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The Train Wreck Of The
Zionist New World Order

By Karl Schwarz
Correction: When I reported August 14, on the BBC HardTalk interview between host Stephen Sackur and the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Sergei Ivanov, I made a mistake.
Sackur asked if "independent investigators" would be welcome in South Ossetia to document the war crimes that Ivanov spoke of and his response was 'WELCOME', they would be welcome.  I wrote independent 'journalists' instead of 'investigators'...ergo, Russia says that independent investigators are welcome to document the war crimes that Bush, Israel and Georgia just inflicted upon South Ossetia.
If you have not seen this interview, it is worth the 30 minutes to tune in:
The OSCE already has 'independent investigators' there and the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt was shown on BBC.  The expression on his face was not a happy one. He was on a private jet headed to South Ossetia with some 'independent investigators.'
Stay tuned. We may be on the verge of having War Crimes actions against Zionist New World Order operatives. That would be a good thing and could and should open the door to war crimes regarding Afghanistan and Iraq.
I think most Americans who have at least three brain cells that work in unison already know if Bush's lips are moving...he is lying.
The Bush White House has been denying US troops were involved in the attack and genocide in South Ossetia.
Now brace yourselves, folks, because this is not news you will see, hear or even know about in America due to how the US government and Zionist media only feed you news-byte pieces of sugar-coated, well spun crap, and keep you thoroughly in the dark...just like a mushroom.
Watch these two reports, one from a British reporter and the second an interview of an American who is married to a South Ossetian and was there when this fiasco broke out.
According to people on the scene, there were armed US soldiers with American flags on their uniforms in South Ossetia.
Imagine my 'shock' that Bush would be lying about even more war crimes.
BBC just keeps rocking right along with memorable historical images.
BushCo announced that the useless, hapless Secretary of State, Black Poodle Candi-leeeza Rice is headed to France and Georgia. Both of those venues are centers of Zionist New World Order operations, so do not be surprised at the Zionist NWO photo ops raining down on us coming in the next several days. I used to (and still do) think Madeline Albright was useless, but our first-ever useless Black SOS is even worse.   
In France, Candi and Nicky Sarkozy schemed a 'new dream' so 'arf-arf' can now go to Georgia and have another useless photo op about "respecting the territorial integrity of Georgia."  She will make all sorts of 'threats' against Russia about 'isolating' them internationally through more 'arf-arf' photo ops.  The Russians like to laugh...and Bush and Rice have them in stitches.
Russia has made it clear that the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions are not going to be returned to Georgia.  Get it?
Abkhazia and South Ossetia announced August 14 that they are going to establish 'sovereignty' as Southern Federal District states of Mother Russia.  That is Checkmate, end of discussion...but Bush and Rice will still keep whining, as will Saakashvili. 
On Thursday, Bush visited CIA HQ at Langley and was still whining about 'the territorial integrity of Georgia.'  Frankly, after the cheap stunt that killed about 2,000 RUSSIAN CITIZENS, Bush is lucky there is still a Georgia left.
The reason BushCo is frantic is the Russian Bear just repudiated his Zionist West Game Plan for Georgia and much of the Caspian Basin area...by using Georgia as their pipeline route.  Russia is dangling that in front of Bush so he will still keep salivating and trying to do the impossible...like a dog jumping up for a treat...kept barely out of its reach.  BushCo oil and gas dreams and pipeline dreams in that area of the world are now dead.  
The US now says it has no intentions of putting a naval blockade in place and the US is making it clear to Israel that an attack on Iran would harm "American interests."  That is Bush-Speak for IRAN and PIPELINE.
BushCo announces "Russia's words and actions are not consistent." Damn, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Our American President is a worthless liar. He, Daddy Bush and Clinton crapped on our Nation.
Did you get the memo?  Georgia kicked the USSR's ass in Georgia from August 8-Aug 12...that's what Zionist sock-puppet Mikhiel Saakashvili announced that to the world in one of his photo ops.  
He will be coming to a TV screen near you within hours as he and the piss-poodle appear in a deluge of photo ops, live from Tbilisi, Georgia.  Trust me, they will be strutting like they won.
According to CNN International out of London, this was a Bush victory, yanked right smack out of the reality of the jaws of total defeat. If one were to listen to CNN International, the beginning of the end of Russia just happened.   
No, the beginning of the end of the Zionist New World Order just happened...and that may well bury the US within 5-10 years.  Or far less...especially if Bushy Boy tries to actually install his 'defensive' missiles in Poland.  Can you spell 'World War III' ?
Unfortunately, for Junior and his diaper-changers, reality is rearing up...and the post-game analysis is bleak for the US.
Bush announced the US was going to take over the Georgia oil port of Poti.  Alas, within a few hours, Russian tanks were parked squarely in the middle of Poti and the Russian Black Sea fleet on full alert just offshore.
BushCo can keep what is left of Georgia, but getting that 'really big pipeline' out of the Caspian is a dead dream.  Yet another Grand Chessboard game won by Russia.
The Taliban now control most of the Southern half of Afghanistan and grow stronger by the day.  Ergo, Bush will never get a pipeline across Afghanistan. Neither will Barky Obama and Zbigniew.  No nation, no empire builder has in the history of this world bludgeoned Afghanistan into submission.  Many that tried have gone home with no ass, missing limbs...many were buried right there on the spot.
Probably within the next week or so, the true numbers of US soldiers killed and wounded in South Ossetia will come out.  That will probably be timed by Russia to bitch-slap Bush and Rice right on the heels of another useless string of photo op lies.
Since Ivanov and Russia are open to having 'independent investigators' come to South Ossetia and see the evidence of genocide and war crimes for themselves, there will be more on that.  The OSCE is already there as are Russian prosecutors and that Swedish minister did not look like a happy man.
The US is already talking to the G7 seeking to 'punish' Russia and expel them as a G8 member. 
Unfortunately for Junior, the realities and possible ramifications of such efforts are becoming clear:
"But with little leverage in the face of an emboldened Moscow, Washington and its friends have been forced to face the uncomfortable reality that their options are limited to mainly symbolic measures, such as boycotting Russian-hosted meetings and events, that may have little or no long-term impact on Russia's behaviour, the officials said."
G8 member Germany is not going to anger the Russian Bear, they need the oil and gas that Bush-Blair never delivered. With the German economy going into stall-mode, Germany must engage the booming Russia economy to offset the damage BushCo has done.
G8 member Japan is not going to anger the Russian Bear, either. With the US economy going into the ditch, Japan needs the booming Russia market to lessen the recession damage Bush has caused.
G8 member UK is going to have to tread lightly even though they are BushCo partners in crime, and war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The UK economy is approaching free-fall, so the UK also needs the booming Russia economy to offset the damage BushCo has done. The only reason the dollar is gaining on the British Pound and Euro is that both of those EU members are having to devalue their currencies to keep the US dollar afloat and lessen the BushCo damage to everyone.
G8 member China is not going to anger the Russian Bear.  They need the energy and have no qualms at all that Bush just got handed his ass in Georgia. I do not think President Jintao Hu would help the drunken Bush find his shoes even if he asked nicely after making such a fool of himself at the Beijing Olympics, and just prior to traveling there.
G8 member Italy is not in a position to buck Russia.  Bridas Corporation (even though Argentinian) was founded by Italian ex-pats in Argentina and Bridas supplies lots of oil and gas to Italy. No, Italy is not going to back BushCo in any childish tantrums against Russia.
G8 member Canada will probably do whatever the US and UK tells Stephen Harper to do...but Canada is in no position to muscle Russia in any manner.  Even Canada admits it could not successfully invade North Dakota.
Of course, Little Nicky in France will make like Candi and bark and pee all over the place...but reality will set in there, too.  Some readers may remember in the past, right after he was elected, Sarko went to Moscow to 'set Putin straight'...and came back to Paris with his tail between his legs.
Stay tuned. The Georgia issue is settled militarily, now the Zionist political weasels are going to keep trying to undermine things to see if they can clean up the train wreck and somehow put the cars back on the tracks. Fat chance.
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