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The Long Disputed
War Is Over!

Jim Kirwan
Take a deep breath and try to wrap your mind around this thought. The Coup has finally happened and 'We Lost'!
This idea is not nearly as radical as it sounds in fact it is the only thing that can explain the chaos of the last seven days, as well as the non-solutions that have been proposed by those who appointed themselves to solve this international problem. This article will not only attempt to demystify many of the most confusing components that have made this closing act of the takeover so dangerous to all of us-but in conclusion I've added some of the everyday things that we can all do to change the outcome for all of us.
First the public needs to understand how we came to be in this intolerable situation, where all of what we need to continue to live has been captured, by the same forces that we thought we were beginning to resist.
Amid the chaos of the World Markets that continue to fall' several key facts have finally been revealed. The first is that the world's governments have largely blocked public opinion from participation in any of their solutions, as they try to publicly- short-cut their way through societies in order to undo what they themselves created: to break the log-jam that has frozen all access to credit around the world. This is an international problem, but for the sake of simplicity we ought to focus on what has happened in America, for now.
This problem is multi-dimensional, because "authority" needs to take actions now that will resuscitate what they themselves have been laboring to publicly murder for the last few decades. What did they murder? The politicians that represent the money-changers have repeatedly attacked, maimed, raped and have killed-many-times-over; the entire concept of
"The Public's Trust." Somehow, because of the global meltdown, these same privatized criminal interests now need to bring 'that public's trust' back to life; To do this they must continue to circumvent the many government laws and procedures that were designed to keep exactly this from happening!
But their real problem is that these creatures have finally had to emerge from the shadows, and it turns out that none of them were elected to anything. Rather they have been loyal slaves to the privatized world that has been preaching de-regulation with the kind of fervor only a lunatic could embrace. However since the United States has been operating in a permanent State of National Emergency, virtually since Bush stole his first election-this effort at privatized control was not a huge leap.
The very real danger to the Cabal lies in their actions that will have to be taken over this weekend and beyond ­ actions that will run the risk of letting public in on the truth: which is that their loyalties are not to the people or the government but to the individual and private organizations whose profits are and have always been-their only motivation!
The Coup waged this war upon the global population and they have won that war, outright! The proof of this lies in the fact that all the government's rules, regulations and laws have been thrown out -permanently. That is why we can never go back to the innocence of those times "BEFORE" these vultures came to power. We must get past the idea that we can recreate what was, and "return" to a nation of laws and men & women who will "do the right thing," just because it needs to be done! New ways must be found to triumph over the criminals that now threaten everything we hold dear!
The irony here lies in the fact that after spending seven or eight decades murdering the public's 'trust' & 'transparency,' in order to further all their privatized schemes: Now they must somehow revive that rotting-corpse and recreate the illusion of trust once more: just to finish stealing what they came to take.
Unless the Cabal can do this: Then they run the very real risk of exposing themselves to global criminality on a universal scale.
Look carefully at the collection of privateers that have been trotted out as spokespeople for this mess. Mostly these creatures were self-appointed, or fraudulently "selected," but none of them owe anything to the "public" they say they are there to serve! Bernanke, The FED Chairman, serves the privately owned central banks of the world. These institutions have been stealing us blind since the FED was created: because for every dollar they print (supposedly for us) we must pay interest to the owners of the FED. That is the money that we all pay in Income Taxes-which goes directly to the owners of the FED, (as interest) and does not fund anything beyond that payoff. All the other taxes fees and charges that are levied upon us were created-in order to run the nation. The income tax is just the price we pay to the money-changers for the use of what ought to be our own money! (1)
Then look deeper into Goldman-Sachs, and the career of Paulson who is the current Secretary of the US Treasury, who has now added one of his own to be the BAILOUT-CZAR. This neophyte criminal has only been out of business school for six years, yet he has been selected without the need to face a congressional committee review of his qualifications to distribute a sum of money that is unimaginably obscene. That would be the $450 Trillion that Neel Kashkari will be giving back to the money-changers in every conceivable way that such a sum could eve even be contemplated.
"There's a huge difference between the $850 Billion they told us about and the $450 Trillion that is the actual amount of this problem! That's more money than any economy could ever envision, much less ever have: and yet that's the payoff that this Depression was designed to create!"
Control over this amount of money represents a power so vast that it actually dwarfs the "powers" of the presidency or the dictator of the USA. Yet Senator Dodd has vetoed any congressional hearing on this outrageous choice for "BAILOUT- CZAR. If you failed to "get it" before this appointment; then just a few minutes of your time might assist you in grasping what is really going on at the highest levels of the Coup that now runs this country, lock, stock and barrel!
In another twist of facts, there is another popular myth that has permeated the so-called presidential campaigns. It goes something like this: 'America must be energy independent from the terrorists that we are forced to buy our oil from.' Sounds terrifying ­ yes? Well, the policy under which we are forced to buy that oil came directly from the desk of Snarl'n Dick Cheney: the man that hijacked America's National Energy Policy, back in the beginning of the first GWB-tyranny which they call "the first term." These "terrorists" turn out to be Saudi Arabia, one of Cheney's major supporters, and a couple of other nations that are also not overtly "terror" driven.
The oil we buy actually comes from American, British, Dutch, and other national oil interests, that have not been declared "terrorists" by the Bandits in the Bush administration. These companies were however chosen back in 2001 to share in this rape of the planet's oil (and water) supplies, which is why we are still at war inside Iraq, because we have yet to sign the oil-agreements that we went there to obtain.
You want proof: look at the profits of the international oil cartels and their individual member companies-then tell me that they are not the real terrorists when it comes to extorting obscene profits for every gallon of gasoline or oil that you must buy? This is a classic case of having used the poisoned wrapper of "terrorism" to conceal a thoroughly illegal and secret set of privatized-insider-contracts that were directly given to all of Cheney's friends in the Oil cartels that control the world. The lies being told about this situation may make great campaign slogans: But those slogans, along with the entirety of both political campaigns, are nothing but very convenient lies to scare the public into making a choice without a difference!
The exceptions to this crime are in Venezuela, and some of the other central and South American states that are now reevaluating their sale of oil to the USA-which is why we reactivated the US 4th Fleet to intimidate those nations, and to stop them from becoming truly independent from "US national security interests." There is a similar move afoot in South America that has established their own Central Bank, (The Southern Bank) to counter the efforts of The World Bank and the IMF, both of whom have been instrumental in the financial enslavement of that entire hemisphere, virtually since they were created after WWII.
This basic shift in the ownership and control of the planet is a major loss to real people everywhere; especially given that this latest episode involves the meltdown of huge amounts of personal and corporate assets that most people cannot afford to lose. That was our money and it is still within our grasp to stop this carnival side show that has all the earmarks of those traveling salesmen that we used to call Grifters. But nothing will happen to turn this around until the public begins to grasp the extent of this global hijacking!
On the Plus-Side: The extremes which this crisis has produced have inadvertently shown the pubic some of the many ways that they we can effectively begin to hurt these creatures where they live-in their oh-so-sacred treasure-troves of profit!
We can cut down everywhere, on everything that is non-essential: When we must purchase something do it at a local store, boycott every corporate chain without exception, and do whatever you can to keep your purchases within the local economy. When traveling, try walking or take a bike, if distance is involved use public transportation. This is already what has brought down the price of gasoline. You might have noticed that there is no effect on the prices at the pump that can be related to the price of a barrel of oil. The oil companies have a lot of double-talk that they use to explain this: but the fact is whenever people voluntarily use less gasoline the price at the pumps will come down. This is not some crackpot suggestion ­ it has already been at work, and prices have come down, because people do NOT have the money "to burn" that they once thought they did.
Another thing that is easy and productive is that people need to begin to talk "to" and "with" each other. Get to know those around you at home and at work, or just wherever you happen to be. Turn off that i-pod now and then and look around, the changes in the world today might actually surprise you! People are by nature social-animals, and the reason that so much of what these privateers have done to us, has worked so well against us all, has been because, we do not talk to or with each other any more! We could fix this with just a little effort; but again you might be surprised by what you can discover about others, as well as about what has happened to this nation and the world.
When Hitler was about to be captured he was inside his bunker, some generals approached him and asked him to "save the German people" ­ "the innocent victims of war." The Fuhrer shot back: "In war there are no innocent people, and besides no one put a gun to the heads of those people, (the German citizens) they were not forced to follow me ­ now let them pay for their mistakes!"
The same could be said today of us: In fact Naomi Wolf discovered this parallel which led her to write a book about the whole German nightmare, in the beginning, back in the 1930's before the world became a spectator to what became the bloodbath of that century! (2)
What shall be said about "The Americans" when and if there is a history that survives us? Will we have learned from that sophisticated German citizenry, before their war became obscene-or will we emulate the "good Germans" and go down with this new crop of Dictators and Privateers that want to do to the world much more than Hitler was able to do to those he targeted?
We still have choices, but we are running out of time.
"The Long Disputed War" may be over, but they must now metaphorically go house to house: and they cannot clinch this "victory" unless we fail to resist this tyranny in whatever ways that each of us might be qualified to do this!
1) America: Freedom to Fascism ­ video
2) The Fascist Blueprint ­ It can happen here
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