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Behold - The New
South Ossetia

By Karl Schwarz
BBC is continuing to raise the best questions and presenting the best media on the Georgia-South Ossetia and Russia issue, along with RTR Planeta and RTNews out of Russia. CNN International is proving in spades that it is merely a vulgar Zionist propaganda organ of the White House and Department of State. CNN, with great deliberation aforethought, is definitely not reporting both sides of the issue. And never will.
Behold the New South Ossetia. The Zionist West manipulators of Georgia are about to have a brain hemorrhage.
Russia is not trying to block those pipelines that these idiots are hyperventilating over. If that were the case, all of Georgia would be a parking lot for Russian armored divisions.
All of the expected Zionist West talking heads chimed in, Rice, Miliband, Kouchner, etc...all spewing the same predictable trash.
NATO chief Scheffer was on a BBC segment and said: "Both NATO and Russia need to refrain from this type of rhetoric" and repeating the same old palaver that Russia is not playing by the rules (from the Zionist West Rule Book, of course).
I think Scheffer is now realizing that this screw-up for NATO ranks right up there with Operation Gladio - the heinous US and UK terrorism against West Europe following World War II which went on for over 20 years. Read on because one man on BBC actually said it like it is: that this was indeed US and Zionist Israel terrorism against the Christians of South Ossetia.
David Miliband of the UK, the presumptive Zionist West heir to Gordon Brown: "This is not about who gets to Tbilisi first. This is about how the sides resolve their differences to work towards what is best for all." Translation: The Zionist West is stumped as to what to do about Russian adamancy that this bullshit is not going to happen again in Georgia, period. The Russian fleet is still blocking the port of Poti, Georgia and Russian troops, artillery and armor are now parked in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and the port of Poti.
BBC News Flash, CET 12:15pm, 6:16am NY Time: "1,000 Georgian protestors are protesting the Russian presence at the port of Poti."
Russia's defense ministry response: "Russian military forces will continue to control that port until further orders from Moscow."
Zionist West response: "It is apparent to us that Russia intends to ruin the economy of democratic Georgia."
No, Russia is adamant that there will be no re-arming of Georgia, or. there will simply be no more Georgia. This debate ends now or Georgia is toast along with the BushCo-Zbig pipeline dreams.
The Zionist West: 'Russia is violating the cease fire agreement." Pooh!
Moscow's response - "We are not firing at anyone. The Western allies of Georgia are NOT going to re-arm Georgia...or this 'dispute' ends NOW."
Russia has now made it clear that 2,500 Russian troops will remain in Georgia to enforce the peace. In the Zionist West, heads spinning and hair is on fire. Some of these BBC sound bytes are starting to look like the trailer for 'The Exorcist.' Speaking of which, I have a new article that will appear in the next two weeks titled The Exorcism of Washington, DC.
Just across the border in South Ossetia will be the equivalent of an armored brigade, and just on the other side of the Caucasus Mountains (inside of Russia) one or more armored divisions.
I would say this debate is over and Russia won it, but just watch as The Diaper King and Arf-Arf try to spin this to a new level starting Monday morning from the Rose Garden.
Note on the map that Russia does not feel a buffer Zone is needed around Abkhazia. The reason is simply that Russia can attack Abkhazia from land, air or sea at will. South Ossetia has a very long tunnel through the Caucasus Mountains so that area is more vulnerable.
I would love to be that 'fly on the wall' listening in on the hyperventilation going on in DC, Israel, Ukraine, NATO and OSCE.
It is apparent that Georgia, US, Israel and Ukraine screwed up by attacking a Russian navy ship on August 7, and then failed to secure the tunnel linking North Ossetia and South Ossetia which Russia promptly used to roll close to an armored division in to stop the Zionist US-Israeli planned and approved genocide on the Russian citizens of South Ossetia.
As I mentioned, the BBC did air one gentleman who put the unvarnished truth on the line, so read and pay attention:
"NATO has been very cavalier in its attitude towards Russia. When Russia objected to NATO pushing right up to it borders, the NATO attitude was 'get used to it.' The matter of Georgia and Ukraine are much more inflammatory because these are not USSR, these have been traditionally parts of the sovereign territory of Russia for centuries." Please read that again and THINK.
That was, of course, US policy to continue provoking Russia, while the US and UK were trying to steal all the oil they could from the Caspian Basin and get the pipeline routes secured to do so. For the most part, this entire US-UK plan has failed miserably.
Zbig's Grand Chessboard scheme, now all dressed up as the bogus Global War on Terror was, as I've made clear, DOA.
When you add in what Junior, the Diaper Meister, did regarding the bogus 'missile shield' in Poland and the Czech Republic, and this genocide against Russian Christian citizens in South Ossetia, the Russia response is much easier to understand. And utterly logical.
As reported previously, Georgian troops and OSCE are not welcome inside of that new protective buffer zone (see map) or within Abkhazia or South Ossetia proper.
Russia admitted that the port of Poti is not within the new protective zones. The mission of the Russian troops there is not to block oil shipments...it is to block the re-arming of Georgia by the US and Zionist West via ship. Please reread that.
Latest: Deputy Chief of Russia's General Staff, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn says "Russia will keep a military presence in Poti and control of that port even though it lies outside of the new peacekeeping zones.' Translation: There will be no military arms for the Zionist client state of Georgia arriving through Poti anymore.
This new Russian reality check can't help but result in serious increases in hypertension and blood pressure in the Zionist West. You might want to toss some funds into key big pharma stocks...because sales of Xanax and Zantac are going to surge in DC, London and Tel Aviv for the foreseeable future.
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