTROL program, not what many have alleged is 'blood-thirsty airborne hunters' terrorizing the wolves and bears from airplanes.  Alaska is about one-third the size of the entire 48 continental US states. Walking or driving is not an effective or feasible way to reduce the predator population.  Get it?
'10) She used $400,000 of state money to fund a media campaign in support of aerial shooting of wolves and bears'
Well, not exactly. The state, any state, has the authority for reasonable advertising expenses on KEY issues and this one was viewed as a key issue to get the facts and the truth in front of the voters. All governments have a cost of doing business, including Alaska. If they really want something to bitch about, dig in and find out how many hundreds of millions of dollars Clinton spent marketing his stupid ideas and how many hundreds of millions Bush has blown for similar self-serving greed programs and projects.  Like $5 TRILLION to destroy the country of Iraq and kill well over a million of its people.
In short, there is a ton out there to refute and discredit smears like the 'grizzlybay.com' site.  All you have to do is look for it.  Unfortunately, most knee-jerkers won't bother.  Something tells me most DNC types simply do not know much about government, business, or reality...which they perceive only as they want it to be.
Maybe when Americans are freezing their asses off in their homes this winter and cannot find or afford gas for the cars, some might wake up to the fact that an area one-third the size of the 48 US continental states named Alaska has gigantic amounts of AMERICAN oil and natural gas and just maybe we should intelligently, safely and carefully go and GET IT.  
It is clear to me that Sarah Palin is all about Alaska...and all about America and it's freedom, independence and security.  When her stance on political corruption is factored in, it is easy to see why the Obama, liberal, marxist, zionist, globalist cartel is attacking her with such a vengeance.
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