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A Nation Without History
Jim Kirwan
A nation without a past is a nation without history. No nation can exist as a country, without some common ideas about who they are and what they have become. What we are seeing now amounts to re- runs of the biggest mistakes that were ever made in the modern history of the United States.
Sara Palin is nothing new she's just something much cheaper, much easier to package than Harry S. Truman was and yet both bring only tyranny to the table of modern life. "HST" was the traditional 'seat-warmer' for Roosevelt. Truman was a bland uninteresting little man, 'a haberdasher from Kansas City' with no friends and a domineering wife that he loved to the exclusion of all else. Yet he inflicted upon this country and the world the Atom Bomb, the CIA, and the National Security Council that replaced the congress and has run this country ever since. He also gave the world Israel, and now we can all see what that has meant to the community of nations. His example, in the office of the Vice Presidency ought to have triggered major changes in the chain of command, but nothing was done!
The second most vile office holder was Ronald Reagan, that stealth- actor that played the part and shattered all previous ideas about settled law and constitutionality. Ronnie brought the nation the idea that 'Greed is Good,' that unions are bad, and that "the people need to get government off their backs." He then tripled the size of the government, turned "trickle-down economics into something that sparked the greatest growth in corporate profits ever seen and drove this nation from the world's leading creditor nation to the world's leading debtor nation. He and George Bush Senior also gave us the Iran-Contra Affair, the War on Drugs and Death Squads throughout this hemisphere, and he turned patriotism into a litmus test for corrupt government officials to lie their way to power.
His ideas also gave us "Newt." Newt Gingrich carried Reagan's ideas into the Clinton administration where the idea of shutting down the government became more than just a concept: This firmly established the continuing war between opposing political views, until we arrived at Bush Jr., where there are no longer any sides: there is only "us & them." The costs of all these charades has been the elimination of the constitutional idea of the Republic, the murder of all our documented rights within the words of the Constitution, as well as the totally altered definitions of security, of freedom and of the day-to-day imposition of the fascist police state that today supports a dictator not a president. The total amount of national and international road-kill created by these wars and outrages seems to have no limits: and now we have come to an election where the manager for McCain says:
"Rick Davis, campaign manager for John McCain's presidential bid, insisted that the presidential race will be decided more over personalities than issues during an interview with (The Washington Post) editors this morning.
"This election is not about issues," said Davis. "This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.""
If we had any memory for history the public would have remembered the Democratic Convention in Chicago of 1968, where the police beat up journalists on the streets as well as inside the convention. From that day to this the "conventions" have served as permanent reminders that we no longer have freedom of speech when it comes to politics-yet no one seems to care!
Every year since 1968 we have collectively lost more and more of our inalienable rights (those rights not given to us by any government, but rather the rights we were all supposedly born with). Now the government budgets hundreds of millions of dollars routinely to control the public's right to demonstrate and or protest at any large event, including the political conventions. This year they have taken a page from their unique re-writing of the rules of war and mandated "pre-emptive strikes" against those most likely to protest or to in any way disagree with the fascist polices of the new police-state in which Americans are now living-whether the public knows this or not! And so far ordinary rage has not appeared never-mind the 'spontaneous public outrage,' that ought to be demanding that these practices be stopped! (1)
So the question becomes: If the danger to the public is so real then why don't the thugs make videos of all their supposedly necessary police-state actions; especially of the pre-emptive strikes that supposedly require these tactics! We have spent BILLIONS on the so-called security surrounding the conventions. We have paid for body armor, armored vehicles, heavy weaponry, gas and chemical weapons rubber bullets and Tasers - all that manpower and money just to attempt to stop the power of words from reaching the ears and eyes of a general public that seems indifferent to these aggressive new tactics that are not legal or civil in any other country claiming to be a Democratically oriented Republic!
Cheney and Bush were so afraid to face the cameras that they canceled their own first night appearances at the convention to avoid making fools of themselves by reminding people in the middle of another hurricane just how completely they failed before during and after Katrina. They tried to pass the buck to corporations that were supposedly going to raise millions for the survivors of Gustav, but only succeeded in showing their personal cowardice in the face of the very real challenges which their supposed leadership has yet to ever face! This interrupted convention had nothing whatever to do with the last hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, but everything to do with trying to steal the next election!
?The truth has never been dissuaded by "their security measures" or their strong-arm abuse of the public. And now with this "pre-emptive strike against video journalists trying to cover the protests ­ their tactics have only devolved into more thoroughly transparent lies upon the farce of their own paranoid behavior that has combined with reality to only strengthened the likelihood of that next boiling point which is fast approaching!
When the pubic does awaken to the fact that everything wearing some kind of uniform is not necessarily there to assist the public, and more often than not today, is really there to harass and arrest the same people that have looked to them for protection from just this kind of behavior: then this farce will come to a screeching halt!
It's been forty years exactly since the Democratic Convention of 1968: Are you better off today, are you more secure because of all the money and the security that has torn our daily lives apart, from TSA at the terminals to all the propaganda that media spews out every minute of every day since 911? I'm not, are you! I'm just an old man but I'm sick of thugs assuming that I'm some kind of criminal, just because they've decided that I might be.
We pay for these creatures and their shadow-selves in the privatized mercenary armies as well. Isn't it time that we finally begin to take on all their twisted accusations buttressed by clearly illegal language ­ in the name of national security and private profits! I wrote about this awhile back and it's more-true today than it was then. It is called An Open Letter to Tens of Thousands of Rogue Cops: http://www.rense.com/general80/oplet.htm
1) Protestors denied access to attorney's forced to March in Leg Shackles http://rawstory.com/news/2008/ Protesters_denied_access_to_attorneys_forced_0828.html
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1b) RNC Raids have been targeting video activists http:// www.alternet.org/rights/97110/ rnc_raids_have_been_targeting_video_activists_/
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