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Freedom Lost By
One Is Lost By All

By Harmony Grant
A Belgian woman confessed earlier this year that her Holocaust memoir was a fake. Her book had been translated into 18 languages. It was a feature film in France. But it turns out she never lived among wolves to avoid the Nazis, walked across Europe, or saved a German soldier. She isn't even Jewish. Of course, she wasn't imprisoned for this. But others who allegedly lie about the Holocaust-"Holocaust deniers" like Ernst Zundel and now Dr. Fredrick Toben-are deported to Germany for prison time. It's a classic and frightening case of allowing some words-some "lies"-while criminalizing others. And it is a powerful demonstration of who holds political power in the west.
Here's another case. Last August, the Anti-Defamation League-a Jewish organization committed to "civil rights"-got in a little controversy for refusing to recognize the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians from 1915 to 1923. ADL even fired a regional director for disagreeing with its non-recognition of the genocide. When ADL's national director, Abe Foxman, finally admitted it was genocide, he still said there shouldn't be a Congressional resolution to recognize it. Obviously, Foxman isn't in prison for minimizing the Christians' holocaust.
In Washington DC, we have a national Holocaust Museum to remember the Nazis' alleged, systematic murder of six million Jews. You can visit Holocaust museums in Dallas, Florida, Detroit, Houston, and Virginia. Memorials were built in Tennessee, Boston, Miami Beach, Pennsylvania and Portland-to name a few. Wikipedia's list of international Holocaust films takes a while to scroll through. I counted 298; I could be wrong, it was too long to count twice. I couldn't bring myself to count books.
Yet, while the Jewish Holocaust is memorialized and remembered, and used as blackmail for support of Israel-other genocides go barely discussed. Other genocides are comparatively minimized: Russia, China, Cambodia, Rwanda, Sudan, etc. It's okay to debate other areas of human history endlessly. But the Jewish "Holocaust" is untouchable. Why? It is because so many films and books and memorials and museums have been created to galvanize human emotion and Gentile guilt. They falsely scream to us that Jews have uniquely suffered far above the rest of humanity.
Even so, it's amazing that it's considered okay-even laudable-to imprison someone for questioning historical narratives. Yet that's happening! Academic "Holocaust deniers" don't lynch Jewish people. They don't torch synagogues. They don't even throw rocks through windows. They sit in offices, plough through archaic research and then they write books. They express ideas. And thenthey are sent to Germany to go to prison-sent by Western nations! It's shocking and scary. If Dr. Toben and others can lose their freedom for questioning the Jewish Holocaust-what other questions will soon become illegal? What other thoughts will soon be unspeakable?
In the <http://www.thejc.com/node/6763>Jewish Chronicle, Anshel Pfeffer says denying the Holocaust is as ridiculous as saying the earth is flat. Yet, he says, "Any limit on freedom of speech is wrong and almost always achieves the opposite to that which it is aiming for. But in the case of Holocaust-deniers, sticking them in prison is an especially bad idea." Pfeffer thinks jailing men like Dr. Toben is a bad idea because it turns possibly evil, definitely marginal crazies into martyrs for free speech. Instead of criminalizing them, "We must fight them in the open, gladiatorial arena of public opinion." Bravo. Sort of.
Pfeffer's arguments would be a lot stronger if he got off his elitist horse-from which he and his haughty audience get to make judgment calls about whose opinions are despicable-and realized his own vulnerability before the law. Once a hate speech law is used to prosecute a person's beliefs, no one else's beliefs are safe. Opinions that rule today may be considered fringe tomorrow, and what will happen to those who hold them?
People with insane or evil beliefs shouldn't be allowed freedom merely so we can better attack their ideas, or keep them from gaining glory or notoriety. People with insane or evil beliefs should be allowed freedom so that the rest of us can also keep our freedom.
Dr. Toben's deportation hearing is this Friday, Oct. 17th. Call the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) which arrested Toben: 011 44 20 7796 8500
Call the three largest parties in Parliament:
Labour Party: 011 44 87 0590 0200
Conservative Party: 011 44 20 7222 9000
Liberal Democrat Party: 011 44 20 7222 7999
Tell them: "Please free Dr. Frederic Toben from arrest and extradition for the 'thought crime' of questioning the methods and numbers of the Holocaust."
Or, http://www.truthtellers.org/actionplan.html come here at truthtellers.org and email or fax our longer message to political leaders in England.
(All phone numbers listed as for USA callers, if calling from another country use your country's international calling prefix instead of "011".)

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