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The Zionist West Has
Met Its Match
Putin, Medvedev & The Russian Bear
By Karl Schwarz
The BBC scenes from Georgia on Friday, August 22, 2008 clearly showed columns of Russian armor leaving Georgia. Sort of. Those Russian units are now going to occupy South Ossetia...and the new protective perimeter that Russia has cleared out and will now enforce with whatever lethal force is necessary.
Russian General Nogovitsyn was on BBC clearly stating: "Russia will continue to enforce the peace in this area. Our troops are withdrawing; no one will be allowed to put armor or heavy artillery in this area EVER AGAIN. As the map clearly shows, WE (Russia) are in total control." He added: "Russia is pulling out on its terms and at its pace."
BBC then switched to a Zionist West British talking-head (Michael Wooldridge) grumbling that the Russians were not following the script from the Georgia-US screenplay.
NATO warships are having an 'exercise' in the Black Sea.
Meanwhile, the Russian fleet has made it clear it is not going to allow any re-arming of Georgia. If that happens, Georgia will be toast.
What was comical was that right behind those Russian armored units were OSCE Jeep Cherokee Police vehicles but were apparently not allowed to come any further than the edge of this new Russian Peacekeeping Zone to protect Abkhazia and South Ossetia. (OSCE - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe)
Even though OSCE voted on Tuesday to not provide 'peacekeepers' in the New South Ossetia, they have flooded Georgia with new Jeep Cherokee police units. Read on and you will understand why OSCE is NOT WELCOME inside the New South Ossetia unless they are there to clearly document the war crimes that were just inflicted on South Ossetia. OSCE just proved to Russia that it is not to be trusted.
For those who have been reading these essays, and can remember what I have disclosed, I ask that you take the time to read this one very slowly and think. Use the brain you were born with to think and see clearly what is really going on.
I have never in my life feared there would be a nuclear war between the US and Russia...until just recently. The US and their EU allies have now reached the point of failure and desperation. They will tell any lie, they will commit any unspeakable crime. They have committed war crimes in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and just this month in South Ossetia.
Russia just drew the line in the sand...it stops or the biggest shit-storm ever on this planet is what is coming next.
Russia has just made it abundantly clear that Russians are not going to be subjected to war crimes and genocide by these Zionist New World Order thugs any longer.
Russia has just made it abundantly clear that the territorial integrity of Russia and those wishing to live as friends and citizens of Russia WILL BE ABSOLUTELY RESPECTED BY THE ZIONIST WEST and WILL BE DEFENDED - ABSOLUTELY - BY RUSSIA.
This is the New Russia...not the Cold War USSR.
Most people above room temperature are now beginning to see quite clearly that the United States and some of its allies are, in fact, war criminals. It recently came out that France was behind the genocide in Rwanda...while the French UN ambassador was pontificating about the horrors of that very genocide. These people lie as easily as they blink their eyes. They are sub-human in their regard for their fellow man. They are war criminals in suits, fancy offices with fancy sounding titles.
I am getting many emails from people who are just now, almost 10 years after the crime, seeing clearly that the US and certain EU buddies committed genocide on the Slavic Serbian Christians of Kosovo.
I have known for many years that the last thing the Russians want is another calamitous war. Between Bolshevik Zionist Communism they lost 30-40 million people who would not kneel down to the Zionist god of communism. Due to World War II, they lost another 20 million after Zionists helped to create Nazism. I am now convinced that if the Zionist New World Order does not get its way...and they are failing miserably to get their way...they will take the entire world down with them rather than fail.
We are now facing the most dangerous mindset of the Zionists: "If we (the Zionists) cannot have it all no one will have it." They are like a bunch of punk juvenile delinquents who refuse to let anyone on this planet freely choose how they want to live.
Now, for the first time...EVER...Russia is in position to build a nation with a lifestyle similar to that of the US and EU...in some ways even BETTER because they are refusing to let Zionism in the door. The Zionist West assumes that only it has a right to such a comfortable lifestyle. Watch closely and you will see such a mindset when they mumble or boast or brag...their arrogance is palpable.
The Zionist West essentially feels Russia must OBEY it...and that Russia needs a 'regime change.' Read the Zbigniew Brzezinski TIME article again...and pay attention to his arrogant air of 'superiority' over the Slavic Russians. Of course, it is the Zionist West which is clearly and blatantly the aggressor...but Zionists use their mass media monopoly and huge influence over governments to point the finger of blame at Russia - because it will NOT roll over and obey.
The Grand Chessboard is lost. Russia won. Zbigniew can pontificate and use all the big fancy words he wishes but that will never change the fact that his idiotic plan was DOA. It was stillborn in his delusional mind. That DC used such a doomed scheme for a strategic plan is to its everlasting shame and proves DC is unfit to lead the world. The fraud Global War on Terror and the mass genocidal wars for oil are lost. The result? About 5.5 billion people are turning their backs on the US, Canada, UK, EU (mainly France and Germany) and Zionist Israel.
This lunacy of backing Israel blindly for 60 years to the severe and brutal detriment of many Islamic nations in the Middle East (and now the Islamic peoples of the Caspian Basin, Iran and Pakistan) has proven to be a colossal mistake and monumental failure of US foreign policy. There is only so much belittling, demeaning, humiliating, abusing, maiming and killing any peoples of any land will tolerate. The US is no longer welcome in much of this world.
The US is not hated for its freedoms. It is hated for its policies and what these butchers think they alone have the right to do to other nations, other human beings.
I was living in the Washington DC area when Desert Storm happened.
I knew it was not adding up, something was amiss and lies where being piled upon lies to sell that story to America. It took years for the truth to come out. I was in direct contact with the White House almost every day during 1991-1992 and the bits and pieces I was getting did not add up to the truth.
Since I knew about Bridas Corporation and their business dealings long before 9-11, I knew when Bush pointed the finger at Afghanistan that what the US (and their allies in Europe) wanted were those vast amounts of oil and natural gas in the Caspian Basin. They had to have that pipeline. That is why NATO is now in Afghanistan and Barky (Brzezinski) was in Europe telling them that they had to contribute more to this bogus Global War on Terror. It is their 'duty' as citizens of the Zionist New World Order. That pipeline deal is 7 years behind schedule and the Taliban control more of Afghanistan each day.
Every move to corner or provoke Iran has failed.
I have known about Operation Gladio for many years. NATO's Secret Armies were conducting terrorism by NATO, the US and UK against innocent civilian populations (in West Europe) and then they pointed the finger of blame at Russia...when Russia had nothing to do with it. If you want to become ILL at the deceit of the US, UK and NATO, get a copy of 'NATO's Secret Armies' by Dr. Daniele Ganser, PhD. The man did his homework and what is in the book is from investigative reporters, court cases and government documents. It happened, the US and UK as terrorists against innocent people in Europe.
I have talked to Dr. Ganser and he has been on my email update list since I returned to the EU. Maybe Jeff Rense can air him sometime because the information is crucial for people to see the TRUTH.
That is why Kosovo did not surprise me. Here was practically all of Europe chiming in to go kill Serbian Christians and then to invade to pretend to get rid of those 'Christian-hating Muslims.'
Just two years later, 9-11 and the ill-conceived Global War on Terror were launched. It was another Operation Gladio, but was really Operation Kill Christians under the code name of Operation Kosovo UNMIK and NATO. In their evil minds they were not killing Christians, they were killing Slavic people. The elitist snobs of the Zionist-controlled EU think they are much better than Slavic people, and the Russians are Slavic and so are the Serbs.
Remember back ­ even in the Clinton Administration ­ the 1993 bombing of WTC, 'terror', 'terrorists', 'ethnic cleansing of Christians', etc. We have to intervene in Bosnia to defend the Christians. What a mockery! That sleazy bastard Clinton had the CIA and Zalmay Khalilzad arming the Muslims to go kill the Christians that sleazy bastard Clinton said he was going to save.
I have been wondering why OSCE was the first one to intervene in this Georgia fiasco. That was an odd emissary to send for such a serious matter, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. It is merely another NGO and front company for the Zionist New World Order. Most do not know that Russia is a member of that group. You see, that way the EU can claim they have influence 'all the way to the Pacific Ocean' since the Russia land mass ends at the Pacific Ocean.
<start insert>
The US and EU have been warned many times, no NATO on Russian borders, period. There was a live press conference from Moscow on BBC [4am to 4:33am New York time Tuesday]. It included the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and OCSE head Alexander Stubb. That acronym stands for The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and Russia is a member. In fact, Russia is the most powerful member of that organization.
Finland's new Foreign Minister and OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Alexander Stubb, speaks at a press conference following his appointment, Helsinki, 4 April 2008.
(Finnish MFA/Raino Heinonen)
<end insert>
Alexander Stubb was the first EU representative to arrive in Tbilisi and Moscow to try to resolve this matter, or so I thought.
Evidently, he was trying to do damage control. Read on.
Scant information has surfaced about a Georgia gunboat attacked a Russian naval vessel sometime on the date of August 7, 2008. The world was told this matter started on August 8 while Bush was at the Beijing Olympics. That was considerably before the Western Zionist media reported this 'territorial dispute' and started to paint the picture that it was "Russia aggression" rather that what it is ­ US, Zionist Israel, Ukraine, NATO, EU genocide and aggression against Russian citizens in South Ossetia.
I watched Putin during the Olympics ceremonies and he was looking in Bush's direction like he was viewing someone who deserves no respect. Putin was looking at Bush, who was sitting lower than him, like he was looking at a big dog turd that had plopped down in the dignitaries section of the Beijing Olympic Stadium.
I think Putin already knew that a Russian ship had been attacked on August 7, unprovoked. And then, on August 8, Georgia attacked a Russian freighter and the response was from a Russian frigate that turned the Georgian gunboat into an instant oil slick. That was while Georgia was shelling South Ossetia and its mercenaries were storming the nation and killing many.
Then Russia responded with armored units, tanks, and its air force. The Russian Navy scrambled out of Sevastopol, Ukraine and blockaded Georgia. While the Russian army blew Georgia out of South Ossetia, their jets continued to pound targets inside of Georgia. Yes, there is a cease fire but Russia is putting a protective zone around Abkhazia and South Ossetia. There is a new "peacekeeping border" and will be permanently manned by the Russian military, not OSCE.
This news story came out of Moscow. Folks, this is major, so pay attention and connect the dots.
Deputy Chief of Russia's General Staff, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn
August 21, 2008, 14:54
OSCE observers knew about Georgia's attack - Moscow
Russian troops are leaving Georgia and will arrive in the peacekeepers' zone of responsibility by tomorrow evening. The statement came during a regular briefing from Defence Ministry in Moscow.
According to the Ministry, the situation in the Georgian conflict zone remains tense. The Defence Ministry claims that OSCE observers knew of the date of Georgia's attack, but did not report it to Russian peacekeepers.
The spokesman added that after violating the peacekeeping agreement, Georgian forces will no longer be allowed in the conflict zone.
"Russia believes that from now on only Russian armed forces have the right to perform the peacekeeping duties in the conflict zone. They have consistently and accurately complied with the 1992 bilateral agreement. By violating its mandate, Georgia no longer has the right to participate in the peacekeeping mission," says the Deputy Chief of Russia's General Staff, Colonel-General Anatoly Nogovitsyn.
Most do not know that OSCE was involved in South Ossetia as part of the peacekeeping force. That is an internationally recognized peacekeeping operation. There were some Russians, some OSCE and Georgians and God knows who else. I have information out of Moscow that some of the 'peacekeepers' were from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.
The EU has pushed membership to the borders of Russia. The US, UK and EU have now pushed NATO to the borders of Russia - even when Russia kept warning them to back up and stop the provocations.
Bush has placed US military bases in the former CIS nations to protect the oil and natural gas they are trying to steal from those countries.
<start insert>
"US and NATO military installations on the territory of former Soviet Central Asian republics are instrumental in providing logistics support for multi-national forces and their operations. As is known, the United States and NATO have reliably asserted themselves at Uzbek, Kirghiz and Tajik bases, i.e. Manas (Bishkek), Karshi, Kulyab, Kokaidy and Termez. All these airfields were to have been used for re-supply missions, for transporting humanitarian relief aid and for deploying search- and-rescue units. However, the first few French Mirage-2000 fighters have landed in Manas not so long ago. Until then, reconnaissance aircraft, including Predator drones, used to operate rather actively from all bases in the interests of the US-NATO air-force formation being used against Al-Qaeda units. Moreover, ranger units, AWACS-type aircraft, psychological- warfare and reconnaissance planes were deployed there."
<end insert>
The entire NATO-EU-US agenda is trying to be crammed down Russia's throat and they are failing, and failing, and failing.
There were two, stupid simultaneous moves. First, the bogus Bush Missile Shield; and secondly, the attack on South Ossetia. We just witnessed 17 years of progress on improving relations between Russia and Europe go up in smoke due to the idiot George W Bush and his idiot buddies in the EU and NATO.
Dos Morons, the Zwei Twits Bush and Rice, have been trying to tell Russia who they can and cannot do business with. Sheer madness.
When OSCE voted 'no' Tuesday I misread what the vote meant. I thought OSCE was honestly trying to resolve this matter but that is not the case at all. They were part of just stabbing Russia in the back in South Ossetia. They KNEW Georgia was going to attack, aided and abetted by the US, Ukraine and Israel, and DID NOT TELL RUSSIA.
Folks, any nation would consider that a MAJOR BREACH OF TRUST.
I can now imagine exactly what Putin and Medvedev had to say to Merkel-Ferkel and why she was about to crap her britches. I am sure NATO got the same basic message from Moscow and explains why, even in an unanimous vote, Scheffer of NATO was as nervous as a cat in a dog kennel. I can also well imagine what the Russian leaders had to say to Alexander Stubb of OSCE.
"Otebis ot menya!" It is blunt and vulgar, look it up if you wish. Due to what was just done to South Ossetia, it would be an appropriate thing to say to these murderous bastards of the Zionist New World Order.
The psychopaths in the US, UK and NATO are now trying to tell Russia what areas of 'their territory' will and will not remain Russian. What areas holding Russian passports 'will and will not' remain part of Russia, aligned with Russia. If these idiots in the US, UK, EU and NATO deem an area as theirs as a 'geostrategic imperative', Russia has to heel and OBEY according to these idiots.
Folks, that's the equivalent of Russia informing the US that TEXAS and FLORIDA are no longer part of the US and are now part of Russia. Note that such arrogance is never seen from Russia...only from these arrogant twits of the Zionist New World Order have such delusional visions of grandeur, control and masters of this world.
These idiots are literally out of their damned minds! This goes way past Georgia not respecting the territorial decisions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This is now the US, EU and NATO trying to dictate to Russia what parts of Russia belong to it...and what part belongs to the Zionist New World Order. It is a big fancy- word lunatic idea...'geostrategic imperative'...and Russia is being ordered to OBEY.
They are DEMANDING Russia honor all territorial wishes in Georgia while, on the other hand, they are not respecting the 'territorial integrity' of Russia. That is what is going on here and the Russian response is a DNA-level "NYET! Otebis ot menya!"
Russia offered passports to Ukraine citizens who do not want to be part of NATO and this Zionist New World Order. The Yuschenko response was to put Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko under investigation. The Ukrainian Prime Minister is many times more popular in Ukraine (and better looking) than the Zionist-puppet Yuschenko. High-Level Political Dissension Ukraine?
That was predictable for two reasons. Ukrainians are lining up for Russian passports in the Crimea area, that part closest to GEORGIA. The Crimea area is the eastern part of Ukraine and is already heavily populated with RUSSIANS who have no desire to live under the New Pathetic Zionist Ukraine. Soros, Big Oil and this Zionist NWO agenda are being trumped by Russia both in Georgia and Ukraine and the Soros-sponsored White Stream 1 and White Stream 2 pipelines from Georgia to the Crimea area of Ukraine are probably now DEAD.
Former UNMIK in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, (mentioned in my last article on Rense) was recently on a BBC photo op mumbling that Russia now threatens all of the democracies in the CIS regions, all formerly part of the USSR. It is those CIS regions which are sitting on a mother lode of oil and natural gas. That is what The Grand Chessboard, Global War on Terror, colossal oil and gas grab are all about.
The recent TIME article by Zbigniew Brzezinski mirrored that same comment. Kouchner and Sarkozy are also trying to push through the Lisbon Treaty in Ireland WITHOUT A VOTE on the referendum and the Irish are not budging. THE IRISH DEMOCRATIC VOTE WILL STAND.
These people do not respect the democratic process; they only respect their ability to manipulate it at will for the glory of the Zionist New World Order and those democratic processes that serve their agenda.
If they cannot get their way (like Sarkozy, Bush, Rice, et al) they turn on the media machines and start lying out their pathetic asses.
Of course, while Kouchner was vacillating between mumbling and pontificating, he failed to mention that France is now positioning Mirage 2000 fighter jets at US BASES IN THE CASPIAN. If you missed that above, go back and read it again.
The US and its allies are provoking Russia on all fronts and at every border they can get at, and it is ALL ABOUT OIL, NATURAL GAS and PIPELINES and ZIONIST NEW WORLD ORDER HEGEMONY.
That is where most are missing the point. The US is merely the military might of the Zionist New World Order. Nothing more.
These parasites are buried like ticks everywhere in the EU, NATO, UK, OSCE, UN, etc. At first, I looked at it as US hegemony but no, this is Zionist New World Order hegemony, and Russia has to obey...but, thank God, will not.
A Russian naval task force is due in Syrian waters and may be there right now. Both Syria and Jordan recently met with the Russian leaders. I think Russian nuclear arms and heavy armor, artillery, etc, will soon be parked in Syria and Jordan. There has also been news regarding 'Russian nukes in the Mediterranean.' I think the next Russian move will be to put Russian nukes in Egypt and surround the deadly nuclear beast, Israel, which thinks it is above all laws and answerable to no one.
It still will not ratify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and probably never will. Signing could negate the ability of Israel to use nuclear terrorism on its neighbors, the EU and the US.
Due to the EU rolling over for BushCo stupidity and City of London pressure, Russian missiles will now be poised along its border aimed right down the throats of the Poles and the rest of the EU. The EU, especially those European nations that were part of the USSR and border with Russia, can now count on the fact that Russian armored divisions, fully equipped with artillery, surface-to- surface missile systems (conventional and nuclear), will be right across the border from them and could be on their butts within an hour or two. The Russian Bear has taken the gloves off and those massive claws are ready to shred anyone who commits the slightest hostile act towards Russia along that border. Most in the EU is not happy about this intentional provocation of Russia, and the stirring up of hostilities by the US and it war-on-Russia Zionist buddies in Western Europe.
The EU opinion of the US is dropping faster than the US dollar.
I am absolutely certain that the Global War on Terror started in Kosovo. It did not start on September 11, 2001. That was just the trigger event to attack Afghanistan to take over that pipeline project.
Think about the recent news. Russia signs major defense, aluminum and oil deals with Indonesia. Russian signs major oil and gas deal with Venezuela. The Saudis want to buy Russian arms because the US arms sales to Israel and Saudis always gives the upper hand to Israel.
What is fundamentally wrong within a nation and mindset that contracts and pens have to be responded to with military force and genocide?
The US and EU tried to knuckle Iran under by freezing their accounts in EU and Iran withdrew $75 billion and signed a major transport deal with Russia for its oil and gas. China and India have signed huge oil and natural gas deals with Iran. Turkmenistan recently signed a major deal with Russia and another one with China. Kazakhstan is now realizing that its best business decision is to sell its energy to Russia and China.
Watch these Zionist New World Order thugs become even more shrill because not only Russia will NOT obey, the CIS nations will not obey, either.
After almost THREE DECADES of deceit regarding the Caspian Basin, the natural gas is now going to primarily go to Russia, India and China. The US is losing its ass in the Caspian Basin due to lousy leadership and a dog-turd of a strategic plan. Both Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan are now moving on without the US and Zionist New World Order. This US loss means its EU Zionist allies are losing, too.
News broke yesterday that India is buying $2 billion in missiles from Russia. India Places $2B Order For Russian Missiles
Venezuela is also buying a large amount of Russian arms, as has Indonesia. All of those actions are 'against the wishes' of the US and the Zionist New World Order. The EU and US did not get those cushy new arms contracts. The Zionist Israel thugs did not get any shekels, either.
The MSM is putting up a barrage of talking heads on TV spouting off the standard line that Russia has to 'obey' or it will be excluded from 'the clubs.' They are actually using that phrase ('the clubs') to describe G8 membership, relations with NATO, US, the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, etc. Russia just told NATO there will be no more relations between Russia and NATO.
The Russian response has been emphatic and swift...and appropriately stern.
It is apparent that the US and NATO have provoked Russia repeatedly, and NATO has maneuvered itself right to the border of Russia. The US has put military bases in the CIS regions where the oil and gas are, and France has recently joined them. That is why the Zionist New World Order wanted Sarkozy to win the last election. Now France is back into the NATO fold after years of not being in NATO.
France pulled out of NATO many years ago due to the NATO's Secret Armies, and the acts of BLATANT TERRORISM by the US, UK and NATO against French citizens. Now they have Zionist OP MAN SARKO in office and France is back in as a member of terrorist NATO.
It is now apparent that Russia is going to encircle Zionist Israel. That will make it much harder for that little 'democracy' to employ nuclear extortion and force its will on others.
Americans should throw a big party...but most won't figure it out until the thermonuclear bombs begin to blossom over America. Most will yawn and keep right on watching teevee, shopping and supporting stupid American Zionist policies regarding Israel and the Middle East.
As I've said, it's apparent the US, EU and NATO think they have the right to dictate to Russia on matters regarding its territorial sovereignty. The messages from Russia are very clear and no one has to learn Russian to understand them. NO Russian citizen will be subjected to Zionist Western genocide. Period. And the territorial integrity of Russia WILL BE RESPECTED...or heads will roll and asses will be shredded.
What we are witnessing are shrewd and powerful Russian moves to break the back of the Zionist New World Order.
Go Russia!
The entire world has had more than enough.
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