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War Declared On Elitist
DC Zionist Criminal Cabal

By Karl Schwarz
When did that happen, you ask? August 29, 2008, the day John McCain announced Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. A cruise missile was launched in Ohio and it was a direct hit on the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal in Washington, DC. The BDA (bomb damage assessment) was massive. You are seeing the aftermath 'return fire' in the newspapers, the blogs, the bereft of truth emails and even on MSM.
This was a very big NUKE. It has rattled the Zionist DC Cartel to its evil core.
I was surprised, and then not that surprised, when I learned the total scope of what and who is behind these attacks on Palin.
Remember, my office was in DC for 7 years, and I was in RNC headquarters multiple times each week. I know how low these cretins can stoop to protect their fiefdoms and self-proclaimed entitlements to power. They can go 1,000 feet below the bottom of the lowest putrid sewer you can imagine and that is exactly what they are doing right now. There is a reason, read on.
Your future as an American is on the line, so it is in your best interest to pay very close attention and think.
What has happened since that moment on August 29 has been the literal political gang rape of the Palin family to try to force her out of the race. It is beyond disgusting. It is hideous and reprehensible, but that is how vile the low-life DNC scum and their lust to have the Oval Office is. This is not vetting a candidate by curious or concerned citizens. This is an all-out vicious attack by the Washington, DC elite and their slimy media and internet minions to lie, slander and defame Sarah Palin so they can keep their criminal mob from being dismantled by John McCain and Sarah Palin.
That is what is going on, so pay attention.
Even the San Francisco Chronicle, that bastion area of liberalism and homosexuals is catching on to what is really going on. If they can, you need to wake up, too.
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/09/09/ EDQ312Q935.DTL
What McCain did was fire the first shot in the Second Revolutionary War and most did not hear it, worrying more about their pet 'ist' or 'ism', or living in the past prejudices in their mind, or 'voting habits', or paying attention to only part of the rhetoric and missed the most important words that were said by Palin and by McCain.
It is important that Americans learn a simple lesson: one cannot find the truth in a lie, or a lie of omission or intentional misstatement or misrepresentations of fact. The truth is the TRUTH, and lies are not truth and the truth cannot be found in a lie.
What is going on is not what most Americans think it is. One of my friends in DC advised that I have DNC targeted dead-on (as usual), every article a direct hit. Cockroaches scattering everywhere each time one of my articles posts on Rense.com. But he also gave me the coordinates for the other scumbags who are collaborators behind this attack on Sarah Palin.
The DNC sleaze machine has joined hands with the Neocons (both sides of the aisle), the Communist Zionist Jews that control DNC now that they are 'back home' and supporting Barky Obama, and the globalist Zionist Jew New World Order thugs and their Main Stream Media lapdog mouthpieces to try to block Sarah Palin. Even the liberal lobbyists have joined in the 'Bash Sarah' party because their little fiefdoms are going to come under attack, too. The Clinton hate machine is running its own war room, too. Their special interests will become shredded interests if McCain-Palin get into power to do what they intend to do.
AIPAC, ADL, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are also running war rooms and blasting out lies about Sarah Palin faster than a fertilizer machine can spread chickenshit on a field. One of my sources informs that ACLU and SPLC (either directly or through fronts) are sniffing around Alaska to spin up more scandal and lies about Sarah Palin if they can rush a scandalous lawsuit into this web of lies.
This could involve the civil rights of the Alaska State Trooper she had fired and that Commissioner who refused to act when the Palin family was being threatened with bodily harm.
However, according to the blogger Lame Cherry, the ex-brother-in-law fired by Sarah Palin has decided that having her fighting for America would be a damned good thing...
Imagine THAT!
It might also be an attempt to block the $30 billion pipeline deal that was recently consummated to get Alaskan natural gas to the Lower 48 via Canada. It would not surprise me at all if they launched a DNC attack claiming that this new pipeline is a 'violation of animal civil rights' and would somehow 'negatively impact the poverty' in America. That's how insane and desperate things are getting with the ACLU, SPLC and DNC.
George Soros has multiple fronts engaged in this Lie Factory process, including MoveOn.org and others including Open Society. His motives stem from the simple fact that he is a warmongering Zionist Jew, wants his pipeline deals done in Georgia and Ukraine (he does NOT want US energy independence), and he ranks right up there with Zbigniew Brzezinski in the Hate Russia Dinosaur Club. These folks are all schemers and liars and they are terrified that they are about to be pinned to the wall and flushed out of the power loop in DC.
The key issue in this race is not John McCain, it is Sarah Palin and she is holding a Royal Flush in spades. As Rense said the day McCain announced her: "Americans will look right past McCain and this will be a contest between Obama and Palin."
Even some of the environmental groups are working hard to spread false information to confuse American voters. Yes, these pinheads want to make sure America stays hooked on foreign oil to justify foreign wars and massive death are working in unison over at DNC.
Even the animal rights folks are working night and day since Sarah Palin and her family hunt and fish. They have 'photos' to prove it!
Right now, there is a huge split in the Jewish community with the saner conservative Jews (non-Zionist for the most part) coming out in force behind McCain-Palin and the rabid liberal Communist-Zionist Jews attacking through every outlet they can lean on. What did surprise me is that even the conservative Neocons are attacking to keep from being unseated from power in DC. That made sense once I understood why they are now so dead set against Sarah Palin. It is all about self-entitlement to power and continuing to plunder America at will.
The War Party is over if McCain-Palin are elected. At least that's the way it looks to me. It will also take 1 or 2 decades to mend broken fences and dispose of the mountains of diapers spread out all over DC and the world.
You will see more and more distancing between McCain and Bush.
Indeed, the White House is under standing orders right now to not comment at all on the barbs that McCain is now throwing at Bush's administration and what they have done to the US. Even Palin is making it clear that a new direction is coming and it is adverse to the BushCo plan and policies.
People need to slow down, think and understand the connection between these disparate anti-Palin factions to the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal, the Zionist New World Order, these fabricated wars, blocking of US energy independence, and corrupt self-serving lobbies. It all adds up to Zionist hegemony, war, profiteering, and putting the screws to America. It is corruption in capital letters and the wooden stake in their heart is essentially Gov Sarah Palin.
They have assembled a 'coalition' to see if they can Shock & Awe her out of the race, to save their own hides. They are slamming Sarah Palin to protect their own seat at the DC Hog Trough. Palin is under attack because if McCain-Palin win, the entire Zionist DC Criminal Cabal is going to be under attack from the Oval Office and on Capital Hill and throughout the Executive Branch of our government.
While Cheney has been a very busy Vice President covering up the lies, war crimes and obfuscations, Sarah Palin would be a very busy Vice President nailing these assholes to the wall.
What first tipped me off was an email I received from Alaska and a reader that has been following this battle on Rense. I then sent it to my contacts in Washington DC for additional information. Most of my contacts in there are in the middle of this battle...but on the side of McCain-Palin. The following is from someone in Alaska who knows Sarah Palin very well.
<start insert>
'I'll go on record here on one issue, you're going to hear a lot of smearing and labeling of Sarah Palin as partisans attempt to use whatever they perceive as flaws in her character to get at McCain.
There's a lot more to this woman than meets the eye. I'm certain she'd be a better executive than John McCain and Barrack Obama combined. She's a good political executive, even her one and only scandal/black eye so to speak, involves her staff pressuring the public safety commissioner to get rid of a crappy cop who threatened to shoot her father and beat her sister whom he was married to, tazed his eleven year old stepson, and was caught and released after multiple DWI stops both in personal vehicles and in his state trooper cruiser, without prosecution.'
'Even if McCain loses Sarah has her 'in' on the national set now. You have no idea what kind of juju this woman is wielding. She OBLITERATED a massive republican power matrix in the state of Alaska, scattered it to the four winds. She is a giant slayer, a destroyer of political pillars, she is a hot chick version of Conan The Barbarian in politics.'
'Her juju is not to be opposed.'
<end insert>
That Alaska State Trooper (former brother-in-law) has now come out on the record: ELECT SARAH! Read the Lame Cherry blog link above if you do not believe me.
Get it?
If you are asleep and do not think Sarah Palin has changed the dynamics of this year's president election, you need to wake up.
Millions are already rallying around her for Palin 2012. Americans expect change and now realize in increasing numbers that she is the only TRUE change candidate in this year's race for the White House.
She has energized a large group of conservatives who left the RNC due to BushCo, and even women from both sides of the aisle. These are not the Far Right Christian Zionist and Christian Dominionist. They are the true conservative backbone of America, of which 2 out of very 3 voters are represented by those conservative principles.
My sources across America inform that the Christian Zionists and Christian Dominionist are being told in their churches 'vote for Obama'. Imagine that. Seems that Christian Sarah Palin is THEIR worst nightmare come true, too
One of my DC contacts confirmed that their law firm is squared off with the groups who are behind these wrongful attacks on Sarah Palin, and yes, it is both sides of the aisle, virtually the entire DC Elite establishment. Urban warfare is in progress right now in our national capital. Some law firms are going at or close to 24 hours a day on this battle. What is happening right now is literally a battle for the future of America.
They say that politics makes for strange bedfellows and here we have proof that such is true. This pretty lady terrifies the DC Criminal Cabal on both sides of the aisle. Last I heard Obama has deployed Hillary to deal with Sarah. Obama is not man enough or tough enough to handle this lady one-on-one. (Ask Larry Sinclair)
McCain was supposed to select either Gov. Mitt Romney or Rep. Eric Cantor, pre-approved by AIPAC, the Neocons, Zionist Israel, and the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal. Those options were acceptable to the Christian Zionists and Christian Dominionists. The governor of Minnesota was deemed too liberal. These two were, of course, who the conservative Neocons were pushing, too. Johnny Boy defied them all and selected who he wanted, someone who is from the outside and considers political corruption her sworn enemy.
Even though Lieberman and McCain have been friends for many years, he was not on the short list due to America's perception of where his true loyalties lie. Much of the Jew Vote and Jew Money left RNC when the Communist Zionist Jews walked out on RNC and Bush. America had grown wise to their charade of trying to pose as conservative Neocons so Zionist Israel could get the war policies it wanted from Bush.
Much of the true conservative base of America would not support McCain. They now are - due to Sarah Palin and only Sarah Palin.
Bush has been such a total failure, the warmongering Communist Zionist Jews figured their best bet was to go back over the DNC and back Barky and Brzezinski to keep their Zionist New World Order in the war business. They are now backing Barky as the new War President but there are many sane, mostly Non-Zionist conservative Republican Jews who are solidly behind McCain-Palin.
Within 24 hours after Sarah Palin was announced, $10 million came in from the conservative base of America. So, what is happening right now is the Conservative factions and the DNC Communist Zionist Jew factions are in all-out war. The Neocons, the DNC, Clintons, Jewish lobbies afraid of losing their death grip on DC, are all chiming in to attack Sarah Palin. The warmongers and thieves are circling the wagons.
Even Lieberman, the Senator from Tel Aviv, is now labeled a traitor by the DNC Elite because he spoke in favor of the McCain-Palin ticket at the RNC Convention. The BBC commentators were stumped to see Lieberman speaking at the RNC Convention. You really have to that one. It's like the planets in the Solar System traded positions and rearranged the natural order of things. Regardless of what you think about Joe Lieberman, the DNC Communist Zionist Jew thugs who were still with RNC pretending to be conservative Neocons are the folks who tried to slit his throat the last time he ran for re-election.
That is why Lieberman is now an Independent. Yes, there is a huge split between the sane conservative Jews and rabid dog, warmongering communist liberal Zionist Jews of America.
The ones backing Obama-Biden are the ones foaming at the mouth for more war. The Neocons on both sides of the aisle and the PNAC P- knuckleheads are backing this mantra for more war, too. The ones backing McCain ­ Palin know that it is now time for peace.
The conservative Jews are strongly behind McCain-Palin and the communist liberal Zionist Jews are, in fact, the instigators of this attack on Sarah Palin along with the Neocons and the Clinton factions. The MSM is getting their marching orders from the Zionist Jew side of this battle. They clearly see that with Palin in this race, Obama's chances will be slim to none in November. The entire Zionist New World Order and its plans for perpetual war based on oil greed is facing annihilation and being put out of business.
This is no longer a dead-heat race for the White House. According to some polls McCain-Palin have pulled as much as 10 points ahead even in the hail storm of lies being thrown at Gov Palin. Odds are, they will continue to pull away from Obama-Biden ("I AM a Zionist") as more and more Americans figure out that war has been declared on the DC Elite and this Zionist DC Criminal Cabal that has had such a stranglehold on the United States.
FOX News finally revealed its true colors by recently showing a Photoshopped FRAUD image alleging it to be Sarah Palin and trashing her credentials. Think on that: purportedly the 'conservative battleship' FOXNews, owned by Zionist Jew Globalist Ruppert Murdoch, trashing McCain's pick for VP. Yet, FOX has backed BushCo and the Zionist genocidal war agenda without reservation when the entire world knew the extent of the lies and sleaze. Stop and think about that for a moment.
If FOX News now backing Barky Hussein Obama, the preferred candidate of the Zionist New World Order war plan, does not make your eyebrows go up as to whose side FOX News is really on, I am not sure what it would take to wake you up. This confirms to me everything I suspected all along, and that is George W Bush is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal and the Zionist Banksters in London and Wall Street. He is not president; he is the Puppet War President. (That is what I started to name my book, The Puppet President of Pretense.)
So, is Barky Obama a puppet president of the Zionist cabal lust for war? The Liberal Media? The Far Right Fascist Media? They are both!
Much of the MSM is the government's 'jam boom box' for the Zionist New World Order and its war agenda and pushing its policies.
They are the Burger King of Whopper Shit-Burger Lies that they expect all Americans to gulp down and go back to shopping or channel surfing teevee. They are chameleons as to whatever the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal agenda requires. Get it? You need to! You need to wake up and swear off Whopper Shit-Burger Lies from MSM and the emails their minions generate.
Some of the foreign media are doing a better job than US media in dissecting this vicious attack on Sarah Palin. It is a premeditated smear campaign with no basis in fact. Take a look:
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1053169/Anger- fake-Sarah-Palin-photos-smear-campaign-makes-look-like-stripper.html
The Zionist FOX News/DNC sleaze machine got caught on the Photoshopped fraud below. There are others and much sleazier including fake nudes that are not remotely Sarah Palin. They are throwing anything they can dream up and fabricate to protect the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal and the Zionist New World Order war agenda. We have all sorts of Zionist and Progressive little nitwits rushing around to see if they can get a DNC gold star on their forehead for creating a good lie that will stick.
They have circled the wagons and within that circle is the entire gaggle of liars and crooks and warmongers, from both sides of the aisle. Those are the pricks and bitches that 90% of Americans want removed from power in Washington, DC.
This was shown on FOXNews, along with their critical comments about McCain's selection.
Someone already knew the photo had been faked and had the original to prove it.
Why? Those groups are purportedly political enemies. Why would they join hands? Simply, for the glory of the Zionist New World Order agenda, WAR, and how much the DC cretins can steal and pocket during that hog trough free-for-all that is reserved just for the elite insiders. It is a both sides of the aisle feeding frenzy somewhat like the primal instincts of sharks, and both John McCain and Sarah Palin intend to put an end to it.
This is all about keeping the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal in power and launching yet more genocidal energy and resource wars that will fail. These Neocons and Zionists want more war, more carnage, more genocide, more raping of nations...meanwhile McCain-Palin intend to chart a different course. The key is energy independence and that is what Sarah Palin stands for and goes so much against the grain of the Zionist New World Order.
You see, without the military might of the US, the Zionist New World Order will not succeed. Without the huge debts Zionist DC is willing to incur and dump on the backs of American taxpayers, the bogus Global War on Terror and wars for oil and pre-emptive strikes on nations who will not roll over for the Zionist New World Order cannot be sustained or pursued.
For years, Americans of all parties have pitched a fit about Bush (and Clinton) racking up ever larger US debt, doling the money out to their elite insider buddies and sticking Americans with the tab.
McCain and Palin have declared war on them and that is what started this battle and reprehensible barrage of lies stinking up America.
I know enough about Sarah Palin now and her Ecumenical Christian beliefs that she will not support an unjust war. It is not in her belief system at all. Ecumenical Christians are not, repeat NOT, Zionist Christians. That is not in our belief system.
McCain is the ultimate insider and knows exactly who is ripping off and raping America blind, and how they are doing it. At 72, he does not have the energy and vigor to take them on, but Palin does. He is the mole who knows exactly where to tell the VP to aim the howitzer.
Sarah Palin is to be the commander of that howitzer, and the lady can shoot, figuratively and literally.
That is what has set-off this vicious shit storm of lies and slander against the Alaska Governor. She is the real deal to the point some are already hiding under their desks and others are already prepping resumes and looking for another job (other than plundering America to death). Many are realizing that if McCain-Palin win in November their 'gig' of raping America blind will be over...like a 747 slamming into the side of a mountain at full throttle. Many will wind up in prison or publicly humiliated as America changes direction.
The Hog Trough Diner will be closed and under new rules, new management.
The likes of Boxer, Feinstein, Pelosi and Hillary are running around with their panties in a knot. They are calling and urging all of their liberal lobbies and allies to attack, attack, and attack.
Palin is the real instrument of power in this year's election. It is time Americans figure it out, too. Our nation is now in a new 'war' and the target for 'regime change' is Washington, DC itself.
The DC Criminal Cabal is now officially under attack from the RNC ticket for the White House.
Folks, that is the best damned news America has had in 20 years!
And during those past 20 years, I've seen countless articles, TV commentaries and other statements that Americans are the dumbest citizens on the face of this planet when it comes to being politically astute and able to stay focused on real issues that affect their future. A truly ignorant electorate that cannot seem to think about electing the leadership that America needs versus electing (or re-electing) the leadership dedicated to the demise of America and turning it and our lives into a putrid sewer.
The DC Zionist Sleaze Meisters know how incredibly easy it is to mislead the American public...especially when their Zionist pals own virtually the entire entertainment and news media in the country.
That is how and why they have the attacks on Sarah Palin turned up to the highest level in modern US political history. They are truly terrified of her and what may happen to change the way DC does much of its business.
The reason is quite simple. She terrifies them because McCain has seemingly, just maybe, pulled a fast one on the entrenched power structure. Even though he mouths the obligatory Zionist dialogue in his speeches...he may be planning to break up the Zionist death grip on America as his last truly patriotic act for his country. If he does, he would go down in history as one of the greatest patriots in the Western world. McCain is an insider and knows where most of the DC skeletons are hidden and could use that knowledge to break up the ruling Zionist Criminal Cabal. He found the perfect running mate...an outsider with real morals...who likes to slam corrupt politicians more than engage in the political pomp and show of public office. McCain found a real Christian with steadfast principles who is untainted by Globalist DC filth.
I have to hand it to McCain...if I am correct, this will turn out to be an extremely adroit maneuver...a master stroke. I also have to admire Sarah Palin for standing firm in the damnedest hail storm I have seen in DC in many years.
This may in part be political payback for what the media and BushCo did to McCain in 2000 in the South Carolina primaries, when he was leading Junior for the RNC nomination. It might also be a case of a man who knows that as long as the Zionist DC Criminals remain intact, America is going down. Just a matter of time before the United States of America collapses due to unimaginably catastrophic fraud, corruption and greed...and failed war policies for oil. The BushCo agenda cannot be sustained without doing permanent and irreversible damage to America. It has already done enough damage that it will take 10 to 20 years of concerted effort to mend and correct the damage done by Bush-Cheney-Zionist stupidity and arrogance. An America freed of its chains could truly be the legacy that John McCain wishes to leave behind.
These are the people who have lied to the world and killed perhaps 2-3 million human beings in Afghanistan and Iraq all predicated on the basis of total lies. These are the people who want to attack Iran, Pakistan, Russia and mostly recently were involved in the genocide in Georgia.
Imagine for a moment having a President and a Vice President with the primary mission of dismantling this gaggle of lying, thieving, genocidal thugs in DC. That is news and this other stuff is tripe.
If you look past the rhetoric of Iraq, the defense of America, 'evil' Russia and the Georgia war, etc, there was a clear message in both of the acceptance speeches on September 3 and 4...being that the corruption in DC is a major target and overarching goal of McCain- Palin. That is why he selected her and not a handpicked Zionist option. Seems America is elated, as least the ones who see what has happened.
They DC liberal gang thought Palin would wilt in the face of such an onslaught of attacks on her and her family but she did not. She put them all on notice, fast, that she wasn't the least impressed with their sleazy methods and decked them with her poise and class...and much of the world saw and recognized it.
What was the DNC response? Play above board and deal with the real issues? No way, they are not near through showing Americans how low they can go. Barky even went into hiding because he is seeing that the tea leaves are no longer adding up for him in November. Would Brzezinski, et al think about changing their game plan and doing what Americans truly want our government to do? No way, this is the Zionist New World Order war game plan and they do not give a rat's ass what Americans think.
My bet is many Americans are about to see something they have never seen in their lifetimes in US politics. I have been watching this entire matter closely and Sarah Palin is one tough lady but her strength goes way past her. One of her friends in Alaska (inserted above) also stated 'She certainly has the right juju to be a truly great president.' The Apostle Paul wrote in several books of the New Testament on the subject of putting on 'the armor of God".
Eph 6:10-17 (NIV) describes very well what is happening right now, right in front of America's eyes.
Yes, THAT would truly terrify the Zionist DC Criminals to their rotten evil core. She is untouchable for reasons the DC Cabal cannot even fathom.
There is a classic line from the movie "Patton" that describes well what is happening right now. As a Moroccan minister awarded Patton a medal as his 7th Armored Army invaded North Africa, he said: "The lions in their dens tremble at his approach."
Sarah Palin is making the lions tremble and that is the reason for this entire shit storm of vicious lies and attacks on her and her family. When you see evil trembling in the face of goodness, you have to choose goodness...or you are slitting your own throat.
I am receiving many emails from Liberals who reject what I see. What they are not aware of is I am getting about 20x to 50x the volume of emails a day from other Americans from all walks in life and both sides of the aisle. They are waking up. These attacks have made them take a closer look and they are now seeing clearly, yes, she is the one America has been waiting for years to see on the stage.
The DNC controlled Congress realizes its entire agenda will be sitting at the bottom of the ocean if Palin is elected. Look at the voting record of the Democrat Congress since they got control in 2006. They are 100% behind BushCo and this Zionist New World Order agenda of hegemony and war. They long to do the same under the Zionist Barky (Brzezinski) war plan for America. They are willing co- conspirators of the Zionists and have been all along.
The charade of RNC versus DNC is wearing out; they are both implementers of the policies the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal and the Zionist New World Order. They are the funding mechanism that has stolen $5 trillion dollars and lined many pockets....and killled 2-3 million human beings. That party is over if McCain and Palin get their way.
Americans have forgotten that liberties and freedom are not free, nor can they be taken for granted. This Zionist DC Criminal Cabal took over America while Americans slept or surfed the Internet or channels on TV. They have now stolen trillions of US dollars from America and McCain-Palin have decided it is time for a reckoning and an accounting. They have tried to gut the very freedoms and liberties that are the core of what being an American is all about. Finally someone has stepped forward with the message that it is time to head in a new direction.
They lied about her baby being that of her daughter. They lied about Todd and Sarah Palin being members of a 'terrorist organization' that is a legitimate state's rights political party. They have spun up a huge web of lies about her stance on the environment and Sarah Palin is very pro-environment. She is probably the staunchest environmentalist in this race. I have seen websites lying about her daughter having a teen drinking problem. I have seen other websites lying about Sarah's Ecumenical Christian faith and trying to cast her as a Christian Zionist or Christian Dominionist, and both assertions are blatantly untrue.
Much of what I have seen written about her faith was written by atheists or homosexuals who haven't a clue what an Ecumenical Christian is or what they believe.
I have seen what has been written by people unqualified to even comment on the subject much less offer their diatribes full of lies and misstatements of fact, or misinterpretations due to sheer ignorance on the subject.
I am an Ecumenical Christian and the last thing any Ecumenical Christian buys off on are the creeds and the teachings of Christian Zionism and Christian Dominionist. We actually believe 'Thou shall not murder' means exactly what it says and killing is only justified in self-defense, as person or nation. Almost 4 years ago I wrote an article on the Christian Dominionist and my life was threatened twice for exposing them. They are nutcase blood-thirsty terrorists and Sarah Palin is NOT one of them.
I have read the opinions of some that a mere meeting with AIPAC means she sold America out to Zionist Israel. Again, blatantly untrue or the Zionists would not be attacking her with a vengeance and that is exactly what they are doing right now to get her out of the race.
Even the 'conservative' Washington Times completely missed the call in its article about Gov Palin and her faith. She does not attend Protestant evangelical churches. She does not attend a Pentecostal church. She is not an evangelical Christian, she is an Ecumenical Christian and there is a big difference. We 'smart Christians' note the Biblical relevance of Israel but do not support Zionism. or war unless it is a Just War. BushCo fails that test on all counts. The war agenda of the Zionist New World Order fails the test for Just War on all counts. This war plan is offensive in nature based on hegemony and greed and stealing oil and gas from other nations under the pretense of democracy and freedom. That is not supportable under the doctrine of Ecumenical Christians.
http://washingtontimes.com/news/2008/sep/04/palins-evangelical-faith- drives-pro-israel-view/
What Obama, Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Zionist New World Order plan to do fails the Just War test on ALL COUNTS.
Brother Nathaniel Kapner interviewed her pastor at Wasilla Bible Church, an Ecumenical Christian church. Note what her minister had to say regarding Israel: http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=264
(Note - Brother Kapner's site has been temporarily forced down by Zionist hate mongers...so, if the link doesn't work, please try it again in a days or so.)
Governor Sarah Palin is already on the record that the Iraq War is a war for oil. That statement alone is diametrically opposed to the BushCo, Neocon and Zionist Israel position as to why the US attacked Iraq and has now perpetrated genocide on over 1 million Iraqis. Her position on that is a direct refutation of what Barky and Zbigniew intend to do.
She wants US energy independence and that, too, is diametrically opposed to the Zionist New World Order agenda. They want more war to take over more oil and natural gas fields, while she wants to remove the very reasons those wars are even necessary in the lunatic, greed- driven minds of some. That anyone can stretch that into 'warmonger' is the mark of a complete idiot.
By some accounts her home state of Alaska has a 200-year supply (or more) of oil and natural gas for the United States and about every nitwit in DC and the Non-Progressive Left is trying to block that from being available. These warmongering cretins do not want the US to be energy independent and on the road to peace and prosperity.
THEY WANT WAR and McCain has decided it is time to take this cabal on.
The latest attack on Palin asserts she is a slut and had an affair...this in the sleazy National Enquirer tabloid. The allegations of an affair in the mid-1990s are apparently from a current DEMOCRAT...a Palmer, AK city council member named Brad Hanson.
I dismiss this trash for one reason. This would have come up when she ran for governor of Alaska because both the Republicans and the Democrats of that state knew that she was their worst nightmare come true if she were to be elected as governor. She was elected in a landslide victory. She ran on a platform of cleaning up the political corruption of Alaska and then did just that, exactly what she said she would do. If there was ANY truth to this latest shot at her, it would have come up in the Alaska elections when she became the governor of that state. It never did.
I sent an email to the current mayor of Palmer, Alaska, Mr. John Combs and asked if Brad Hanson was a Democrat or Republican and I sent an email directly to Brad Hanson with the same question.
This is a response from the Mayor of Palmer Alaska and email exchange. People have to read to believe it as to his evasiveness to a simple question:
From: Karl
Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2008 8:05 AM
To: John Combs
Subject: Inquiry
Attn: John Combs
Is Brad Hanson a Democrat or Republican?
Thank you,
Karl Schwarz
From: John Combs
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 3:40 PM
To: Karl
Cc: bchanson
Subject: RE: Inquiry
Dear Mr. Schwarz,
I have no idea. This is not even a question I would put to Brad because it does not matter to me. What I do know is Council Member Hanson is a genuine asset to the City Council and the Citizens of Palmer.
John Combs
Mayor for the City of Palmer
(Note that he copied Brad Hanson with his reply to me. Brad Hanson is the person who made the 'affair allegation' that appeared in the sleazy tabloid Enquirer. Like most in the Enquirer, he was probably paid to make this allegation. If he can prove otherwise, he can do so.)
From: Karl
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 3:41 PM
To: 'John Combs'
Subject: RE: Inquiry
Hello John, I am American but in EU where I moved my nanotechnology business.
You do not know the political affiliations of the persons sitting on the City Council?
That is remarkable.
His final reply to that was as follows:
Thank you.
I think it is safe to draw the conclusion that Hanson is a Democrat and the Enquirer article was yet another attempt to knife Sarah Palin in the back. If not, they need to clarify that matter but I am not holding my breath that they can or will clarify the matter. It appears the allegation was made and then the Democrat perpetrator disappears...and no one is willing to answer one simple question:
"Democrat or Republican?"
Frankly, any mayor who does not know the political friend and political foe within his own city council is probably not astute enough to be a mayor. His response was intentional obfuscation to a simple question. When people evade like this, the warning signs flash RED.
This latest lie directed at Gov Palin miraculously appeared McCain announced her. The baby lie did not work or any of the other lies, so her enemies made up a new one.
When was the last time you saw a politician dedicated to cleaning up fraud and corruption? Would you prefer more genocide, war and financial catastrophe from of the Zionist Criminal Cabal in DC, or, would you rather they be removed from power in DC? That is no small question for, in November, America is going to make that decision and we either head in the right direction or America is going to crash and burn, bankrupt in every way there is to be bankrupt.
You must look past all the rhetoric and hear the clear and unambiguous messages. Sarah Palin in her acceptance speech September 3, 2008:
"I'm not a member of the permanent political establishment. And I've learned quickly, these past few days, that if you're not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone."
She was 100% correct in her assessment of these frauds in DC. They are a bunch of elitist snobs but they are part of the protective buffer this Zionist, largely Jewish DC Criminal Cabal has established so it can stay permanently attached to the soul of America, drinking and draining its life blood. Don't you think these monstrous parasites have raped and destroyed enough of the planet? Their MSM mouthpieces and talking heads are the source of the lies to mislead America and keep this evil cartel in power in DC.
Sarah Palin again in her acceptance speech September 3, 2008:
"But here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion - I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country. Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reasons, and not just to mingle with the right people."
Oops, that was a Declaration of War on the Zionist DC Criminals and the elite insiders who control it. She was making it crystal clear that she has no intentions of bowing and kissing their asses to get the 'DC Elite Approved' rating. She stated clearly and unambiguously in her message that she is not for sale nor is she on their side. She also sent the message that she is not intimidated by them in the least.
Some have questioned that she did not bash Bush and his policies at the convention. That was not the time to do so. Now, as the campaigning rolls into its final weeks, is the time to make it clear to America that a new course is being charted. Let's hope McCain stands up and begins to put clear distance between himself and his Zionist advisors...some would say controllers.
McCain in his acceptance speech on September 4, 2008 uttered other words that are clear signals that war is on the horizon, in Washington DC:
"But let there be no doubt, my friends, we're going to win this election. And after we've won, we're going to reach out our hand to any willing patriot, make this government start working for you again, and get this country back on the road to prosperity and peace."
"She (Gov Palin) knows where she comes from, and she knows who she works for. She stands up for what's right, and she doesn't let anyone tell her to sit down. I'm very proud to have introduced our next vice president to the country. But I can't wait until I introduce her to Washington. And let me offer an advance warning to the old, big- spending, do-nothing, me-first, country-second Washington crowd: Change is coming."
"I'm not in the habit of breaking promises to my country, and neither is Gov. Palin. And when we tell you we're going to change Washington and stop leaving our country's problems for some unluckier generation to fix, you can count on it. We've got a record of doing just that, and the strength, experience, judgment and backbone to keep our word to you. "
"I fight to restore the pride and principles of our party. We were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change us. We lost the trust of the American people when some Republicans gave in to the temptations of corruption. We lost their trust when rather than reform government, both parties made it bigger. We lost their trust when instead of freeing ourselves from a dangerous dependence on foreign oil, both parties and Sen. Obama passed another corporate welfare bill for oil companies. We lost their trust when we valued our power over our principles."
As we say in the Southern part of the US: 'Them be fightin' words!"
What both of them said is diametrically opposed to the Zionist DC Criminal Cartel and its Zionist PNAC New World Order agenda. I am also seeing clear signs that there is a divorce in progress between BushCo and the direction McCain intends to head, with Sarah Palin.
Yep, it is clear to me McCain-Palin have declared war on the Zionist DC gangstersl. I have been waiting for 20 years for someone to either come forward to make the needed changes or someone to figure out how to get the right person into the position of power to make it happen. That is why DC freaked out so hard and pegged the panic needle when Palin announced Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.
Right now, right in front of the nose of America is the right instrument, at the right time and the right place in history to finally break the stranglehold that these carnivorous thugs have on our government, our nation, and our lives.
The Second American Revolution started August 29, 2008 so wake up and pay attention. Most Americans did not hear the shot, but DC heard it loud and clear. The first shot put the Barky Obama Show flat on his ass. Note he has not been acting as arrogant, pontificating and smug - as if he were already president - since August 29, 2008. He is now beginning to do the math that his chances for November are looking more and more like...pardon the expression...a fart in the wind in November.
The gloves are off, the brass knuckles are on. That is why political adversaries in DC are now on the same side trying to block Sarah Palin. Right now it is just a pissing match between the democrat DNC and their Criminal Cartel buddies to see who can crank out the most lies to try to confuse the American Electorate. Soon, the world may see some real accountability for these pariahs for their years of crimes and treasons and plundering of America. Soon, some of these gangsters will be cast from power...and they know it.
A vote for Obama-Biden ("I AM a Zionist") is a vote for the Zionist New World Order agenda and is a vote to keep the Zionist DC Criminal Cabal in power. That is the deal Barky cut with the Devil to become America's first half-Black President. Got that?
Bush and Cheney mass genocide, constant war and virtually unimaginable corruption is a tough act to follow but Barky, Brzezinski and Soros intend carry that hideous record right on.
Barky's bosses want war and Barky will deliver more war.
A vote for a third party candidate is a wasted vote and could mean the difference and let the Obama-Biden/Zionist New World Order/ Zionist DC Criminal Cabal stay in power. Frankly, most, if not all, of the third party candidates do not have a clue what they are up against in trying to effect real change. Got that?
A vote for McCain-Palin is a vote to dismantle that Zionist- controlled DC and to turn America in a new direction. We might have to remind McCain occasionally to stop pushing for unneeded wars or stupid policies, but that is better than electing Barky and getting 4 or 8 more years of nothing BUT war from Day One. That is assured, if Barky is elected and we'll have the Zbigniew Brzezinski stupidity started over anew. McCain will have his hands full with Bush Dirty Diapers dropped all over the planet...of that there is no doubt. It has been projected that when Bush-Cheney and the Zionists took firm control of America 8 years ago, there were about 5,000 SERIOUS terrorists on this planet of 6 billion. It is now projected there are over 500,000. Got that?
Palin's job will be to hunt down these thieving thugs, bag them and tag them, push them out of power in DC. In fact, I am going to send a memorandum to McCain ­ Palin as to exactly where they need to start. Both Clinton and Bush have been doing something that is a blatant violation of US law by installing their appointees as permanent civil servants to keep this evil cabal in power. That is a stealth part of how they have assured their power and your demise.
Both Clinton and Bush have snuck in their agents all over the Executive and Judicial Branch to undermine a new president and a new agenda that threatens their Zionist DC Fascist rule and New World Order War Agenda.
These are the first persons who must be cleansed because they were seated and embedded into the federal network illegally, for a deceitful reason. They are the internal disruptors who will undermine any attempts to change the system and remove Zionist fascism from power. I sent the exact same memo to Bush-Cheney and it was hand delivered by a friend of mine in Houston. They blew it off and did the exact same illegal things Clinton did his entire time in office.
If McCain should fail America and betray its trust, he will be replaced in 2012. However, I do not think that is going to be necessary. If McCain does not toe the line on what the true conservatives want and head America towards peace and prosperity, Sarah Palin will be running against him in 2012. McCain already knows that this lady is indeed 'major juju' and she has electrified and energized the conservatives of America. That's the catechism that the non-Progressive nitwits just cannot fathom. By a 2 to 1 margin, Americans are Conservatives. That is the desired moral backbone and fabric of the American society.
Further, if Sarah Palin wins with McCain in 2008, Hillary's chances of ever being President diminish to slim to none. So, the Clintons have their entire hate attack machine aimed at Gov Palin, too because the lady from Alaska has walked off with Hillary's position as Most Powerful Woman in America.
Sarah Palin is just the Governor of Alaska, yet to be elected as Vice President. However, as of right now, she may be the most powerful woman in the world.
It is time for Americans to wake up, and stand up, as the army behind those who are now in a position to take back America. The entire corrupt DC elite establishment on both sides of the aisle and the Zionists are attacking Sarah Palin and trying desperately to make HER the issue. No, THEY are the issue and always have been. They are the true enemy of every American, and McCain-Palin are our best chance of sweeping them away.
You either vote for the freedom of America from the evil Zionist agenda or prepare to be raped like never before. If Barky-Biden ("I AM a Zionist") wins in November, there will be nothing but continuing war, death and the implementation of total control over your life.
Think about it.
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