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Debbie Niwa, Guess What?
Re: McCain's VP Pick Sarah Palin - Guess What?
From Lame Cherry
Dear Mr. Rense,
I hope that you might see fit to printing this response to Debbie Niwa's piece on Gov. Palin as an illustration in how someone can take public information and smear anyone with it by simply linking events in a normal life to whatever slant one wants.
Gov. Palin is a person who is not perfect, but it seems writers like Ms. Niwa are looking for a messiah instead of an elected politician.  I can relate that my ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence had great misgivings about George Washington, but Mr. Washington seemed to do alright.
I can also relate that I ran across a very nice lady who actually lived in Gov. Palin's hometown when she was mayor and volunteered the following without being asked, "Sarah is what you see and what you get. She is real and genuine."  How incredibly refreshing.  A REAL person for once.
*Debbie Niwa, Guess What?
Debbie Niwa is termed the Patron Saint of Patriots. She has not refuted this messiah-like title like Barack Obama, leaving the conclusion she agrees with such behavior or perhaps she is part of the Jesuit Black Pope order recorded as attempting the conversion and overthrowing of the United States government.
Debbie Niwa is quoted by the Iowa John Birch Society. The John Birch Society is a well-documented front controlled by the Rockefeller globalist New World Order group attempting to overthrow American sovereignty by the North American Union which Ms. Niwa claims she is against.
Debbie Niwa quotes the Cleveland Free Times which happens to be a proponent of "democracy" in America. Democracy is mob rule and has nothing to do with a free Republic.
Debbie Niwa, in the Cleveland Free Times she is bringing to the front as a quotable source, has a current article on the rock band Buck Cherry.  Buck Cherry has a pornographic song titled Crazy B*tch in which use the F word repeatedly and has lyrics of rough, unmarried sex of a woman clawing at a male's back.
Debbie Niwa quoting the Cleveland Free Times has a Miller beer ad on it depicting what looks like barely legal children being promoted to alcohol abuse.
Debbie Niwa quotes Bob Harris who is on Amazon.com...a left wing internet company.
Debbie Niwa in promoting Bob Harris is aware that Amazon.com does not pay local and state taxes, thereby cheating communities out of money for childcare, emergency services and shutting down small mom and pop book stores in favor of the globalist mass market.
Debbie Niwa quotes the Wall Street Journal which is owned by Rupert Murdoch (Zionist) who backs Barack Obama and has told his FOX crew to take it easy on Mr. Obama.
Debbie Niwa quotes the Oregonian, the same state which selected Obama in the Dem primary, promotes the global warming scam, votes to abort children and is destroying forests all to publish a paper which backs Barack Obama.
That should be enough to prove the point to readers that Ms. Niwa is not all she claims to be, and is part of the group leading America down the wrong path, as she accuses Gov. Palin  of doing.
Debbie Niwa, like all people, leaves a signature in life which can be interpreted by anyone without any common sense to mean whatever they want it to, or can be twisted by Barack Obama to smear anyone.
I will ask people again to cut Gov. Palin some slack. Unless you lived in Alaska and knew this woman personally as the above woman did, looking up to fragmented stories and judging the person is about as shallow and uninformed as it comes.
Trig Palin...look him up in a mother who carried him and will care for him all his life. The same mother who is making it a priority for all handicapped children to be given life instead of infanticide.
That is who Gov. Palin is.
Those people like Debbie Niwa keep smearing Gov. Palin as a 5th column of Mr. Obama...and Obama will be elected.
Unless your intent is to accomplish that...and to make money off Obama books and then spend the next 8 years making your living by complaining on talk radio about the marxist, muslim, fascist, lying, duplicitous, flip-flopping, deceitful, Brzezinksi/Soros war-mongering front man you helped elect, I suggest start being part of the solution for the United States and assist Gov. Palin in forming better policy for all citizens.
God bless
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